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All the News You Can Drink: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Diageo, DC United Brew and more

Posted by Mark J. Miller on May 17, 2013 06:16 PM

Cheap Beer Disappearing Thanks to PBR

The main reason plenty of people have ever even tasted a Pabst Blue Ribbon is because they come cheap. However, its price has been rising in New York City thanks to the hipster population that has been consuming it, according to food and beverage sales analyst Restaurant Sciences.

The word is that PBR’s price increase has affected all the other “sub-premium” brands in the city and they’ve collectively gone up 9.4 percent in the last seven months, the New York Daily News reports. "I believe the single biggest driver in sub-premium beer price increases is indeed specifically PBR," said Chuck Ellis, the research company’s chief. "It has become quite fashionable."Continue reading...

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Will Mountain Dew’s Interactive Ink Messaging Fuel Obesity?

Posted by Sheila Shayon on August 16, 2012 02:04 PM

Mountain Dew is now available in a new can, features color-changing artwork, one-third larger than their traditional 12-ounce offering. The limited-edition 16-ounce can, when chilled to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit, highlights a symbol that transforms to the signature green color of Mountain Dew by using thermochromic ink.

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has refined the process of temperature-activated inks, creating a cornucopia of opportunities such as hidden messages in package designs, signaling of cold temperatures, indicators of product levels or extensions, and above all, brand messaging. 

A broad range of brands including Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola Canada, Coors, Hallmark, Monster Energy, Pizza Hut and Tuaca Liqueur have used the technique, and now Mountain Dew is courting an interactive color experience with consumers. Continue reading...

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Molson Coors Adds Iced Tea and Citrus to Goose Beer Sales

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 7, 2012 10:07 AM

Molson Coors makes almost all of its sales in Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain, so it's no surprise that the brewer is looking to expand internationally. The Chicago-based company is also developing new products to entice those new markets.

Case in point: an iced tea brew called Coors Light Iced T, which it unveiled in a presentation on Tuesday to analysts. "The citrus-like, iced tea-flavored beer will have roughly 4% alcohol content but no caffeine," the Wall Street Journal notes. The drive to innovate and develop new products is simple. "Someone else is eating our lunch in the alcohol space," Molson Coors CEO Peter Swinburn told analysts.

The tea brewski will be found in Molson's homeland of Canada first, according to Reuters, “where consumers are interested in flavored beers,” and could end up appearing on U.S. shelves in time as well. Reuters reports that Molson Coors will also introduce the citrus-flavored Carling Zest, which will be sold for a limited time, as well as an autumn-inspired Leinenkugels beer.Continue reading...


From E.T. On, Booze Product Placement in Movies Leads to Kids Who Booze

Posted by Abe Sauer on March 5, 2012 07:07 PM

A recent study of teen drinking patterns in Europe and the movies they watch, which was published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that the kids who watched more films with alcohol consumption were themselves more likely to both start drinking and abuse alcohol.

To which we say, DERRRR. But will the findings, with CNN the latest to make hay with them, be enough to change Hollywood's long love affair with hooch?Continue reading...

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In the News: Unilever, Myspace and more

Posted by Dale Buss on January 10, 2012 09:01 AM

In the News

At CES, Samsung announces content for each screen.

Apple CEO Tim Cook could end up being America's highest-paid CEO for 2011.

Coors Light blasts by Bud to become No. 2 brew.

Dr Pepper releases "I'm one of a kind" ad campaign.

Ford is on the cusp of a true financial comeback; makes 100% sustainable interior.

Myspace reinvents itself as an entertainment experience, brings Justin Timberlake to CES.

Olympus sues execs over scandal.

Suze Orman puts her name on pre-paid credit card.

Smoothie King launches campaign to help customers get fit.

Toyota and Honda plan to fight back with new product reveals at NAIAS, which saw 27 new vehicle unveilings yesterday.Continue reading...

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MillerCoors Caps Payments During NBA Lockout

Posted by Mark J. Miller on November 16, 2011 05:15 PM

The beermeisters at MillerCoors spend about $214 million annually on TV advertising and about three quarters of that goes to sports, according to the Sports Business Journal. As much of that budget goes to the NBA, and the NBA is still locked in a stalemate, the big brewer is holding onto the ball, for the time being.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that when NBA players (who aren't getting paid either) rejected the latest collective-bargaining offer from team owners, MillerCoors announced that it had been hanging onto the payments it had signed on to make to its NBA partners.

As soon as a deal gets done, MillerCoors spokesman Peter Marino told the paper that the payments “will be made in full” to brewer's many NBA partners.

The Journal-Sentinel also checked in on another sponsor of the Milwaukee Bucks, BMO Harris Bank. But the bank hasn’t followed the lead of MillerCoors: "We have been and continue to be a proud sponsor of the Milwaukee Bucks," said bank spokesman Jim Kappel to the Journal-Sentinel.

Reuters notes that the NBA's television networks including TNT and ESPN/ABC have been ready to lose NBA games for a few months, but with the looming possibility that the entire season could be lost, the networks have a lot of air time to fill and ad inventory to sell.Continue reading...

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New England Patriots Doing Battle with Beer Giant

Posted by Mark J. Miller on September 28, 2011 01:09 PM

The New England Patriots have had a deal with MillerCoors for nearly 10 years and they’ll continue that relationship for another seven — if the company wins the lawsuit it filed against the team on Monday, according to CNBC.

The suit claims that the Patriots went back on a contract that it signed with the beer giant in order to go through with a different contract for the same time period with the archrival of MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch InBev, CNBC reports.

The deal with MillerCoors (a joint venture of SABMiller and MolsonCoors) was supposedly so far along that not only was it signed, but celebrated “with a dinner by the marketing agent working on behalf of MillerCoors and the Patriots sales team,” according to the report. All MillerCoors would like is for the original deal to be put back into place and to get some extra dough to help out with “costs and goodwill,” CNBC notes.

"We expect to win and when we win we will be a great partner to the Patriots," said Jackie Woodward, VP of media and marketing services for MillerCoors, according to the site. "We look forward to bringing our marketing muscle and activation prowess to bringing football to fans in New England."

So fear not, Pats fans — there's still hope that Tom Brady can once again be Miller Lite's player of the week.

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Medea Vodka: Message on a Bottle

Posted by Abe Sauer on August 15, 2011 12:00 PM

It's not enough that our booze just gets us drunk anymore, multitasking modern drinkers are asking alcohol to do more.

First, brands added oddball flavor combinations (Budweiser "Clamato?") Then, a few bold brewers threw caffeine into the mix, a combination that proved popular, and litigious.

Now it's all about the packaging. And Medea Vodka is going to get your attention, like it or not.Continue reading...

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