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PepsiCo CMO Salman Amin Leaves for S.C. Johnson

Posted by Dale Buss on March 8, 2013 05:43 PM

PepsiCo's CMO, Salman Amin, is leaving the company for S.C. Johnson on a high note, having helped CEO Indra Nooyi deliver over the last year on a number of crucial, marketing-based promises, including something of a turnaround for the company's flagship Pepsi brand, which is still duking it out with Coca-Cola and other beverage giants.

The departure of the company's Global Chief Marketing Officer from PepsiCo's Purchase, NY, HQ to Racine, Wis.-based S.C. Johnson—maker of Pledge, Glade and other household products—was disclosed in an internal memo at PepsiCo, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

Amin's exit opens up a top marketing job at PepsiCo just as the company has been reporting gains in sales and market share for Pepsi, having doubled down on marketing following the company's market share slip in recent years in U.S. sales even behind Diet Coke.

A PepsiCo veteran of more than two decades, Amin became PepsiCo CMO only last May. He was able to leverage a $600 million increase in Pepsi's annual marketing budget and a refocusing of spending on top brands including Pepsi and Gatorade into significant gains. "Salman has made contributions that have touched nearly every market in which we do business," said Zein Abdalla, president of PepsiCo, in the memo, according to Ad Age.

Amin also launched the first-ever global marketing campaign ("Live for Now") for Pepsi and inked pop star Beyonce to a $50 million partnership that included the halftime performance during last month's Super Bowl telecast.Continue reading...

brand inspiration

The Wright Stuff: SC Johnson Pays Tribute to Iconic Architect

Posted by Mark J. Miller on May 31, 2012 03:01 PM

It’s hard to know if architectural icon Frank Lloyd Wright liked such products as Pledge, Windex, Ziploc, and Fantastik, but there is one thing for sure: The folks that manufacture those products, SC Johnson, love Wright.

The 126-year-old megabillion-dollar company — which is so proud of its buildings' architecture that there's a top nav link on the corporate website — is kicking off a new on-site art gallery at its corporate HQ with an exhibit entitled “At Home with Frank Lloyd Wright” on its Wright-designed campus this weekend that is free to the public. The exhibition collects some of Wright’s Prairie Style designs and related artifacts, according to a press release.

“SC Johnson’s history with Frank Lloyd Wright spans many decades, and his impact on our headquarters campus is enduring,” stated Fisk Johnson, chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. “But Wright’s influence goes beyond that, to the home.”Continue reading...

product placement

Bailee Madison, Product Placement Savant

Posted by Dale Buss on March 4, 2011 05:30 PM

The appearance by 11-year-old actress Bailee Madison on The Tonight Show last night was a virtuoso performance by a beguiling expert in product placement, someone able to make multiple brand mentions in seamless context and render them authentic because of her youth, innocence and charm. Or ... not.

In an interview with Jay Leno, the budding child actress and member of the ensemble cast of Just Go With It — where her scenes included the above one, set in a Pizza Hut — named a handful of brands that might have paid dearly for the privilege of being part of her narratives.Continue reading...

truth in advertising

SC Johnson, Touting Family, Reveals Product Ingredients

Posted by Barry Silverstein on November 24, 2010 12:00 PM

When a consumer reads the tiny type on the side of a can of furniture polish, window cleaner, or air freshener, they may be puzzled, surprised, or even angry —depending on their knowledge of chemicals and additives. But these days, with increasing concern about product contents, some manufacturers are making sure consumers are well-informed.

SC Johnson & Son, a leading maker of household products such as Glade, Pledge and Windex, is taking consumer empowerment one step further. On Thanksgiving, the company will begin to air ads in which its chairman and chief executive, Herbert Fisk Johnson III (known as Fisk) will commit to disclose the ingredients of all of its household products.Continue reading...


What’s That In Your Windex?

Posted by Anthony Zumpano on September 17, 2009 03:36 PM

Are there actual lemons in lemon-scented Pledge? You may soon find out.

The strength of brands employed for household cleaning and polishing used to be measured by how clean and polished they rendered your home, but as environmental awareness goes further mainstream, even people who aren’t seeking “green” products want to know whether that bottle of Windex will create or exacerbate an illness or condition.

Lawmakers, an industry group, and environmentalists are wrangling—and are actually in agreement, mostly—over how and how many ingredients should be disclosed for each product. A major issue for the Procter & Gambles and Colgate-Palmolives is the fear that certain trade secrets (e.g., that lemon smell) will be revealed: Imagine the threat to McDonald’s if it had to list its “special sauce” ingredients on every Big Mac wrapper. (On the other hand, Coke is able to list ingredients without revealing its storied secret formula.)Continue reading...

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