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BlackBerry Finds Its Brand Champion in Kim Kardashian

Posted by Mark J. Miller on October 28, 2014 04:53 PM

The Kardashians are still pretty popular but they seem a bit like aging relics so it is fitting that the most famous member of the family, Kim Kardashian West, has thrown the limited amount of weight she has behind a product that also seems to be fading from public relevance: the BlackBerry.

Mrs. Kanye West, who was on-stage to talk about her experience as a new mobile app entrepreneur, told attendees at Re/code's Code Mobile conference in San Francisco's Bay Area that she is so fond of her BlackBerry Bold that she keeps three with her at all times and also buys backups on eBay.

"I love my BlackBerry,” she stated. “I don't understand the reaction I get when I say that. It's my heart and soul, I love it and I'll never get rid of it." Continue reading...

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will.i.am Designs for Lexus as Celebrity Creative Director Trend Rolls On

Posted by Mark J. Miller on August 1, 2014 06:20 PM

will.i.am is not afraid to share his creative vision with any brand willing to pay to hear his thoughts. The artist formerly known as Michael Adams has previously helped Intel and Coca-Cola shape their creative vision and new products and is now lending himself to Lexus Europe.

Lexus Europe is launching a new Lexus NX model and will.i.am will design his own limited-edition “sharply styled, premium, mid-size SUV” as part of it, according to Marketing Magazine. He’ll also star in the brand's Striking Angles campaign. 

"We’re really excited to be working with will.i.am,” said Alain Uyttenhoven, head of Lexus Europe, Marketing Magazine reports. “His unrivalled passion for design and innovation, coupled with his incredible creativity, makes him the perfect partner for our Lexus NX 'Striking Angles' campaign."

But this isn't the artist's first rodeo with Lexus. Only a month ago, Lexus sponsored Pyramidi, “the debut gallery artwork by will.i.am,” according to The Auto Channel. The artwork was displayed at a gallery in London and “explores the interface between analogue and digital music in a live gallery experience featuring project-mapped visuals accompanied by a new song composed by will.i.am.”Continue reading...

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Even Kanye Knows That the Key to Brand Advertising Success is Content

Posted by Abe Sauer on June 17, 2014 07:22 PM

The old Cannes is still on display; but while greying stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford were riding a tank into Cannes to promote the third installment of their blow-it-up series The Expendables, the young bucks were talking about branded content.

Most outspoken about the future of brands and messaging was—surprise, surprise—Kanye West.

In addition to offering to remake Instagram, West called out Samsung and BlackBerry for naming Alicia Keys "creative director." He also talked up Beats and praised Apple for its acquisition. But while West may have been most blunt, his message was in line with the rest of the Cannes community: the world needs more (and better) branded content.Continue reading...

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BlackBerry Looks to Exit Consumer Market with $4.7 Billion Sale to Fairfax Financial

Posted by Mark J. Miller on September 23, 2013 04:53 PM

Once the dominant face of the mobile marketplace, BlackBerry has experienced a most epic tumble from the top as it has continued to bleed cash and market share at the hands of major mobile manufacturers Apple and Samsung.

In a last-ditch bid for survival, the company announced Monday that it has signed a letter of intent to be sold to its biggest shareholder, Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings, for USD $4.7 billion. The sale comes on the heels of the company's Sept. 20th earnings report that it lost an astounding $1 billion in one quarter, and related plans to shed one-third of its global workforce.

“BlackBerry has fallen on hard times recently, but we have every confidence it will be successful again,” Fairfax chairman and CEO Prem Watsa, the Canadian billionaire who resigned from BlackBerry's board before the announcement, told the Globe and Mail. Fairfax, the paper reports, “has put together an equity consortium” that aims to take the company private for $9 per share. A final agreement is expected by Nov. 4.Continue reading...

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BlackBerry's New Mantra: "The Champion of Your Ambition"

Posted by Sheila Shayon on May 14, 2013 03:52 PM

BlackBerry is not giving up. At Tuesday's kick-off to its annual developers conference, Canada's embattled mobile brand unveiled the BlackBerry Q5, a lower-priced, more youthful smartphone to broaden its appeal to the mobile market. 

