Brought to you by Interbrand. Edited by Paola Norambuena.

Welcome to the Brand Glossary.

First published in 2006 by Interbrand, this new edition of the Brand Glossary is an easy-to-use reference tool that helps define and demystify terms used in branding and marketing—a practice that, by its very nature, loves to create terms to give form to new ways and ideas. This expanded edition now also features papers and other helpful resources, alongside the definitions.

And while we hope to define the language of brands, we know nothing can truly be definitive, because language is fluid, organic and shaped by the people that shape the industry. So we invite you to share and challenge these definitions—both in words, and in practice.

real word names

Often the most desired of naming approaches, real word naming covers the gamut of constructs–used for descriptive names, suggestive or evocative names, read more:

role of brand

Role of Brand is an integral part of Interbrand’s Brand Valuation methodology. Its analysis is critical to understanding purchase behavior, assessing the brand’s influence on read more:


Segmentation, or Market Segmentation, is the process of subdividing a large, homogenous market into easily and clearly identifiable and measurable consumer segments. read more:

social listening

Social listening is a category of market research that involves identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product, read more:

social media strategy

Social media strategy informs and maps the objectives, messaging, channels and measurement of content distributed via social media platforms. This strategy should read more:

sonic anthem

The long-form musical hero piece of a brand’s sonic identity. It’s a theme that embodies the brand’s story and personality in a read more:

sonic branding

The strategic use of music and sound to help brands better engage with their desired audiences, achieved through the use of proprietary read more:

sonic identity

A brand’s proprietary sonic voice that conveys the brand story, enhances emotional connection and builds brand attribution. It seamlessly ties together touch read more:

sonic logo

The short-form expression of a brand’s sonic identity. Analogous to the visual logo, the sonic logo serves as an audio brand signature read more:

sonic strategy

The strategic foundation for creating a unique and proprietary sonic identity, for curating on brand music, or activating music and sounds for read more:

sonicpulse research

SonicPulse® Research is Man Made Music’s proprietary research methodology designed specifically to assess impact and effectiveness of music and sound in triggering read more:


A corporate spinoff is the creation of an independent brand and business through the sale or distribution of new shares (via a read more:

suggestive names

This terms refers to names that evoke (or suggest) an association to larger benefit a brand, product or service provides, rather than read more:

tone of voice

See Brand Voice

trade dress

Refers to the design or configuration of a product, or its packaging, and even the décor or layout of the environment in read more:

trade name

The corporate or legal entity name under which a company operates. In some cases a trade name can be used for corporate read more:

trade secret

A trade secret is undisclosed or confidential information i.e. “tricks of the trade” that companies deliberately keep secret to give them an advantage read more:


Often used as a synonym for “brand,” a trademark is something that helps us identify the goods or services of one particular read more:

trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark by someone other than its owner. Such infringement can cover the use of read more:


Transcreation is the process of creating a name, term, or text in a foreign or alternate languages for an existing name, term, read more: