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Skittles Masters Beast Mode Branding with Marshawn Lynch

Posted by Rami Levi on September 2, 2014 03:03 PM

Call it a modern day miracle, but a candy brand has firmly associated itself with athleticism. The beautiful branded partnership between Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and the Mars-owned Skittles brand continued today with the release of a hilariously branded “training video.” 

The video features the Seahawks star pushing through a rigorous training session with the help of his sugary friends. In light of the astronomical bidding war between Nike and Under Armour over the coveted feet of Kevin Durant, the video demonstrates the power a partnership born organically from genuine mutual interest between endorser and brand.

The love affair between Skittles and the NFL player nicknamed Beast Mode has been well-documented. After a few seasons of free publicity—TV broadcasts often catch Lynch munching on Skittles during games—Skittles signed Lynch to a deal just before Super Bowl 48. Immediately following the signing, Skittles implemented a fairly standard sponsorship strategy with the launch of a limited edition Seattle Mix and donating to Lynch’s foundation during the Super Bowl.

But Skittles, known for its eccentric mastery of social media content, is just beginning to explore the creative possibilities of a “beast mode brand.”Continue reading...

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Days Before Big Event, Apple Juggles Bad News from iCloud Hack, iBeacon

Posted by Sheila Shayon on September 2, 2014 02:24 PM

Ahead of what will be a crucial week for the brand, Apple is under scrutiny after its iCloud played a big part in the massive leak of scandalous celebrity photos by hackers who gained access to personal iCloud accounts.

Traced to a bug in its “Find My iPhone” app, the company said, “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” while the FBI has also launched its own investigation into the leak. 

It's poor timing as Apple is preparing for its Sept. 9 iPhone event, where the brand is also expected to reveal its much anticipated "iWatch" (or iTime?) wearable. But the iCloud leak also spells trouble for the brand's other recently announced partnership with Visa, MasterCard and American Express on a mobile wallet. If photos can be hacked from iCloud, what does that say for personal information and banking data?Continue reading...

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Brand Renewal: 5 Questions with Tony DiSalle, VP of Marketing for Buick, GMC

Posted by Dale Buss on September 2, 2014 12:13 PM

The growing success of the Buick and GMC brands has been under-appreciated amid the overriding attention paid to General Motors' season of recalls. Buick sales increased by 12 percent for the year to date through July, leading GM brands' performance, while GMC sales surged by 8 percent.

Buick and GMC, which are managed and retailed together, also keep leading not only GM but all other domestic brands in earning quality awards from third-party evaluators such as the American Customer Satisfaction Index (with Buick helping GM rank ahead of Ford in the latest ACSI survey) and J.D. Power & Associates.

Now, with an expanded "Experience the New Buick" TV ad campaign that builds on the remarkable success of the first ad, "Hmmm," and of the new Buick product line, brand executives are determined to add to their recent sales gains, gain more attention for an advertising theme that has drawn rave reviews this year, and focus specifically on the members of the strongest vehicle lineup Buick has ever enjoyed.

Toni DiSalle, US Vice President of marketing for Buick and GMC, talked with brandchannel on the eve of the campaign that extends the clever notion that Buick's "expectation-shattering" vehicles are so much better than before that consumers don't even recognize them as Buicks.Continue reading...

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Arthur Andersen Brand is Reborn Over a Decade After Enron Scandal

Posted by Mark J. Miller on September 2, 2014 11:04 AM

In 2002, tax auditing firm Arthur Andersen was found guilty of obstructing justice after it was discovered that it had shredded thousands of Enron-related documents. Despite the charges, the since-defunct brand has retained its reputation through the years—a surprising conclusion of a financial industry poll conducted by Prime Group for WTAS LLC, a San Francisco-based firm that is reviving the brand, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Time may heal all wounds, but it doesn’t restock the billions of dollars in bank accounts that shareholders lost in the wake of Enron’s shutdown and certainly doesn’t make life easier for the 85,000 employees of the company that lost their jobs. But WTAS, which bought the rights to the name so it could rebrand to Andersen Tax, looks to change that.

“Our issues with Enron were the mistake of a few,” WTAS CEO Mark Vorsatz told Businessweek. “Irrespective of Enron, we thought we were the benchmark in the industry.”Continue reading...

