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Branded Demo Humor: 5 Questions with Eric Angeloro of smart USA

Posted by Dale Buss on March 2, 2015 12:29 PM

While smart’s two-seater cars certainly stand out in the market, the Mercedes-Benz brand is facing tough challenges in the US. Lower gasoline prices, which curb demand for its gasoline-powered models, and lackluster enthusiasm for mainstream electric cars, its other offering, means the automaker has its work cut out for it.

But brand executives believe things are looking up for its tiny gas and electric smart cars. US sales rose last year by nearly 13 percent over 2013, to more than 10,400 units, even as smart has been phasing out the current version of its ForTwo model (the four-seater ForFour isn't sold in the US).

Though most consumers and dealers simply refer to the model as "the smart" and the brand doesn't bother much with the ForTwo moniker, smart is priming interest in the launch of its improved models this year with a little branded humor.Continue reading...

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Mobile World Congress: Runcible Aims for Quiet, Discreet Mobile Chic

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 2, 2015 11:45 AM

The 2015 Mobile World Congress is now underway in Barcelona, touting all manner of bells and whistles coming to your phone, wrist or head (if you're into VR). One startup, however, isn't shouting but whispering, calling for non-intrusive mobile connectivity instead of "look at me!" Google Glass-like attention.

The team at Monohm, which includes Apple and Sony alumni, would much rather have people gaze at the world around them than draw attention to its mobile device. It has attracted some key attention, however, in the form of investment by KDDI, the Japanese telco.

Called Runcible, it's an undeniably beautiful and intriguing object, with a vaguely steampunk and sci fi vibe, recalling a Star Trek-style communicator you'd activate by touching what looks like a brooch on your chest—or the obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Is it watching us? Are we supposed to watch it? Continue reading...

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Brand News: Mobile World Congress, McDonald's and More

Posted by Dale Buss on March 2, 2015 09:14 AM


Apple CEO Tim Cook stokes excitement for Apple Watch and sees rivals scrambling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where IBM unveils new batch of enterprise apps with Apple ... Samsung unveils all-aluminum eco-friendly new Galaxy S models and launches mobile wallet ... HTC unveils move into virtual reality headsets with Vive headset ... Intel launches chip for low-price smartphones ... Oral-B promotes Bluetoothbrush and dental care app ... and IKEA reveals wireless-charging home collection with Qi standard.

Costco names Citigroup and Visa as credit partners as it replaces American Express.

Airbnb reportedly raising funding at $20 billion valuation.

McDonald's new CEO takes over, ready to deliver change.

Volvo tests self-driving car on Swedish roads.Continue reading...

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IKEA Turns IQIA With Mobile-Charging HomeSmart Furniture Collection

Posted by Shirley Brady on March 1, 2015 01:15 PM

Global home furnishings retailer IKEA announced its first home collection of wireless charging furniture at Mobile World Congress on Sunday.

The Qi-powered bedside tables, lamps and desks aim to eliminate cable mess and make it easier to stay connected with always-charged mobile devices.

IKEA said the wireless charging home furnishing line, part of its HomeSmart collection, will be available in stores and online in Europe and North America in mid-April ahead of a global rollout.Continue reading...

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Next is Now: Meet the New Galaxy S6 and Samsung Pay Platform

Posted by Shirley Brady on March 1, 2015 12:54 PM

At Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones—which will launch on April 10 in 20 countries with 32, 64 and 128GB options, integrated wireless charging, Gorilla Glass 4 on both devices and the new Samung Pay mobile payments platform.

"With the all-new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung is offering what’s next in mobility, along with a new standard to drive the global mobile agenda," stated JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, in a press release.

"By listening to our customers, and learning from both our success and missteps, we continuously push forward new technologies and ideas," he added. "With a reimagined design, robust partner network and novel services, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge offer users the ultimate experience in smartphone options."Continue reading...

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Tim Cook's Sneak Peek at Apple Watch Promises No Privacy Sneakiness

Posted by Shirley Brady on February 28, 2015 12:15 PM

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in London this week, gave The Telegraph (and employees) an exclusive look at the Apple Watch—and also shared his (and the company's) unequivocal stance on privacy. In his bluntest remarks to date, he warned that personal information is being "trafficked around" and people "don’t fully understand what is going on."

He emphatically stated that Apple is a fierce protector of customers' private data—a concern as Apple Watch gets ready to launch in early April with health tracking and third-party apps.

"None of us should accept that the government or a company or anybody should have access to all of our private information," Cook said. "This is a basic human right. We all have a right to privacy. We shouldn't give it up. We shouldn't give in to scare-mongering or to people who fundamentally don’t understand the details."Continue reading...

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116 Brands That Didn't Zip It During #TheDress Frenzy

Posted by Shirley Brady on February 27, 2015 05:15 PM

#TheDress color debate inspired 11 million tweets at peak chatter on Twitter, and more than 30 million views for the Buzzfeed article that made it the hottest meme in a day that also saw a social media frenzy over two leggy llamas on the loose.

So which brands won the fray? Those that responded quickly, visually and with humor, of course. They all hoped for their Oreo moment; not even Oreo succeeded. The big winner here wasn't Roman Originals, which made the dress, but Buzzfeed, which blew the doors off its website and survived.

Check out 110 111 114 115 (we give up) brands tweeting about the mother-of-the-bride dress that tore up the Internet—for better or worse.Continue reading...


Gap Inc. Sees Customer Experience and Omnichannel as Growth Drivers

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 27, 2015 04:05 PM

Gap Inc. is bridging the gap between physical and digital with a three-fold corporate focus, articulated on Thursday's quarterly earnings call by CEO Art Peck, his first since taking over that role on Feb. 1.

First up, product is “absolutely critical to us,” said Peck. He noted that product also includes responsive supply chain capabilities, seamless inventory capabilities, fabric platforming and design.

As part of the focus on product, Wendi Goldman (sorry, Kanye) will become the Gap brand's design leader with a new title, EVP of Product Design and Development, on March 16.Continue reading...

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