2014 Brandcameo Product Placement Awards


ad watch (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-21 Liberty Mutual Has Its Sochi Real-Time Moment with Social-Powered Ad 1

app watch (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Oscar Mayer's Bacon App Wafts Smoky Scents From Your Phone 1
2014-02-27 Could IBM's Watson Be the Next Big App Platform? 1

auto motive (4)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Tesla Hits Roadblock With New Jersey Auto Dealers 2
2014-03-05 Barra Takes Charge of GM Recall in First Big Test for Her Personal Brand 0
2014-03-03 The Future of Auto Infotainment is Here: Apple Unveils CarPlay in Geneva 0
2014-02-27 Rare Public Apology Likely Won't Keep Major Recall from Denting GM's "New" Brand 0

brand battle (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-26 AT&T, T-Mobile Tussle Continues, But Both Have Bigger Fish to Fry with WhatsApp 1

brand challenges (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-20 Walmart's Woes Outrun Its Capabilities; Are Smaller Stores the Answer? 4

brand extensions (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-26 SELF Builds Out Lifestyle Brand with New Frozen Foods Line 0

brand news (14)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 In the News: Men's Wearhouse, Toyota, Marlboro and more 3
2014-03-11 In the News: Audi, McDonald's, P&G and more 4
2014-03-10 In the News: Google, Instagram, MasterCard and more 1
2014-03-07 In the News: Abercrombie & Fitch, Oreo, Bitcoin and more 0
2014-03-06 In the News: Facebook, Taco Bell, Target and more 0
2014-03-05 In the News: GM, Mondelez, Diet Coke and more 0
2014-03-04 In the News: Perdue, RadioShack, Microsoft and more 1
2014-03-03 In the News: PepsiCo, Dell, Newsweek and more 2
2014-02-28 In the News: Chipotle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Quiznos and more 1
2014-02-27 In the News: Boeing, Volkswagen, Adidas and more 2
2014-02-26 In the News: GM, Delta, Fitbit and more 2
2014-02-25 In the News: LinkedIn, Taco Bell, Facebook and more 7
2014-02-24 In the News: Mobile World Congress, Honda, Barnes & Noble and more 0
2014-02-21 In the News: Russell Stover, P&G, Nordstrom and more 1

brand partners (6)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-06 Kraft, Taco Bell Amp Up Grocery Store Partnership with New Products 0
2014-03-06 Lynx Spreads the Love in Australia with Red Cross Tie-Up 0
2014-03-05 CNN Strikes Content Partnership with Flipboard Following Zite Sell-Off 0
2014-02-25 Dr Pepper Pursues Latino Consumers Via Telemundo Tie-Up 0
2014-02-24 At MWC '14, Zuckerberg Brings Internet to All with Help from Nokia, Ericsson 0
2014-02-24 Interbrand Acquires HMKM to Develop Omnichannel Retail Experiences 1

brand strategy (6)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 Comcast Hones In on Universal Theme Parks as Point of Significant Expansion 1
2014-03-10 Chili's Heeds the Chipotle Effect As It Deploys Five Counter-Strategies 1
2014-03-04 Investors Unimpressed with Darden's Olive Garden Strategy (or New Logo) 0
2014-03-04 Microsoft's Nadella Gets Down to Business with Marketing Shake-Up 0
2014-02-27 Carphone Warehouse-Dixons Merger in UK Could Mean Survival for Aging Brands 0
2014-02-21 Lafley Looks to Make Over P&G Beauty on the Back of a Bluetoothbrush 2

brand survivors (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-25 Regional Favorite Tastykake Isn't Letting Its Age Slow Down Expansion Plans 0

brand targets (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-25 Brands Come Out in Force Against Discriminatory Arizona Legislation 2

brand trainwrecks (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-20 Lululemon Tried to Ban Customers from Reselling Clothes, Because That's Going to Go Over Well 3

brandcameo (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-27 The Envelope, Please: The 2014 Brandcameo Product Placement Awards 6

