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Fox News: Serving Up Red Meat — and Success — for 15 Years

Posted by Dale Buss on October 10, 2011 12:55 PM

The way much of America sees things, political polarization is a bad thing. Washington politicians still believe that the citizenry want nothing as much as bipartisanship in the nation's capital. Centrist efforts such as No Labels base their entire appeal on a lack of extremes. Even Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was built largely on a promise of overcoming the nation's political divisions.

But polarization has remained and, no doubt, grown in the fertile soil of economic tribulation lately. And that has been a very good thing for at least one prominent media brand: Fox News. The leading cable news network and one of its most prominent hosts, Sean Hannity, are celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the birth of Fox News and its association with the once-obscure radio talk-show host.

Fox News is flattening the competition from CNN and MSNBC more convincingly than ever, ratings-wise. And the success of Fox News' stalwart appeal to its right-leaning viewers recently prompted MSNBC to stop all pretense and throw its marketing toward its own, but left-leaning, viewership base. MSNBC lately has been doing better in the ratings. Meanwhile, CNN, still nominally trying to occupy the mushy middle, has struggled.Continue reading...

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Brands to Watch: MySpace, Best Buy, Friendster and more

Posted by Shirley Brady on April 26, 2011 06:15 PM

In the News

Amazon misses Q1 earnings estimate. 

American Apparel gets $15M investment.

Apple's white iPhone 4 hits Best Buy on Wednesday.

Arizona Sun Devils ditch logo in rebranding.

AT&T CTO John Donovan talks up its cloud services.

CBS News anchor Katie Couric confirms to People she's stepping down.Continue reading...

Olbermann’s Baaaackk on MSNBC! – And Unbowed

Posted by Dale Buss on November 10, 2010 01:30 PM

If Keith Olbermann were one of those National Football League players he used to cover for ESPN, and he had just been fined by the commissioner for a helmet-to-helmet hit, he’d probably be an unapologetic linebacker with a nickname like The Decapitator.

Olbermann survived the TV-news equivalent of a two-game suspension when MSNBC put him back on the air last night after a few days without pay for violating the network’s policy banning political contributions without a doctor’s note (er, prior permission of the honchos). Olbermann’s offense? $7,200 in pre-election political contributions, undisclosed to the brass – one of them coming immediately after airing an interview with the candidate.

But rather than apologize to the MSNBC chieftains after the brief if pointed unpaid leave, Olbermann resurfaced – surprise – with a big chip on his shoulder.Continue reading...

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Sarah Palin To Keep Brand Fresh And Relevant On Fox

Posted by Anthony Zumpano on January 12, 2010 09:40 AM

In a development that surprised no one, Fox News announced that Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, will join the right-leaning network as a “contributor.”

Despite some predictable partisan reaction, the move makes sense for both the Fox brand as well as Brand Maverick, according to commentary from sources ranging from the Christian Science Monitor to MarketWatch. Though her political memoir, “Going Rogue,” won’t be pried off the bestseller lists anytime soon, the initial publicity blitz has waned, and despite boasting a Facebook page with 1.2 million fans, Palin needs her brand to remain relevant, at least until the 2012 election cycle begins.Continue reading...

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