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your chance!
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2012 brands Borat Vs. Kazakhstan 2012 brands
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Which brand got you talking, impressed you the most and made you sit up and take notice this year? Nominate your 2012 brand of the year and tell us why it deserves the title
 Apple!No matter what, the most innovative brand of the last few years. 
Marcelo Carneiro - November 19, 2012
Carlos Lopez - November 19, 2012
 Apple hands down. The most innovative user centric brand in the market. They set the standard that others struggle to follow. 
Simon Morris, Brand strategy director, Harkess-Ord - November 19, 2012
 If I have to stop and think about the brand I can't live without, it's Facebook. It keeps me in touch with my friends 
Craig Hurst - November 19, 2012
 Target should most definitely be #1 Brand of 2012 . They've managed to infiltrate almost every price point, effectively. With high end designer collaborations at lower affordable prices, i.e Jason Wu for Target and now Neiman Marcus. Their commercials are everywhere, and they continue to tap into growing trendy communities that people enjoy and introduce them to major markets i.e. Target Shops. 
Warren Adriana - November 20, 2012
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