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   May  2014
  13-15 Front End of Innovation
The FEI 2014 program will once again transform the industry, offering up the core innovation content you''ve come to expect from the FEI brand, as well as introducing exciting new co-located event offerings including: FEI: Medical Device, FEI: Financial Services, FEI: Supply Chain Innovation, FEI: Latin America, FEI: Open Innovation, and FEI: Manifesto/Talent. FEI 2014 is built for courageous leaders, those who aren''t afraid to get hands on and tackle provocative issues like risk, failure and change. We welcome those who channel their passion, and commit themselves each day to the pursuit of bolder innovation and more meaningful collaboration. Save 20% with code FEI14BRAND
Location: Boston, MA, USA

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  19-21 Future of Consumer Intelligence
At the Future of Consumer Intelligence Event in 2013, it became clear that asking questions and getting answers is a thing of the past. Now it''s about listening & translating; it''s about connecting ideas to data to culture to the future of your business and this, is the real data revolution. This year represents the year of the multi-dimensional marketplace, and just as the market researcher''s role evolves, so does our third annual event. The Market Research Technology event is now The Future of Consumer Intelligence - A gathering of the "consumer culture" collective exploring common ground across roles and industries for translating behavioral information into BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Save 20% with code FOCI14BRAND
Location: Universal City, CA, USA

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   Jun  2014  back to top
  2-5 Sustainable Brands ’14 San Diego
Brands are forming a new conception of what’s possible when pointing towards the new world of a thriving global economy. Doing less bad is not an option in tomorrow’s economy. Brand leaders today are seeking regenerative business models that create net positive impact. Participate in collaborative discussions alongside Unilever, Coca-Cola, Ford, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé Purina, plus others and actively reimagine what’s possible. Look for opportunities to redesign every aspect of the business and move models further away from “Take, Make, Waste” to those that are regenerative by nature.
Location: Paradise Point, San Diego, California, USA

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