branding together (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Hello Kitty x Playboy Partners on Not-for-Kids Collection for Colette 1
2014-03-12 ConAgra, P&G Put Rivalries Aside To Fight Childhood Hunger 2
2014-03-03 Brand Bites: Watch IFC's Portlandia Skewer Anti-Corporate Art 0

brands under fire (7)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 Scouts Face Increasing Criticism for Policies, Partnerships Deemed Off-Brand 2
2014-03-07 Greenpeace Targets P&G Over Its Role in Ongoing Palm Oil Controversy 1
2014-03-04 BP Gets Burned in Ongoing Deepwater Horizon Litigation 0
2014-03-03 Facebook Comes Under Fire for Lax Gun Policies 0
2014-02-28 Fitbit Pulls Force Off Shelves, Issues Refunds Following Claims of Skin Reactions 1
2014-02-28 MLB's Brewers, Yankees Ready to Face Brushback Over PED-Using Players 0
2014-02-27 European Union Bans E-Cigarette Ads, But Will the US Follow? 0

by the numbers (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Surprise, Surprise: Greek Yogurt Dominates IRI's Pacesetters List 1

campaigns (7)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Lean In, Girl Scouts Recuit Heavy Hitters for Female Empowerment Campaign 2
2014-03-05 Spray it Forward: Kenneth Cole Taps Google Glass for Good Deeds Campaign 2
2014-03-05 MillerCoors Slaps on Some Facial Hair to Sell Hard Cider to Manly Men 0
2014-03-03 Apple Looks to Connect the Dots for 5C Sales with Tumblr Campaign 21
2014-02-28 Oakley Opens Doors to Design Inspiration in New Global Campaign 0
2014-02-27 Lipton Hopes to Win at the Oscars with New Campaign Starring Muppets 0
2014-02-20 Pepsi Max Challenges UK Consumers with "Unbelievable" Billboard Campaign 1

car talk (7)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-04 Maserati Gets a Global Boost from Heidi Klum, New Alfieri Coupe 0
2014-03-03 Geneva Auto Show Spotlights New Roles for Some Familiar Auto Brands 0
2014-02-27 New Ford Mustang Demonstrates "Need for Speed"—Even with the Top Down 1
2014-02-26 Whether in Barcelona, Geneva—Or Both—Car Brands are Making News in Europe 0
2014-02-25 Consumer Reports Creates More Turmoil in Auto Hierarchy, But Lexus is Still Tops 0
2014-02-24 MWC '14: Ford Shifts Sync to BlackBerry's QNX and Reveals Tech-Forward Focus 0
2014-02-21 Honda, BMW Seek Advantages in Crucial Car Retailing Experience 1

cause marketing (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-21 7UP Tries Cause Marketing with Project 7, but Is It Pepsi Refresh Déjà Vu? 0

celebrity brandmatch (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 So Long, Jamie Lee: Activia Aims to Shake Up Marketing with Shakira 2

chew on this (5)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 McDonald's Continues Global Decline as it Pins Hopes On New Menu Items 1
2014-03-06 Pizza Hut, Domino's Believe When it Comes to Pizza, Tech Rivals Taste 1
2014-03-04 Perdue Joins All-Natural Crusade with Antibiotic-Free Harvestland Line 0
2014-02-25 For Taco Bell, There's No Waffling About Breakfast: It's Go Time 0
2014-02-21 Kraft Propelled by Protein, All-Natural Trends Post Mondelez Split 0

china (4)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 The Week in China: 3.15 Brand Targets, South Korean TV Boon, Real Estate Woes and more 0
2014-03-04 Old Navy Debuts in China with Very American Outlook 3
2014-02-28 China's Li-Ning Sticks to its Roots to Build Consumer Clout Over Nike, Adidas 0
2014-02-21 The Week in China: Netflix Binge Watching Spreads, Artist Sees Act Come Full Circle and more 3

