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Can Microsoft's brand fight back? Borat Vs. Kazakhstan Can Microsoft's brand fight back?
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Can Microsoft's brand fight back?
- June 2, 2008
 comparing microsoft to apple is comparing a banana to an apple - bananas have a different appeal they are not as cool but gives you what you need and monkeys love them too of course has been promoted to an an ethereal pedestal as fruit with eve ...but that not the point microsoft was built around the essence of making computing user friendly and extremely relevant to the world which was getting connected and where as apple was the challenger brand its survial was dependent on offering differentiation and they appealed to the youth and it developed quite by default the brand suffered when jobs left for greener pastures lets not foget that the brand was nearly dead it was resurrected by jobs and some good luck i think apple is brand copies what has been developed and carry it forward with a great brand appeal to boot .i dont think Microsoft has any real problem they have been solid and business i think pereceptually apple has the looks of kate but liz taylor is not uncool yet ! 
shankar, head of marketing, Falcom - June 2, 2008
 Never say never. Look at Phillip Morris,... um, well, maybe. Look at Starbucks. I'd say if Starbucks can turn their fortunes around by performing some major restructuring and some rebuilding of their brand, so can Microsoft. I'm using Starbucks as a barameter for Microsoft. They both come from the same part of the country, they both have under achieving products, they both have over reaching distribution and they both need to play catch up to other players in the market. btw, they both have some major positives to build upon as well. 
David Veal, Graphic Artist, A very small studio - June 2, 2008
 Who would have thought we'd hear this question being asked... Well, of course they can fight back. We've seen it time and time again. The question should really be how are they planning to fight back and will this work. I agree that Apples "consumer driven" positioning is pretty untouchable and very endearing so MS have some work to do. I'm not convinced that tapping into the "why the company achieved market place dominance" will work as this again is very inward thinking and on the surface is irrelevant to me. 
Neil Hamp-Adams, Managing Director, Driving Force Sports Marketing Solutions - June 2, 2008
 Microsoft was the PC war with APPLE in Operating system and it is not in the game for iPOD. If ipod starts accepting operating system from Microsoft, it was have much better future. 
jigar shah - June 2, 2008
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