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Regional Favorite Tastykake Isn't Letting Its Age Slow Down Expansion Plans

Posted by Mark J. Miller on February 25, 2014 08:09 PM

Philadelphia’s Tasty Baking Co. may not have quite made it to 100 years old, with its 2011 sale to Flowers Foods for $141 million, but its star brand, Tastykakes, is an official centenarian. 

The brand, which has been a longtime regional favorite, is getting some well-deserved national exposure under Flowers, which has expanded the sale of the brand's offerings, including Butterscotch Krimpets, Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, and all the rest, to over 5,000 delivery routes that stretch from Maine to Florida and as west as Nevada. 

"When they bought Tastykake, they didn't buy Tastykake for Philadelphia,” George J. Latella, a visiting professor of food marketing at St. Joseph's University and a former Tasty Baking sales executive, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They bought it for the brand, to take the brand all over the place."

And with a vote of confidence from Flowers CEO Allen Shiver, who told analysts recently that "Tastykake is proving to be a strong player across our markets," more consumers than ever will get to revel in the brand's big birthday celebration this year.Continue reading...

cause marketing

7UP Tries Cause Marketing with Project 7, but Is It Pepsi Refresh Déjà Vu?

Posted by Dale Buss on February 21, 2014 10:52 AM

Clearly there are more than seven crying needs of people around the world. But Project 7 is trying to at at least skim the surface. And now 7UP is helping the company do just that through a new and unique bottle-cap promotion.

Purchasers of specially marked 20-ounce bottles of 7UP in the US will be able to find a unique code under the bottle cap, login online and select one of the seven areas of need to which they'd like their donation to go: "Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well and Save the Earth," as Project 7 describes them.

"This approach gives the consumer an opportunity to pick an area of need," David Falk, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, told brandchannel. "And that's one thing we truly loved—giving the consumer the power to choose."Continue reading...

sporting brands

Amid Ongoing Scandals, MLB Stands to Lose Best Brand Ambassador in Jeter

Posted by Mark J. Miller on February 13, 2014 07:10 PM

In a move that was bound to come, but surprising nonetheless, the New York Yankees' Derek Jeter announced he will be retiring after the 2014 baseball season. The all-star shortstop took to his Facebook yesterday to post a lengthy note to fans, telling them that he "could not be more sure" that the time is right. 

The announcement, a heartbreaking one for fans, may be even more disappointing for Major League Baseball. The League has been plagued by a persistent PR problem surrounding the use of performance-enhancing drugs by players, spoiling the careers of a number of star sportsmen and tarnishing the reputations of clubs and the league overall. But Derek Jeter wasn't one of them. In fact, he was the farthest thing from the MLB's problems—an ambassador to the masses that represented not just legendary athleticism, but poise in the face of constant media spotlight. 

It's an impressive feat for a man whose career was partially played alongside one of the League's latest and biggest foes—Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees third baseman, who has been embroiled in his own PED scandal for the last year or so, will not take the field in 2014 as part of a related suspension. And while the pair were on-field buddies and two of the most sought-after players in the League, Jeter never got mixed up with A-Rod's dealings.Continue reading...

executive decision

Microsoft Elevates Nadella to CEO with a Mandate to Drive Innovation

Posted by Dale Buss on February 4, 2014 02:57 PM

Microsoft confirmed today that the right person was in-house all along as it named Satya Nadella its new CEO, succeeding Steve Ballmer to become only the third Chief Executive in the company's history along with founder Bill Gates.

With his name only recently being tossed into the race that was rumored to attract such external candidates as Ford CEO Alan Mulally and other notable front-runner Sundar Pichai, a Google exec, Nadella assumes the top role of what once was the definitive technology bellwether.

Pundits and analysts were quick to outline the many challenges that face the 22-year Microsoft veteran in his new role, including the "most pressing" question of "whether or not Microsoft still wants to be an arbiter of technology," Bloomberg Businessweek said, arguing that, "in many ways, Google has become the company Microsoft always hoped to."Continue reading...

