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Oberoi Hotels Brand
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  Oberoi Hotels - no reservations
Oberoi Hotels
no reservations
by Preeti Suchanti
February 20, 2006

Be it the romance and splendor of the Taj Mahal, the stunning pyramids of Egypt, or the inexhaustible energy of Mumbai, the Oberoi Group’s hotels—stalwarts in the hospitality industry—provide the ideal base to discover some of the world’s most delightful treasures.
An epitome of service, luxury, and efficiency, an interlude at any of the Oberoi properties offers the perfect blend of the region’s culture and the comfort of modern facilities and services. Happily, this warm hospitality is cordially extended even to those planning a mere virtual visit.

Simple yet alluring, the homepage is adorned with imagery from many of the Oberoi’s exquisite getaways, embodying a cachet of tradition and contemporary sophistication. The luxurious lifestyle is clearly felt in the warm color palette and classical textures.

Oberoi Hotels - no reservations For those who have already made a choice of destination, an easy navigable search tool on the homepage directly transfers the visitor to a reservation desk to check for available dates and prices.

Otherwise the “Hotels and Resorts” section allows the visitor to explore various Oberoi properties on a world map. A virtual tour of each of the hotels transports you to an oasis of luxury, filled with cozy villas, holistic therapies, sandy beaches, and landscaped gardens.

We applaud the site’s coherent showcasing of facilities on offer. The photo gallery elegantly presents the classy interiors. Whether you’d like a private party on the gondola or a candlelight dinner, the impeccable service at the Oberoi will surely make any occasion memorable. A direct email facility connects the browser to the staff at any one of the hotels, who respond to queries quickly. What’s thoughtful is the travel guide for each hotel that provides travel directions, sightseeing information, and weather tips to those unfamiliar with a particular destination.

For travelers seeking pure indulgence, a rest stop at the Oberoi spas is necessary. A visit that invites you to nourish your mind, pamper your body, and leave your soul rejuvenated. Sigh! If only they offered an online massage.

On a more serious note, a check-in at the “Meetings” section offers services for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) events. The site promises dedicated catering, state-of-the-art communication facilities, and attentive service, with a direct reservation form for online bookings. For those who want to know a little more about the Group, the “Corporate Information” and “Oberoi News” sections provide a preview of the history of the company along with recent news and updates.

The Oberoi Hotels website is successful in delivering the distinctive qualities of the brand, as summed up in its curiously punctuated tagline “Luxury. Redefined.” The utilitarian but classy web design filled with snapshots that connote class, comfort, and style will fulfill the wishes of a dreaming vacationer. A dollop of background music accompanies the value-added content along with fine imagery, working together to promise an ideal vacation.


Preeti Suchanti currently works as client manager at an advertising agency in India. She graduated from the University of Bath, UK, with a Master’s in Management, specializing in Marketing. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology from University of Virginia, USA.

*Due to the constantly changing environment of websites, some reviews may no longer reflect the current website for this brand.
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