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Brand Recalls Borat Vs. Kazakhstan Brand Recalls
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Do Recalls Damage Brands?
 I suppose you could ask the opposite – "If you don't admit faulty or potentially hazardous craftsmanship, will it hurt your brand? 
Joel LeVan, Co-Owner, VividCircle, Inc. - October 22, 2010
 Recalling brand is the reflection of hurried frenzy to increase pie in the industry compromising the quality.But that is and must not ingrained the branding strategy.Customers will be still loyal if the supplier is committedtio satiffying theem.Stronger brand with genuinity will not be much affected by recall unless brand vision is mystyfied and gap of vision and delivery is either not pluged or minimised. 
Mohd Rizwan Alam, Preston University - October 23, 2010
 Any company that steps up when something goes wrong without being harassed into doing so will be ok in the long run. 
Melissa Walter, Co-Owner, VividCircle, Inc. - October 23, 2010
 I don't think that recalls damage brands. It actually make the company look proactive in addition to possibly saving lives. Often times companies offer incentives that don't inconvenience the customer. Its all about getting in front of the problem. There is no perfect company. LaVon Lewis, PDG - Pencilworx Design Group 
LaVon Lewis, President, PDG - October 23, 2010
 Recalling a branded product plants a seed of doubt in your cusomters mind. The seed of doubt will lay dormant for a period of time unless recalls become a frequent occurance. 
John Hoeppner, President, - October 23, 2010
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