The new device, which will be available in select markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America starting in July, actually brings back old technology with its QWERTY keyboard, a feature that may very well attract users who are averse to touchscreens as well as heavy texters. 

"The BlackBerry Q5 gives you the best of everything with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is for youthful fans that are passionate, confident and bold, and it makes it easy for them to have fun, create, share and stay connected," according to a press release.

The brand is hoping to capture young, emerging markets in order to shore up losses from Apple's iPhone and Android devices.Continue reading...

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NRA Tries to Burnish Mayors' Brand by Questioning Ad's Authenticity

Posted by Abe Sauer on April 17, 2013 01:07 PM

"Acting!" That's the NRA's much anticipated response to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" ad featuring a gun owner who admits to supporting comprehensive background checks for gun purchases.

The NRA claims that because the organization will not give out the name of the ad's star, he must be an actor. Also, because he's mishandling the gun in the ad—something no real pro-gun owner would ever, ever do—he must be a plant. Now one blog is offering a bounty on the actor's identity to prove the NRA correct.

It's the latest turn in the increasingly petty back and forth between gun rights and gun control advocates.Continue reading...

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BlackBerry Wants Alicia Keys and Neil Gaiman Fans to "Keep Moving"

Posted by Shirley Brady on February 19, 2013 02:43 PM

BlackBerry's new global creative director for the revamped company is featured in the first video for her part of the "Keep Moving Projects" cultural influencer project. The Grammy Award-winning musician is asking fans to use the video-editing feature on the new BlackBerry Z10 to contribute to local crowdsourced videos showcasing her current global tour.

Watch BlackBerry's video pitch to Keys fans, along with the first two episodes of author Neil Gaiman's BlackBerry project, below:Continue reading...

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BlackBerry Popularity Rises in Wake of BB10 Launch

Posted by Mark J. Miller on February 15, 2013 02:37 PM

Since the rise of the iPhone and Samsung’s cooler-than-thou pursuit of Apple’s marketshare, BlackBerry has been the butt of plenty of jokes. Once the industry leader, BlackBerry suddenly had users who weren’t excited about showing off their mobile to their pals.

Lately though, things are looking up for BlackBerry Nation. A celebrity endorsement, the change in the company’s name from Research in Motion to BlackBerry and the unveiling of the BlackBerry 10 version of the phone last month has many of those who own BlackBerrys looking to upgrade.

The latest YouGov BrandIndex report finds 43 percent of BlackBerry owners surveyed planning to purchase a new phone in the next six months, up from 18 percent last year, and plan to stick with the brand. “This is the most popular the company and its products have been in the US since September 2011,” Agence France Presse notes.

BlackBerry execs can crow about such loyalty metrics with excitement a little, but only briefly. “A year ago, it looked like their customers were going to flee, but now [loyalty] has more than doubled,” Ted Marzilli, SVP and managing director of BrandIndex, tells Marketing Daily. “But what this [data] doesn’t say is if BlackBerry is attracting people from other brands.” The big question, Marzilli points out, is if this number can sustain itself or if it’s just a brief uptick.

Apple is still kicking BlackBerry’s butt with 85 percent of its smartphone buyers looking to upgrade within the brand in the next six months, YouGov notes. Slightly more than half of Samsung smartphone owners plan the same move.

Another metric that YouGov measures is brand perception and marketing buzz, asking survey participants if they’ve heard anything about the brand in the previous two weeks. Through its own scoring system, YouGov has had BlackBerry at near zero since December, but it has now gone up to seven. Samsung is at 16 and Apple is only one point higher. The latter has actually been falling on the list since its high of 38 in October when the iPhone 5 hit store shelves.

So, BlackBerry is pulling itself back up and getting back into the fight, right? It’s preparing to play the part of Rocky and take on the seemingly unstoppable machine of Ivan Drago (ad played by the iPhone). Well, it’s got a lot of work to do.Continue reading...

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