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Global Brands Urged to Invest CSR Budgets in Education

Posted by Sheila Shayon on January 16, 2015 04:22 PM

Business Backs Education 2015 Top 10 Global 500 CSR Education

According to a new study (the world’s first) on global corporate education CSR spending, Fortune 500 companies only spent $2.6bn (13%) of their total $19.9 billion corporate social responsibility budgets on education-related activities.

What's more, the report also revealed that that less than half (218 companies) of the Fortune 500 allocate any of their CSR budgets towards education in the community, including emerging markets—where the need is greatest.  

So hats off to Banco Santander for topping the list as the Global Fortune 500's highest education CSR spender at $197m per year.Continue reading...

corporate citizenship

Nike, Coca-Cola Talk Climate Change, Corporate Citizenship at Davos

Posted by Sheila Shayon on January 27, 2014 06:09 PM

As the titans of business and politics gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum, one day was devoted to panel talks on the threat of climate change, albeit more about economic self-interest and gain rather than righting the wrongs dealt to Mother Nature’s delicate balance.

Climate change is now officially recognized as an “economically disruptive force,” and both Coke and Nike outlined their efforts to deal with the fall-out at Davos, which also honored Water.org co-founder Matt Damon.

“Increased droughts, more unpredictable variability, 100-year floods every two years,” Jeffrey Seabright, Coca-Cola's VP environment and water resources said, identifying major problems disrupting the company’s supply of sugar cane, sugar beets, and citrus for its fruit juices. “When we look at our most essential ingredients, we see those events as threats.”

Coca Cola, which took up a more strict outlook on sustainability in 2011, has installed one million drinks coolers that use natural refrigerants, replacing the climate warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) previously used, claiming this equals removing 10 million cars from the roads over a 10-year period.Continue reading...

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In Davos—and Everywhere Else—Tech is the Common Thread for Growth

Posted by Sheila Shayon on January 23, 2014 11:12 AM

Tech and business titans took center-stage at the 44th World Economic Forum in Switzerland this week to discuss a hot topic that has seemingly taken over every industry: connectivity.  

In addition to an uptick in the global economy, the proliferation of digital technologies has dissolved existing industry boundaries promoting growth and collaboration among different sectors like never before. 

With top executives from AT&T, Yahoo, Salesforce, Cisco and BT taking the stage on day one to discuss the digital landscape, dialogue focused on a connected ecosystem of products and businesses—a theme backed by a new report from Accenture on digital, which revealed that 60 percent of C- level executives in 10 countries plan to pursue growth or collaboration outside of their industries in the next five years. 

The report examines six "digitally contestable markets": healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, retail and transportation. “Digital technology has been with us for years but is now dramatically disrupting and reshaping traditional industry sectors,” said Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive for Accenture Digital.Continue reading...

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Matt Damon Goes on Strike - a Toilet Strike - for World Water Day

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 14, 2013 11:02 AM

Matt Damon, looking for a way to “persuade people to give a shit about toilets,” staged a press conference in anticipation of World Water Day, March 22. The actor's latest move pushes the continuing efforts of his non-profit, water.org, which educates people about the lack of basic sanitation and clean water for 2.5 billion people around the world.

At the faux press conference, Damon announced that “in protest of this global tragedy … until everyone has access to clean water, I will not go to the bathroom,” and he’s asking everyone to join him at Strikewithme.org.

The aim of the tongue-in-cheek campaign is serious: to move people to click on a link enabling water.org to "occasionally" use their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook for six week (because physically relieving yourself is comparable to the mental relief felt after posting a status update?) 

Damon—who might consider refreshing the campaign for World Toilet Day—added that “Six billion people have cell phones, but only 4.5 billion have access to improved sanitation.”

"Welcome to the petri-dish," said Mike McCamon, water.org's chief community officer. "The idea is you sign in and give permission to us for a finite period." Content will be generic yet personal, "so it looks like you posted it."Continue reading...

brand news

In the News: Apple, Louboutin, Roche & more

Posted by Dale Buss on January 25, 2012 09:01 AM

In the News

Apple's blockbuster quarter puts iPhone ahead of Google smartphones in the U.S.

Brinker International expands value strategy at Chili's.

Christian Louboutin makes the IP case for its red-soled shoes.

Davos kicks off with worries about eurozone crisis.

Del Frisco's Restaurant plans IPO.

Fiat launches ad for new Panda into Italian austerity zeitgeist.Continue reading...

brand news

Brands to Watch: Kinect, Kindle, Comcast and more

Posted by Shirley Brady on January 27, 2011 06:30 PM

Brands to WatchAmazon's "disappointing" earnings reveals that Kindle books now outstrip paperback sales on site.

Comcast dumps peacock from NBC Universal (make that NBCUniversal) corporate logo.

Girl Scout cookies are under threat.

Heineken shares insights on emerging markets at Davos.

Kinect gives Microsoft much-needed sales boost.

LinkedIn files to go public.

MAC Cosmetics is preparing to unleash a Wonder Woman collection.Continue reading...

brand news

In the News: Obama, Best Buy, Ford and more

Posted by Dale Buss on January 26, 2011 09:00 AM

In the News

President Obama's State of the Union address urges bipartisan collaboration to help US better compete globally, boost jobs and the economy, and "out-innovate, outeducate and outbuild" while technology innovation will be the nation's "Sputnik moment." Also mentioned: Facebook and Google.

Best Buy's Super Bowl ad to feature Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne, while Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, GoDaddy, Disney, Paramount and Universal will use the Super Bowl's massive TV reach to tease upcoming releases. Suzuki joins the Super Bowl ad derby with plans to air regional spots for its Kizashi model.

Facebook buys mobile ad firm Rel8tion.

FDA and US dairy industry spar over milk testing.

Ford is expected to announce huge profits on Friday.Continue reading...

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