SC Johnson Brings VR to CSR With Amazon Rainforest Project


Under the Canopy SC Johnson

SC Johnson has announced an acre-for-acre matching challenge to help protect the Amazon rainforest, as part of the company’s ongoing partnership with Conservation International (CI).

The public affairs initiative is being brought to life with a virtual reality film titled Under the Canopy. Indigenous guide Kamanja Panashekung and actor Lee Pace narrate the film crew’s journey to the Amazon—the largest tract of tropical rainforest on our planet.

The resulting 360-degree film can be viewed on any VR headset via the Jaunt VR app.

In addition to making a statement about its corporate citizenship and CSR commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment, the maker of household products such as Pledge, Glade, OFF! and Ziploc is using the film to challenge consumers to participate.

For every acre of rainforest protected through the CI donation page, SC Johnson will provide an acre-for-acre match. Protecting one acre of tropical forest only costs donors $25 and SC Johnson will match donations up to 5,000 acres.

“The Amazon rainforest provides a wealth of ecosystem services that are critical for the sustenance of life on this planet…everything from fresh water and fresh air, to carbon sequestration and extraordinary biodiversity, even tourism and recreation,” said SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson,in a press release. “It is not only worth protecting, it is a necessity.”

The MacArthur Foundation, Tiffany & Co. Foundation and HP Inc. also provided support for Under the Canopy, which debuted at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

“When a household name like SC Johnson acts to protect the Amazon rainforest, people take notice,” said Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO of CI, in the press release. “With this new commitment, SC Johnson builds on a longstanding partnership with Conservation International to support conservation and sustainable development in Amazonia. Their investment in the rainforest is an investment in families everywhere.”

SC Johnson added: “Eight percent of the Amazon rainforest has already been lost to deforestation. We cannot let this continue. The consequences for people and the planet would be devastating.”

SC Johnson is a member of the Consumer Goods Forum committed to net zero deforestation by 2020 through the sustainable sourcing of pulp, paper, packaging and palm oil.

Since 2000, SC Johnson has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its global manufacturing sites by 51.7 percent and transformed one-third of its production sites to zero landfill status. The US-based family-owned company is 131-years-old, employs 13,000 people worldwide and generates $10 billion in sales.

Kudos to SC Johnson for balancing its product portfolio with increased corporate stewardship.

Infographic Amazon Rainforest