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  About Us launched on February 5, 2001, by Interbrand, as the world’s only online exchange about branding. It has grown to become a valuable resource to a growing database of subscribers and countless other readers. is committed to providing a global perspective on brands, Challenging viewers to think further about the important issues that are affecting brands now and in the future. To further enhance brand awareness, we offer tools and information including global listings for conferences, courses and careers, as well as links to other valuable industry resources. Brandchannel is not a one-way street; we provide the opportunity for an open exchange on the subject of brands and branding from practitioners around the world through features like online debates, and white paper submissions. is unique from other branding-related websites in that it is global in scope, offers original branding content, has an independent, unique voice, is easy to navigate, has no membership fees, and appeals to a wide range of skill levels. Always branding, always on.

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Editor: Shirley Brady

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John Allert, Kim Barnet, Ben Berkon, Suzanne Blecher, Michelle Boisson, Dale Buss, A.K. Cabell, Ian Cocoran, Edwin Colyer, Trent Edison, Tim Fielding, Laura Fitch, Randall Frost, Vincent Grimaldi, Evelyn Hafferty, Ron Irwin, Anil Kachala, Preeti Khicha, Sergey Khorenko, Kartikeya Kompella, Asher J. Levine, Vivian Manning-Schaffel, Pete Markiewicz, Alycia de Mesa, Joe Ray, Robin Rusch, Abe Sauer, Cristi Sauser, Sheila Shayon, Barry Silverstein, Michael Standaert, Jeff Swystun, James Thompson, Tasha Walters, Iris Yee, Sara Zucker, Anthony Zumpano.

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  If you have any further questions or concerns about our privacy policies and use of personal information, please email If you have additional questions about brandchannel, check out our FAQ.

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