Adult Toy Kids Meals, ChickenGrams: Brands Celebrate Valentine’s Day


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The Holy Land is famous for its Biblical kings. But this Valentine’s Day a different Israeli king is making its mark. Burger King is promoting its kids’ meal-like “Valentine’s Adult Meal.”  Yes, there is a toy inside.

Featuring a black kids’ meal-styled box with neon lettering and an “18+” warning, Burger King Israel’s adult meal deal—with one of three adult toys—is available for one night only.

Meanwhile, in other markets, Burger King is offering a special Valentine’s Day cup with a lid that accepts two straws.

But the King’s entries up the ante for sure when it comes to branded Valentine’s Day marketing stunts. For years now, brands have picked up on the day’s potential for making an emotional connection or getting a little scandalous—or simply celebrating love.

Domino's wedding registry Valentine's Day

Domino’s UK is urging lovebirds to “Valendine In” while Domino’s US opened a wedding registry.

The day invites brands to offer a little lightheartedness and demonstrate a brand has a sense of humor. Historic examples include NPR, Puma, State Farm and AT&T. Most famously were the reservations for White Castle table-service romantic meals.

White Castle continues to book Valentine’s Day meals 26 years later. Competitors soon followed suit; select McDonald’s locations even held Valentine’s “experiences.” And why not? The holiday is estimated to spur around $20 billion in consumer activity.

Burger King may be the most risqué major branded Valentine’s Day campaign this year, but it’s not alone. For instance, in Canada, KFC is offering Chickengrams in a heart-shaped bucket.

Prudential Financial has combined love and loss to launch an artful advertising campaign to support their Individual Life Insurance (ILI) business with the “Masterpiece of Love” campaign, a series of four short films detailing (as a press release notes) “stories of life, love, loss and the power of the human spirit..”

Stateside there is the resurgent legacy beer brand Grain Belt. The relaunched post-bankruptcy Minneapolis brand of August Schell Brewing Company is offering a unique, “dual pour” system for couples.

But wait, there’s more! Pokemon, whose blisteringly-hot augmented reality game has cooled since last summer, is offering an increased number of pink Pokemon.

Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a year’s worth of coffee in its photo contest. Starbucks is countering with a special “molten” chocolate beverage.

Fast casual chain Qdoba is basing its promotions and charity giving for the holiday on customers willing to share a social media kiss.

Celebrated by those in love, Valentine’s Days is abhorred by many not in the throes. For them, there is Hooters.

vday ex
Celebrated by those in love, Valentine’s Days is abhorred by many not in the throes. For them, there is Hooters. This Valentine’s Day Hooters is hosting a “Shred Your Ex” promotion wherein customers will get free free boneless wings for destroying a photo of their ex..