automotive (7)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 CES 2015: BMW Demos Sensor-Filled i3 That Self-Parks Via Smartwatch 0
    2014-12-17 Honda Promotes Sustainability at Car Dealers—and at Home 0
    2014-12-15 Volvo Embraces Online Sales, Swedish Roots—and Personal Technicians 0
    2014-12-12 Gumby, Skeletor and Jem Create Holiday to Remember in Honda Social Campaign 0
    2014-12-11 Ford Gets in Sync, Dropping MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch 0
    2014-12-10 Cadillac CMO Takes On Detroit Critics In Charting New York Path for Brand 0
    2014-12-02 Nissan Returns to the Super Bowl With Brand-Led 'Big Moments' Strategy 0

    bc q&a (10)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 To Your (Digital) Health: 5 Questions with Walgreens VP Adam Pellegrini 0
    2014-12-17 The House of Content: 5 Questions With Coty Global Digital VP Kristen D'Arcy 0
    2014-12-15 Sharing the Love: 5 Questions with Subaru America President Tom Doll 0
    2014-12-11 The Heart of America: 5 Questions on "New Heartland" Consumers 0
    2014-12-09 Honey Maid's 'Wholesome' Lessons: 5 Questions with Gary Osifchin of Mondelēz 0
    2014-12-08 From Dots to Pixels: 5 Questions with Moleskine CEO Arrigo Berni 0
    2014-12-02 Sustainable Family Branding: 5 Questions with Sustain Condoms' Meika Hollender 0
    2014-12-01 It's Not Over: 5 Questions with MAC AIDS Fund on World AIDS Day 0
    2014-11-28 Shomi the Money: 5 Questions for SVOD Content Wrangler Marni Shulman 0
    2014-11-27 Raising the Bar: 5 Questions with thinkThin Founder Lizanne Falsetto 0

    brand challenges (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Apple and Human Rights Back in Spotlight with BBC Exposé 0
    2014-12-02 Apple Dragged Back in Court (and Time) to Defend the iPod 0

    brand extensions (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-12 Ralph Lauren Ready to Open First Restaurant in New York City 0
    2014-12-08 Marriott Brings Millennial-Targeted AC Hotel Brand to America 0

    brand mascots (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-27 Meet Your Rio 2016 Olympics Mascots 0

    brand news (18)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Brand News: Apple, Nike, Bumble Bee and more 0
    2014-12-18 Brand News: Sony Exits 'The Interview,' Carnival Crowdsources Super Bowl Ad 0
    2014-12-17 Brand News: Sony Rattled, Apple Rubled, BlackBerry Gets Classic 0
    2014-12-16 Brand News: Burberry, Kimpton, Sony and more 0
    2014-12-15 Brand News: Apple, #SydneySiege, #SonySiege and more 0
    2014-12-12 Brand News: Sony, McRib, Gucci and more 0
    2014-12-11 Brand News: Burger Wars, SodaStream, Lululemon and more 0
    2014-12-10 Brand News: Uber Under Fire, NBA, Sony and more 0
    2014-12-09 Brand News: Amazon, Sony, Nissan's #RedThumb and more 0
    2014-12-08 Brand News: Apple, Amazon, Uber and more 0
    2014-12-05 Brand News: Starbucks Goes Premium and more 0
    2014-12-04 Brand News: Pantone Announces 2015 Color of the Year and more 0
    2014-12-03 Brand News: Old Navy, Sony, Target and more 0
    2014-12-02 Brand News: Giving Tuesday, Apple, Nissan and more 0
    2014-12-01 Brand News: Cyber Monday, World AIDS Day and more 0
    2014-11-28 Brand News: Black Friday Goes Global and more 0
    2014-11-27 Brand News: Macy's, NFL, Black Friday and more 0
    2014-11-26 Brand News: Target, Discover, Land Rover and more 0

    brand roadmaps (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 Pressed for Growth, Campbell Wants to Be 'More Than Just Soup' 0

    brand speak (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-05 Brand Speak: Remembering Nelson Mandela, Twelve Months On 0
    2014-12-04 Brand Speak: 7 Tips for Working With Celebrities—and Protecting Your Brand 0

    brand strategy (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-08 Prime Directive: Why Amazon is Now in the Diapers and Baby Wipes Business 0
    2014-12-03 AXE Grows Up, Swapping Racy Black for 'Mature' White Label Line 0

    brand targets (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-17 Sony Can't Exit "The Interview" Woes as Movie Release Cancelled [Update] 0

    brandcameo (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 Sony Casts Belvedere Vodka for James Bond Spectre Product Placement 0
    2014-12-04 Aston Martin Celebrates 50 Years in Bond Films With 007's New DB10 0
    2014-12-03 YouTube Product Placement (and Oreo) Take a Licking in the UK 0

    branded entertainment (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Branded Entertainment Watch: Play-Doh, Pepsi, Downy and more 0
    2014-12-18 Kotex Stakes Out 'Generation Know' With Vampire Web Series 0
    2014-12-12 Branded Entertainment Watch: Abominable Skittles Edition 0
    2014-12-05 Branded Entertainment: 'Tis the Season for Holiday Schmaltz—and Music Videos 0
    2014-11-26 Branded Entertainment Watch: Lady Gaga & Tony for H&M, Red Bull and more 0

    branding together (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-09 Despite Millennial-Wooing BMW, Mary Kay Stays True to Pink Cadillac 0

    brands under fire (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-10 Uber Woes Pile Up World-Wide; Cause Marketing to the Rescue? 0
    2014-12-03 30 Years On, Bhopal Disaster Weighs on Victims—and Dow Chemical's Reputation 0

    campaign tactics (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-27 PETA Hits Macy's Thanksgiving Parade as Part of Cruelty-Free Holiday Push 0

    campaigns (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-08 Priceless Surprises: MasterCard Trots Out Gwen Stefani, Apple Pay, Airborne 'Annie' 0
    2014-12-05 Tongue in Chic: Motorola's Winking Moto 360 Smartwatch Campaign 0
    2014-11-27 Explore Together: Durex Tests Bi-Media Ad for Mobile/TV Synchronized Viewing 0
    2014-11-26 Weight Watchers President: 'Hard Part' Campaign 'is Going to Set Us Apart' 0

    celebrity brandcasting (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-27 KISS the Brand: Rockers Make Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Debut 0

    celebrity brandmatch (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-11 Watch: Kevin Bacon Will Pitch Your Brand Thanks to Shop for Good 0
    2014-12-05 Brand It Like Beckham: From Footballer to Lifestyle Brand to Branding Consultant 0

    celebrity designers (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 PUMA Signs Rihanna as Creative Director to 'Empower Women' 0

    CES Watch (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 CES 2015: Texas Instruments Talks Up Internet of Things, Self-Driving Cars 0

    chew on this (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-11 McDonald's Trims Menu, Expands Customization to Turn Around Brand 0
    2014-12-08 Everything's Possible: McDonald's Pins Turnaround on 'Experience of the Future' 0
    2014-12-04 Taco Bell Ramps Up Global Expansion—But Not in China 0
    2014-12-01 With Digital Cookie, Girl Scouts USA Takes Online Cookie Sales National 0
    2014-11-28 Pizza Hut 'Subconscious Menu' Figures Out What's Topping of Mind 0

    content strategy (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 GE Partners With Nas to Release First Documentary for Connected TVs 0
    2014-12-12 Smartling Highlights the Perils of English-Only Content Marketing 0

    conversation starter (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-03 Content Savvy: How GE is Leading the Journey to Brand Journalism 0

    corporate citizenship (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Panera Bread Moves Animal Welfare to the Top of Its Sustainability List 0
    2014-12-10 Knit Together: How Brands Build Charitable Campaigns That Connect 0
    2014-12-02 Storytelling With Impact: Brands Step Up For #GivingTuesday 0
    2014-11-26 Unilever Extends Project Sunlight to Combat Childhood Hunger This Holiday 0

    digital moves (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-05 IGNITION 2014 Consensus: Digital is Disrupting Everything, Now 0
    2014-12-03 Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference 2014: Forecasting Digital's Future 0

    diversity watch (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-08 American Express Brings LGBT Pride to Small Business Saturday 0

    doors of perception (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-11 Little Caesars Bakes Up Plans for New Headquarters In Detroit 0

    executive decision (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 At Long Last, American Apparel Announces a New CEO 0
    2014-12-05 Mind the Gap: Big Changes Up Top as CMO Farbman Steps Aside 0

    fashion therapy (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-01 Victoria’s Secret Gets Hearts Racing with London Show, Wearable Tech Bra 0

    follow the money (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 Bitcoin Gets More Respect From Major Brands 0
    2014-12-11 American Express Expands in Silicon Valley with Technology Hub 0

    health matters (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-09 Walgreens Promotes Digital Health With Wearable Tech, Virtual Doctor Visits 0

    in the spotlight (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 Cat Cafés Offer Cuddling, Experiential Marketing to Feline-Loving Consumers 0

    luxury watch (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-28 From Bespoke Ice to Drones, Italy's Pininfarina Puts Its Stamp on Luxury 0

    media brands (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 As Serial Podcast Wraps, Marketers Rediscover Sound of Engagement 0
    2014-12-11 Bloomberg Business: A Digital Merger—and Shakeup—Five Years Later 0

    media meltdown (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-10 Sony Hack: Executives Battle to Salvage Movies, PlayStation—and Reputation 0

    mobile brands (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-17 BlackBerry Classic: Will Going Back to Basics—and QWERTY—Boost Brand? 0
    2014-12-15 BlackBerry Teases Classic Reboot; Touchscreen Brick Breaker, Anyone? 0

    news you can booze (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-12 Booze News: Do Holiday 'Drink Responsibly' Campaigns Work? 0

    personal brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-15 The Age of You: Superstar Vlogger Zoe Sugg Beats the Odds—and Naysayers 0

    point of purchase (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 As More Banks and Retailers Join Apple Pay, Samsung Steps Up to Compete 0

    privacy alert (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-15 Microsoft Takes on U.S. Government in Fight to Protect Consumers' Private Data 0

    retail (13)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Nike's 2015 Priorities: Digital, Women and China 0
    2014-12-19 IKEA Hires First Children's Illustrator in Residence to Engage Kids 0
    2014-12-15 Restoration Hardware Sees Focus on Elevating Brand Experience Pay Off 0
    2014-12-11 IKEA Offers Russians a Night at the Movies—in Bed 0
    2014-12-10 eBay's Holiday Gift: A New iPad App and Festive Good Deeds 0
    2014-12-09 Amazon Pushes Deliveries From Bike to Home, From Restaurants to Drones 0
    2014-12-09 Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Exits After Years of Controversy and Sinking Profits 0
    2014-12-04 Best Buy Exits China in Move to Focus on North American Business 0
    2014-12-04 Target Woos Parents With Mobile, In-Store Games for Kids 0
    2014-12-01 Black Friday Dims on Earlier Deals, Online Sales—and Weary Shoppers 0
    2014-11-28 AMEX's Small Business Saturday Turns 5 With Etsy, Shinola, Simon and Garfunkel 0
    2014-11-28 Black Friday Spurs Global Brawls, U.S. Protests and Mobile Shopping (Updated) 0
    2014-11-27 Digital Pop-Ups Bring Black Friday Shopping Into the Subway 0

    search and destroy (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 Robin Williams, World Cup Take Top Honors in Google's 2014 Search Recap 0

    sip on this (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-17 The Cup Song Ends: Coca-Cola Calls Off 13-Year 'American Idol' Tie-In 0
    2014-12-05 Starbucks Goes Back to the Bean in "Big Bet" on Upscale Coffee Lovers 0

    social marketing (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-11 J.Crew Goes Back to Instagram for Design Inspiration—Meet Mayhem, Age 4 0

    social media (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-09 Facebook's Top Events and Topics in 2014: The World Cup and Frozen 0

    sporting brands (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 Nike Revives ACG While Air Jordans Spark Fights Among Shoppers 0
    2014-12-09 Scotiabank Goes for the Goal with CONCACAF Soccer Sponsorship 0
    2014-12-09 Nike Celebrates Inaugural NCAA College Football Playoff Series 0
    2014-12-04 Reebok and UFC "Train to Fight" With New Partnership 0
    2014-12-03 Back in the Game: Tiger Woods Finds His Hero, Returns to Links with New Sponsor 0

    sports in the spotlight (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-12 Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay Join 'Speechless' NFL Campaign 0
    2014-12-10 Adidas Sidelined as NBA Passes on Fining "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirts 0
    2014-12-08 IOC Makes Sweeping Changes to Strengthen the Olympics Brand 0
    2014-11-26 Sony Reportedly Joins Emirates in Ending FIFA World Cup Sponsorship 0

    super bowl (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-10 Super Bowl Watch: Dove Men+Care, GoDaddy and Bud Light Suit Up Early 0
    2014-12-01 Super Bowl Fights to Keep Advertisers Despite Defections, League Issues 0

    sustainability (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-16 At P&G, Sustainability Has Come of Age 0

    tech in the spotlight (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-17 Google Promotes Open Standards to Advance Internet of Things 0
    2014-11-26 Samsung Gears Up for Holidays with VR, Pop-Up Stores and Kristen and Dax 0

    tech innovation (7)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-18 CES 2015: Hospitality Brands Take Guests on Personalized Tech Journey 0
    2014-12-15 Samsung Expands Wearable Tech Line with Gear Circle 0
    2014-12-10 Intel Brings Fashion Tech to CES with TAG Heuer Smart Watch 0
    2014-12-05 Power to the People: 3D Robotics CEO Anderson Defends Drones 0
    2014-12-04 Intel Upgrades—and Gives Away—Stephen Hawking's Speech Processor 0
    2014-12-02 Wearable Tech Projected to Win Over Consumers This Holiday—and Beyond 0
    2014-12-02 Manulife RED: A Financial Services Brand Explores Wearable Tech—and the Future 0

    tech style (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Norton, Samsung Predict Smart Garments Will Clothe Quantified Self Movement 0

    traveling brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-11 KLM Puts the 'Air' in Airbnb With Airplane Apartment and Local Listings 0

    week in review (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-12-19 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Sony Hack, Bitcoin and more 0
    2014-12-12 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Aston Martin's Bond, Starbucks and more 0
    2014-12-05 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Victoria's Secret, Pizza Hut and more 0
    2014-11-28 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Black Friday Moves by Nike, Samsung and more 0


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