cocktail hour (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 All the News You Can Drink: Whisky Gets Fashionable, Post-Workout Beer and more 1
2014-02-28 All the News You Can Drink: Frank Comes Back for Jack, Coors Gets Digital and more 0
2014-02-21 All the News You Can Drink: Bud Brings World Cup Together, Diageo Boosts Youth Employment and more 0

corporate responsibility (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 Visa, MasterCard Team Up to Push for Better Credit Data Protections 1
2014-03-06 Under Pressure from Activists, Facebook Vows to Filter Firearms Posts 0
2014-03-05 Reddit Sticks to Unusual Business Model with Charity Commitment 0

digital marketing (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-05 Mondelez Incubator Hatches Social, Sampling Platforms Conceived by its Employees 1

digital moves (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 After Winning Pinterest, Sephora Moves to Launch Its Own Photo-Social Network 2
2014-02-28 Food & Wine Goes After Trendy, Hungry Millennials with New FWx Online Hub 0

fashion week (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 #Normcore: From Chanel to Asda, Fashion Hits the Supermarket 2

games people play (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-05 Standing Firm on Mobile Denial, Nintendo Looks to Focus on Health and Fitness 4

get creative (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 Oreo Feeds the Beat During Day One of SXSW 2014 2
2014-03-06 SXSW '14 Preview: Snowden, Gaga and Nye, Oh My! 0

health matters (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 Activists Reel In Huge Retailers That Promise Not to Sell GMO Salmon 0
2014-02-26 Four Years Later, FLOTUS' Let's Move Turns Focus to Food Marketing in Schools 1

logo-a-gogo (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-03 Reebok Realigns Visual Identity to Reflect Fitness Focus 1

luxury watch (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Tommy Hilfiger Dives In to Hospitality with Miami Beach Hotel Buy 1

media brands (5)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-06 TIME Goes Mobile, Brief in Web Overhaul 1
2014-03-03 NBC, Xerox Serve Up Branded News Bites in New Native Ad Effort 0
2014-02-28 Celebrity Parents Net a Win as Media Brands Commit to "No Kids" Photo Policy 0
2014-02-26 MSNBC Debuts New Partnership with Vocativ on Ronan Farrow Daily 0
2014-02-21 Time Inc., MLB, NHL and More Throw Support Behind New 120 Sports Network 0

media meltdown (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 In Return to Print, Newsweek Captures Global Attention with Bitcoin Claims 1

media triage (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-06 Realizing It's No Match for the Internet, Getty Succumbs to Open Image Library 0
2014-03-03 Leap of Faith: After Two-Year Hiatus, Newsweek to Return to Newsstands on Friday 1

mobile brands (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-25 MWC '14: With QWERTY Keyboard in Hand, BlackBerry Plans Out Return to Greatness 1
2014-02-25 Intel Sets its Sights on Mobile at MWC '14 0
2014-02-20 Mobile World Congress '14: What to Expect from the World's Biggest Mobile Stage 2

mobile commerce (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 eBay, PayPal Bring Mobile Commerce to Wearables at SXSW 1

olympic effort (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-24 Small Brands Make Big Impact at Sochi on the Backs of the Right Athletes 2
2014-02-24 Brands See ROI On Controversial Olympics Marketing After Sochi Comes to a Close 0

personal brands (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-06 Never Mind the Popemobile—Pope Francis Has His Own Popeazine 0

place branding (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-03 Cape Town's New Visual Identity Draws Ire from Government Penny-Pinchers 2
2014-02-27 One of Four Lucky US States Is Going to Land the Tesla Factory Mother Lode 1

ready for takeoff (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Spirit Airlines Has a Novel Marketing Platform for You 1

rebranding (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Green Mountain Asserts its Focus with Rebrand to Keurig Green Mountain 1

red carpet (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-03 Coke Steals Pepsi's Thunder at Oscars Turned Ambush Marketing Awards 4
2014-02-28 Big Ad Season for Brands Wraps Up This Weekend with Oscars Showdown 0