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Brand News: Uber, Aston Martin, McDonald's and more

Posted by Dale Buss on September 2, 2014 09:34 AM


Uber is banned across Germany by Frankfurt court.

Aston Martin gets new CEO from Nissan.

McDonald's boosts food-safety efforts in China.

RadioShack and shareholder talk about saving company from bankruptcy.

Apple fixes bug that exposed nude photos of celebrities after "actively investigating" iCloud link to leak.


1-800-FLOWERS acquires Harry & David.

Aflac ties effort to college football.

Alfa Romeo sets return to US after 20 years.

Arthur Andersen name returns to tax consulting.

Buick launches ad campaign to build on success of "Hmmm" ad earlier this year.

Burger King sees tax history come under scrutiny.Continue reading...

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Staying Small: Boutique Hotel Brands Risk Losing Culture in Expansion

Posted by Corey Lewis on September 1, 2014 12:43 PM

Last week, Las Vegas saw its first major resort project open since The Cosmopolitan in 2010. Caught in the lights of flashbulbs and fireworks, the new SLS Las Vegas joins sister properties in Beverly Hills and South Beach as the third location of the Los Angles-based SBE’s SLS brand. 

“I think locals will really get what we’re about… we are in Las Vegas to move the meter in Las Vegas,” CEO Sam Nazarian told Las Vegas Weekly, emphasizing that part of the SLS brand's DNA is its neighborhood feel, where tourists and locals mingle.  

Even so, at 1,620 rooms, the SLS Las Vegas is a “neighborhood building” with a pretty big bankroll—$415 million to be exact. For comparison’s sake, the SLS South Beach, opened in 2012, has 140 rooms, the SLS Beverly Hills has 297. Yes, everything in Las Vegas is bigger (except maybe the Eiffel Tower), but as brands like SLS scale—in size and footprint—can they remain authentically local and boutique?Continue reading...


Rebranding Labor Day: Because Who Wants to Work on Your Day Off?

Posted by Claire Falloon on September 1, 2014 10:36 AM

Everyone loves a holiday but does anyone really love Labor Day? Does anyone even know what it’s about? Does Labor Day even know what it’s about? If I met a client with this many unanswered questions, the conversation might go something like this: “Hello Labor Day? I think we need to have a serious talk."

First, let’s be real here. Labor Day does know what it’s about. Created in 1882, Labor Day was a union-proposed holiday “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers." But maybe the way Labor Day named itself didn’t make other people want to know what it was about. 

Yes, “labor” definitely suggests the work this day was designed to celebrate. But, if you worked just about every day of the year and then were given one day off, wouldn’t you want that day to sound a little less like work and a little more like fun? “No-Labor Day" for example, might be more correct, if not particularly catchy. “Do Whatever You Want Day” has a certain wanton charm, although might suggest we encourage lawlessness (which we don’t). Or maybe “The Big Day Off” might work—a nationwide holiday simply dedicated to not working.Continue reading...

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Brand News: A&E/Vice, Nike, Apple and more

Posted by Alicia Ciccone on September 1, 2014 09:53 AM


A&E buys 10 percent of Vice for $250 million. 

Apple blocks developers from selling users' health data to marketers; bans hazardous chemicals following China investigation; reportedly strikes payments deal to make next iPhone a mobile wallet with American Express, Visa and MasterCard; sees iBeacon struggle with retailers; and grapples with possible iCloud (via “Find my iPhone”) hack that led to massive nude photo leak affecting Jennifer Lawrence and other actresses.

Nike re-signs (Under Armour-wooed) NBA star Kevin Durant to sneaker deal rumored to be worth $350 million.

Disney files patents for drone-controlled puppets as Google drones find better reception than Amazon tests.

P&G's Tide brand honors uniformed workers on Labor Day (above).


Alibaba faces stiffer homegrown competition ahead of upcoming IPO.

Art Everywhere partnership brings culture to outdoor advertising.

Bayer brings “world’s hangover cureBerocca to US.

BMW sees bomb-proof fleet get big buy-in from Australian government for G20 Summit. 

Comcast acquisition of Time Warner Cable protested by entertainment giants.Continue reading...

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