and now, a word from our sponsor (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-10 NHL Jerseys Make Room for Sponsors and Hockey Fans Aren't Happy 0

    app watch (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-19 HONK Snares $1.8 Million to Disrupt Roadside Assistance Industry 0

    automotive (8)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-20 LA Auto Show Brings Ultra-Luxury Vehicles. Will Ultra-Wealthy Buy Them? 0
    2014-11-18 LA Auto Show: Toyota Touts Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle, Races Tesla EVs 0
    2014-11-17 Lincoln Goes Black Label as Brands Buff Up for LA Auto Show 0
    2014-11-11 Mercedes-Benz Adopts New Naming System as Ultra-Luxury Maybach Returns 0
    2014-11-06 Post-Fine Hyundai and Kia Aim, Ambitiously, for Global Green Leadership 0
    2014-10-31 Honda Goes Jekyll and Hyde with Interactive Type R Campaign 0
    2014-10-28 Lincoln Launches in China With Moody, Artistic Advertising Campaign 0
    2014-10-27 America's Import: Chrysler Takes on Foreign Rivals in New Ads 0

    bc q&a (12)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-19 5 Questions: Dollar Shave Club CEO and Viral Video Star Michael Dubin 0
    2014-11-18 Flowing Innovation: 5 Questions with Diageo's Helen Michels 0
    2014-11-14 The Post-IPO CMO: 5 Questions with Citizens Financial Group's Arturo Perez 0
    2014-11-12 Print's Charming: 5 Questions for CNET Magazine's Connie Guglielmo 0
    2014-11-10 5 Questions: How Paper Source Crafts a Charming Customer Experience 0
    2014-11-07 The Green Giant: 5 Questions with Walmart Sustainability VP Manuel Gomez 0
    2014-11-06 Fur Real: 5 Questions with Brandi Halls, LUSH Cosmetics, on #MakeFurHistory 0
    2014-11-05 Mastering Brand Publishing: 5 Questions with MasterCard’s Jennifer Stalzer 0
    2014-10-30 5 Questions: Leslie Gaines-Ross on the Price of Brand Incivility 0
    2014-10-29 Engine 2 Driver: 5 Questions with Brand Chief Mike Schall 0
    2014-10-28 Backstage Manager: 5 Questions with Yahoo SVP Lisa Licht on the Art of Partnering 0
    2014-10-27 The Fun Nut in Chief: 5 Questions with Skippy Peanut Butter's Mike Guanella 0

    black friday (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-30 Black Friday Reboot: Kohl's Extols App, Earlier Thanksgiving Hours 0

    brand and bottle (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Heineken Named Creative Marketer of the Year by Cannes Lions 0

    brand challenges (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-13 Occupy Clorox: Company Pull-Out Leads to Venezuela Mess 0

    brand collaborators (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-06 H&M x Alexander Wang is Now on eBay; $2,000 Backpack, Anyone? 0

    brand extensions (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 Cheetos Woos Soccer Fans and Hispanics with Los Cheetahs Futbol Team 0

    brand mascots (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-30 Brand Mascots: Ronald McDonald Rules Thanks to Taco Bell Campaign 0

    brand news (21)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Brand News: Aereo, Intel, Graco and more 0
    2014-11-20 Brand News: Corning Taps MythBusters, Lyft vs. Uber, Apple Plugs Beats and more 0
    2014-11-19 Brand News: Mercedes-Maybach, Dollar General, Netflix and more 0
    2014-11-18 Brand News: Band Aid 30, Samsung, Nokia and more 0
    2014-11-17 In the News: Allergan Sold for $66 Billion, Nike #ChooseYourWinter, Vice and more 0
    2014-11-14 Brand News: Amazon, McDonald's, NHL and more 0
    2014-11-13 Brand News: Buffett Buys Duracell, DreamWorks on the Block and more 0
    2014-11-12 Brand News: GM, Alibaba, Walmart Black Friday and more 0
    2014-11-11 Brand News: 11/11 Singles Day, Super Bowl Ad Sales and more 0
    2014-11-10 Brand News: Target Black Friday, Apple B2B, Net Neutrality and more 0
    2014-11-10 Brand News: JetBlue, Alibaba, Tide and more 0
    2014-11-07 Brand News: RadioShack's Weird Al Holiday, M&S, McRib and more 0
    2014-11-06 Brand News: Oculto, Tesla, McDonald's and more 0
    2014-11-05 Brand News: American Beagle, Red Lobster, Warner Bros. and more 0
    2014-11-04 In the News: Alibaba, Burberry, Hyundai and more 0
    2014-11-03 Brand News: Virgin Galactic, Diageo, Discovery and more 0
    2014-10-31 Brand News: #ChevyGuy, LeBron, Honda and more 0
    2014-10-30 Brand News: Apple's Cook Comes Out, Microsoft Band and more 0
    2014-10-29 Brand News: Whistle Sports, Rent the Runway, Ferrari and more 0
    2014-10-28 Brand News: Lowe's Robot, Alibaba-Apple, Twitter and more 0
    2014-10-27 Brand News: Lincoln, Apple Pay, Chrysler and more 0