response mechanism (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Malaysia Airlines Grapples With MH370 Crisis Management 3

retail watch (10)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Men's Wearhouse Ends Takeover Saga By Buying Jos. A. Bank for $1.8 Billion 1
2014-03-07 Struggling A&F Tries to Rescue Sister Brand Hollister as Sales, Consumers Slip Away 1
2014-03-07 Safeway, Albertson's Combine to Take On Fast-Changing Grocery Industry 0
2014-03-06 Staples Plans to Shut Stores to Catch Up with Migration to E-Commerce 0
2014-03-04 New Image Fails to Boost Floundering RadioShack 1
2014-03-04 Could Drexler and Yanai Make J.Crew the Middle Man in Fast Retailing's Empire? 0
2014-02-26 The Sun Will Rise Again Over JCPenney as Retailer Reports Promising Numbers 1
2014-02-26 Target Tussles with P&G Over Amazon Tie-Up as Black Eye from Breach Remains 0
2014-02-26 adidas Goes High Concept in China to Get an Edge On Nike's Trashy Strategy 1
2014-02-25 With Lawsuits Piling Up, Target Takes Another Blow as Canada Fails to Catch On 2

sip on this (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-24 MilkPEP Ditches Iconic Milk Mustache and "Got Milk?" Tagline 0

social marketing (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-03 Facebook Looks to Inspire Users, Marketers with New Ad Formats 0

social media watch (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 Omnicom Strikes a Deal with Instagram in First Major Ad Partnership 1
2014-02-25 Amtrak Brings "Residency" Request to Fruition After Some Social Listening 0

sporting brands (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-05 MLS Looks to Inspire Homegrown Pride with New Campaign 1

sports in the spotlight (2)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-28 adidas Pulls Back World Cup T-Shirts as Brazil Tries to Curb Sex Tourism 3
2014-02-27 Budweiser, MLB Stars Launch Roadshow to Declare Opening Day a Holiday 0

tech in the spotlight (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-26 Move Over Smartphones, Wearables Are the "Need to be Seen" at MWC '14 3
2014-02-24 WhatsApp is Set to Shake-Up the Telecom Industry with Free Voice Calls 0
2014-02-24 MWC 2014: Samsung Unpacks S5, Hopes Second Time's the Charm with Smartwatch 0

tech innovation (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Rolls-Royce Shows Off Cargo Ships to Sail the High Seas—Without Any Sailors 0

tech talk (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-10 Google Looks to Open Android to Flourishing Wearables Market with SDK 1

trademark wars (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-11 Swatch Calls Time Out on Target with Claims of Infringement 1

video killed the _____ star (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-05 Verizon Looks to Mobile Streaming for Entry into TV Content 0
2014-02-24 Netflix Cuts Deal with Comcast to Pay for "Excellent User Experience" 2
2014-02-21 Amazon Forges Ahead with Streaming Initiatives as Retail Quietly Builds 0

viral buzz (4)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-12 Get Suckered Into Watching This Kissing Ad Like Millions of Others 3
2014-03-09 Brand Bites: Doritos Brings Lady Gaga to SXSW 2014 1
2014-03-07 Watch the Hollywood Ad That May Result in $2 Million Fines for US Broadcasters 0
2014-03-05 Watch Sydney Mardi Gras GAYTMs Disperse Cash, Rainbows 1

web watch (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-05 Brand Watch: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ted Striker Reprise Airplane! for Travel Wisconsin 0

week in review (3)

Date Title Comments
2014-03-07 Top 10 Stories of the week: From Coke to Apple and more 2
2014-02-28 Top 10 Stories of the week: 2014 Brandcameo Product Placement Awards, P&G and more 1
2014-02-21 Top 10 Stories of the week: From Pharrell to Sochi and more 1

Uncategorized (1)

Date Title Comments
2014-02-20 Hollywood Gears Up for Slew of Religious Releases, But for What Audience? 1


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