The Big Game

Axe Touts Peace and Love at Super Bowl 2014 a Year After Offering Space Travel

Posted by Dale Buss on January 31, 2014 11:10 AM

Calling it "the Axe-is of evil" probably wouldn't have flown. But with its new Super Bowl ad that depicts North Korean and Middle Eastern dictators as surprising peaceniks, Axe is continuing in its strain of brand iconoclasm.

This year's Super Bowl TV commercial introduces a new line, Axe Peace, and strikes a somber note rather than the brand's characteristic light humor. "In a world filled with war," the voiceover begins, in earnest movie-trailer fashion, "sometimes the most powerful weapon is love." The 60s-feeling campaign even implores viewers to support a global pro-social effort called Peace One Day in September.

While sharing the Super Bowl platform, the loved-up approach represents a far cry from last year's Axe ad, which saw an astronaut show up on a beach and gain the adoration of a young woman—even at the expense of a lifeguard who'd just saved her life.Continue reading...

corporate responsibility

Nike, Coca-Cola Talk Climate Change, Corporate Citizenship at Davos

Posted by Sheila Shayon on January 27, 2014 06:09 PM

As the titans of business and politics gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum, one day was devoted to panel talks on the threat of climate change, albeit more about economic self-interest and gain rather than righting the wrongs dealt to Mother Nature’s delicate balance.

Climate change is now officially recognized as an “economically disruptive force,” and both Coke and Nike outlined their efforts to deal with the fall-out at Davos, which also honored Water.org co-founder Matt Damon.

“Increased droughts, more unpredictable variability, 100-year floods every two years,” Jeffrey Seabright, Coca-Cola's VP environment and water resources said, identifying major problems disrupting the company’s supply of sugar cane, sugar beets, and citrus for its fruit juices. “When we look at our most essential ingredients, we see those events as threats.”

Coca Cola, which took up a more strict outlook on sustainability in 2011, has installed one million drinks coolers that use natural refrigerants, replacing the climate warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) previously used, claiming this equals removing 10 million cars from the roads over a 10-year period.Continue reading...

philanthropy brands

Batkid a Boon for San Francisco, Make-A-Wish—and Now to Pay It Forward

Posted by Sheila Shayon on November 22, 2013 06:42 PM

A heartwarming event triggered a win-win situation for five year-old Miles Scott and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which earlier this week orchestrated a super hero-sized 'wish' that turned San Francisco into Gotham City and Scott into "Batkid."

Cruising the city in his Batmobile (a Lamborghini), Scott captured the hearts of millions following along on social media—even prompting a Vine video from President Obama.  

Miles recently finished chemotherapy treatment for leukemia, and his wish to be a crime-fighting superhero for a day is one for the books in how to pull-off a successful social media event with a little planning, a little savvy and a little moxie.

And while Scott's wish was perhaps unique, his is just one of thousands that the foundation grants every year. So why did this particular stunt grow to such viral proportions?Continue reading...

brands with a cause

Brands Get Hairy for Movember and Men's Health Awareness

Posted by Mark J. Miller on November 5, 2013 07:15 PM

It's less than a week into November, but thousands of men across the globe are already starting to look a little scraggly. By the time the month is out, the once baby-faced male population will be donning full bears, fancy handlebar mustaches, or better yet, the Fu Manchu.

That's right: it's Movember–the global effort to raise awareness around various men's health issues. And just as brand's turned themselves pink last month for breast cancer awareness, plenty of brands are getting a little hairy to throw their support (and marketing dollars) behind the global cause. 

Movember, which grew out of a conversation between two pals in an Australian pub back in 2003, and raised $147 million last year, has grown out its whiskers into a full-blow branding beard. So much so that this year, the Just For Men haircolor brand has become an official sponsor, according to the New York Times.

“Here’s to the Movember mo bros, bravely growing mustaches to change the face of men’s health,” a voice-over says at the start of the brand’s new commercial. “They’ve never let gray mess with their mo.” Revenue from the sales of one product specially packaged for the month will go to the cause.Continue reading...

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