Seattle's the Latest US City to Benefit from China's Movie-Crazy Consumers

Posted by Abe Sauer on April 19, 2013 11:41 AM

"I cried three times through the entire movie and when Allison finally 'sees' Frank in the mirror, I completely lost it!… I want to go to Seattle, and then to New York!"

That reaction of a Weibo user to seeing the new blockbuster Chinese rom-com Finding Mr. Right is not uncommon. It's the kind of reaction that led Chinese tourism site to find in a recent survey that inquiries about Seattle by Chinese tourists jumped 120 percent in the last week of March, when the film debuted.

Seattle isn't letting the opportunity go to waste either, with its China-side marketing team leveraging the film's huge popularity to drive interest from a group that has become the world's most lucrative tourism demographic. A demographic that is increasingly taking its cues from popular movies, but only those that can emotionally connect.Continue reading...

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Coca-Cola Whets Thirst for Vitaminwater with Stevia in UK

Posted by Dale Buss on December 7, 2012 04:04 PM

The relaunching of Vitaminwater in the U.K. relies on the confluence of two big developments: the growth of the Vitaminwater brand in what has become an important new market, and the rise of stevia-based beverages in Europe.

Glaceau is introducing fresh and more nutritionally informative new packaging for Vitaminwater in the U.K. and a new formula including stevia sweetener that cuts calories by 30 and reduces sugar levels by 30 percent. The company also is altering its nutrient blend in some varieties as well, boosting vitamins and minerals. 

"Being able to keep the products tasting great, but with fewer calories and introducing" stevia and more nutrients "is a fantastic step," Philippa Classey, a marketing manager for Vitaminwater, said in a Glaceau press release.

Stevia — the super-sweet extract of a bush native to South America — has been slower to penetrate the European beverage market than the U.S. in part because European regulators were slower to approve the low-calorie ingredient. But major beverage makers also including PepsiCo lately have been ramping up their use of the natural sweetener there.Continue reading...

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Rogers Hip Checks Telus for Stanley Cup Glory

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 7, 2011 02:00 PM

There used to be an arena in Vancouver called General Motors Place, but a certain little recession and difficulty in the auto-selling marketplace caused that deal to be cut short and naming-rights to be available again. So last July, Rogers Communications, the Canadian telecom giant that also owns the Toronto Blue Jays and has its names on various properties in Toronto, pulled off a double whammy in Vancouver.

Not only did Rogers suddenly gain a major springboard for young telecom users to be exposed to their growing brand in western Canada, the company also knocked out competitor Telus from having the naming rights (which it was also competing to obtain) and to continue as the official telecom company of the arena.Continue reading...

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Absolut Tea Party: Absolut Boston Gets an Exotic Makeover into Wild Tea

Posted by Jennifer Sokolowski on February 2, 2011 01:00 PM

Absolut is going exotic with its new Wild Tea vodka featuring a campaign with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But the flavor was originally associated with a good old Yankee city that no one would call exotic: Boston. It’s a study not only in product testing, but in marketing a very similar product in vastly different ways.Continue reading...

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Vancouver Jumps On Pandawagon

Posted by Abe Sauer on June 4, 2010 09:00 AM

It's a truth of the modern era: anything and everything must have a mascot. Sports team? Pick a mascot. An event? Of course, get a mascot. Government agency? Mascot. Promoting your city? Mascot. How about just a section of a city?

The Chinatown in Vancouver says it will be the world's first such designated neighborhood to adopt a mascot. Canada's National Post reports this news with the less-than-encouraging headline, "Tattooed pandas to be mascots for Vancouver’s Chinatown."Continue reading...

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Winter Olympics Might Be Next Brand Disaster For NBC

Posted by Dale Buss on January 21, 2010 03:26 PM

No one has even seen a glimpse of the Olympic torch, yet NBC is already waving a financial white flag over next month's 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The next question is: Will these Games hurt NBC’s brand as well as its pocketbook?

The slumping network recently agreed to concede $45 million to Conan O’Brien over the Tonight Show debacle. Now, as if it couldn't get any worse, NBC Universal Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol explained to the New York Times how the network ended up way overbidding for the global rights to telecast the events in Vancouver.

“Our luck had been good,” Ebersol said, in regard to NBC's previous Olympic telecasts when, in 2003, NBC bid about $2 billion for the rights to the Vancouver games and to the 2012 Summer Olympics scheduled for London. “But we didn’t foresee what would happen to the economy in 2008. The rabbit’s foot that was mine, or ours, got lost.”Continue reading...

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McDonald’s Serves Up Competitive Branding At 2010 Winter Olympics

Posted by Jim Thompson on January 13, 2010 05:28 PM

The 2010 Winter Olympics offers world-class athletes an intense and competitive environment to showcase their talents. Yet no other participant is preparing more intensely for the games than McDonald’s.

That’s right, McDonald’s.

The fast food juggernaut has devised a marketing strategy that is as specific and yet as varied as the many competitions being offered at the games next February. McDonald’s is embracing the Winter Olympics in every aspect, and will fill everywhere from host city Vancouver to social networking phenomenon Twitter with its messaging.Continue reading...

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