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Reddit Sticks to Unusual Business Model with Charity Commitment

Posted by Sheila Shayon on March 5, 2014 11:12 AM

Reddit has announced it will donate 10 percent of its 2014 ad revenue to charity, a decidedly bold move for the social media site that has yet to make a profit.

Fighting tirelessly to keep its unique brand as pure as possible, the site has eschewed an influx of traditional advertising that could have delivered more robust revenue for the 24th most-popular US internet site.

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong wrote in a blog post, “Whether it’s a large ad campaign or a $5 sponsored headline on reddit, we intend for all ad revenue this year to benefit not only reddit as a platform but also to support the goals and causes of the entire community.” 

The service will calculate ad revenue at year’s end, then let Redditors’ nominate and vote on which non-profits they’d like to support. With community consensus on the top ten, the site will distribute funds proportionately to votes received.Continue reading...

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7UP Tries Cause Marketing with Project 7, but Is It Pepsi Refresh Déjà Vu?

Posted by Dale Buss on February 21, 2014 10:52 AM

Clearly there are more than seven crying needs of people around the world. But Project 7 is trying to at at least skim the surface. And now 7UP is helping the company do just that through a new and unique bottle-cap promotion.

Purchasers of specially marked 20-ounce bottles of 7UP in the US will be able to find a unique code under the bottle cap, login online and select one of the seven areas of need to which they'd like their donation to go: "Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well and Save the Earth," as Project 7 describes them.

"This approach gives the consumer an opportunity to pick an area of need," David Falk, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, told brandchannel. "And that's one thing we truly loved—giving the consumer the power to choose."Continue reading...


Luke Aker, This Is Your Lucky Day! Happy Holidays from Nissan North America

Posted by Dale Buss on December 18, 2013 07:35 PM

An alert bit of monitoring by Nissan North America's social media team has brought happier holidays to an Orlando-based freelance videographer and to the Wounded Warriors Project.

The automaker ended up agreeing to buy a 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE from Luke Aker after noticing his well-made 70-second video ad for the car on YouTube and reading his creative classified on Craigslist. In fact, Erich Marx, Nissan's director of interactive marketing and social media, agreed not only to give him his original $1,400 asking price for the 17-year-old survivor but also to kick in a $1,000 holiday season donation to the Wounded Warriors Project, Aker's favorite charity.

"We thought it was just brilliant, fantastic, and we saw the opportunity to have some fun with it," Marx told brandchannel about his team's reaction when they saw Aker's work. "In the social space, it's about being engaging and showing that you have a sense of humor."Continue reading...

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Facebook Launches Attack on TV with Auto-Play Video Ads

Posted by Sheila Shayon on December 17, 2013 12:41 PM

What were once distinguishable differences between social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now all becoming parts of a whole—a whole taht is focused on serving up better, more targeted and engaging ads. 

In the latest effort, following Twitter's more visual feed and Instagram's ads, Facebook has launched video ads today across its user network, debuting the new feature with a trailer for the upcoming film Divergent.  

Facebook is positioning the new ads to see if its network can best TV—a different route than that taken by Twitter, which has worked hard to make TV brands and advertisers their partner through its Twitter Amplify program. “Marketers will be able to use this new format to tell their stories to a large number of people on Facebook in a short amount of time—with high-quality sight, sound and motion," Ad Age notes

The video ads will play automatically in users' news feed—a feature that the platform rolled out for general video content earlier this month. The autoplay can certainly be a turnoff, to which Facebook says "you can simply scroll or swipe past it." The video won't play sound until it is "clicked or tapped and played full screen." After the first ad, a "carousel of two additional videos” appears, making it easy for users to explore other content from the marketer.Continue reading...

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Girl Scouts Taps Into American Girls' Hopes and Dreams with New Campaign

Posted by Dale Buss on October 15, 2013 01:47 PM

No doubt Girl Scouts of the USA and other longtime organizations for kids have been hit hard by societal and cultural trends including the lure of other afterschool activities, a generational de-emphasis of some traditional community touchpoints, and a dwindling availability of stay-at-home parental volunteers.

Now the Girl Scouts are leveraging at least one of those same factors—social media—to attempt to turn the tables on a recent decline in new members and "troop" leaders with a new advertising campaign under the tag line, "I can't wait to ..."

Leading brand consultancy (and brandchannel parent) Interbrand re-imagined the brand's iconic Girl Scout Trefoil symbol and used it as the visual starting point for the new campaign by transforming it into a dynamic "Kaleidoscope" storytelling device that serves as a metaphor for the ever-changing experiences girls can have in the Scouts, according to a press release.Continue reading...

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Branson and Friends Hope to Hatch Plan B for Business with New Non-Profit

Posted by Alicia Ciccone on June 17, 2013 11:02 AM

During last week's G8 Innovation Conference, Richard Branson along with the director of Kering, Jochen Zeitz, announced The B Team, a global non-profit aimed at refocusing business on people, the planet and the economy. 

The 'team' is made up of a handful of global business and political leaders including The Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington, Kering's Francois Henri-Pinault, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, and the Minister of Economy and Minister of Finance of Nigeria. With a goal to take the focus off of short term gains, the B leaders hope to broaden the conversation and inspire a Plan B that focuses on solving the world's growing problems of inequality, unemployment and the unsustainable use of natural resources, according to a release.Continue reading...

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Chime For Change Brings Together High-Profile Stars for Women Empowerment

Posted by Sheila Shayon on June 7, 2013 11:08 AM

Pop royalty, fashion icons, princes and tech billionaires came together in London to promote Chime For Change, a equal rights movement for women and girls worldwide that utilizes an innovative crowdfunding platform dedicated to a demographic in need. 

The benefit concent, performed in London, was streamed to 150 countries and televised in the US, reaching over 1 billion people who donated more than $4.3 million to the cause, which was founded by Gucci and creative director Frida Giannini, Beyonce and Salma Hayek Pinault. The non-profit is supported by the Kering Foundation and Francois-Henri Pinault, the CEO of luxury conglomerate PPR (rebranded as Kering).

The lavish performances were interspersed with mini-documentaries about the plight of women and girls worldwide in developing countries. Those attending the concert were able to donate the value of their ticket to a non-profit of their choice, thanks to Giannini, who underwrote the event.Continue reading...

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Lenticular Printing Creates Campaign for Kids' Eyes Only

Posted by Sheila Shayon on May 8, 2013 11:40 AM

A bus-stop ad in Spain is making headlines worldwide. The client, the Fundación ANAR or Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk, is running two different messages in one campaign: one aimed at adults, the other visible only to those under 4 feet 5 inches tall—the average height of a 10-year-old. 

The innovative outdoor campaign shows two versions of a boy; one clear-faced, that adults see, and the other battered and bruised that's visible to kids' eyes, with a message that reads: "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we'll help you," along with a hotline number.Continue reading...

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