    brand speak (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-11 Brand Speak: Yahoo Insights Guru Lauren Weinberg on Engaging Millennials 0

    brand trainwrecks (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-11 Nestlé Mexico Reneges Offensive Tweet, Weathers Withering Criticism 0

    brand wars (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-14 Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet 0

    brandcameo (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-17 Land Rover's Novel Idea: Literary Product Placement With James Bond Author 0
    2014-11-17 Audi Extends 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Tie-In to Movie Product Placement Deal 0
    2014-11-14 Samsung, Harley-Davidson Go All-Out for Product Placement in Avengers 2 0
    2014-10-27 OK Go Take Honda Robotic Unicycles for Spin in New Video 0

    branded content (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-31 Branded Content Watch: Lexus, Zegna, H&M, Sony and more 0

    branded entertainment (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Branded Entertainment Watch: Nissan, FedEx, Nike and more 0
    2014-11-14 Branded Entertainment Watch: Comedians in Cars Getting Kramer 0
    2014-11-07 Branded Entertainment Watch: Porsche, Honda, Burberry and more 0

    brands under fire (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-19 Can Uber Reverse the Damage Before Driving its Brand Into a Ditch? 0
    2014-11-10 Detergent Pods Defended as Report Highlights Need to Protect Children 0
    2014-11-03 Virgin Galactic Crash: Branson’s Space Plans Take a Big Hit 0

    campaigns (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-19 British Holiday Ads 2014: Don't Go to War Against a Penguin 0
    2014-11-07 Coca-Cola Brings Back Holiday Truck Campaign to UK 0
    2014-11-04 Campaign Watch: New Ads From Lexus, Coors Light, Toyota and more 0

    celebrity brandmatch (7)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-18 Bob Marley Family Hopes for First Global Marijuana Brand with Marley Natural 0
    2014-11-05 Sparkling ICE Signs Basketball Star and Fan Kevin Durant as Brand Ambassador 0
    2014-11-05 Jay Z Buys His Favorite Champagne Brand 0
    2014-10-31 The Homecoming: LeBron James Tanks, But Still Gets Thanks 0
    2014-10-29 LeBron James Homecoming is a Slam Dunkin' Donuts for Brand Partners 0
    2014-10-28 BlackBerry Finds Its Brand Champion in Kim Kardashian 0
    2014-10-27 Sprite and Kia Celebrate LeBron James Return With a Pickup Game and Ride 0

    chew on this (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-20 Agent Provocateur: Regional Grocer Lowe's Foods Attracts with Word Play 0
    2014-11-10 Pizza Hut, Oreo and Mountain Dew Aim to Surprise with Bold Flavors 0
    2014-11-07 What McDonald's Could Learn from Popeye's—and Burger King 0
    2014-10-29 McDonald's Not Confirmin' Lovin' Beats Hatin' Tagline—or Any Super Bowl Ad 0

    contrabrand (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-11 UK TV Resumes Smoking Advertising as Plain Packaging Gains Momentum 0

    corporate citizenship (6)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-20 HRC Corporate Equality Index: LGBT Progress in Record 366 Perfect Scores 0
    2014-11-11 Corporate Citizenship: Whirlpool Honors Those Who Serve at Home and Abroad 0
    2014-11-11 On Veterans Day and Beyond, Brands Honor Military Veterans 0
    2014-11-10 Unilever Gives Youths a Global Soap Box to Address Hunger 0
    2014-11-06 adidas Group Promotes Human Rights Standards for Factory Workers 0
    2014-10-31 Harley-Davidson and The Nature Conservancy Partner for Preservation 0

    digital marketing (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Dos Equis Uses Oculus Rift for Most Interesting Halloween Masquerade 0

    doing good (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-03 Coca-Cola and (RED) Launch Music Series for World Aids Day Campaign 0

    e-commerce (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-28 Tesla, Zara Join China Shopping Spree as 11.11 Singles Day Sale Goes Global 0

    follow the money (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-13 In $4.7B P&G Deal, Warren Buffett Aims to Recharge Duracell Brand 0
    2014-11-04 Citibank Overhauls Branches With Smaller Footprints, More Tech 0

    games people play (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-07 Product Placement: Edge Shaving Cream Gets Into...Video Games? 0

    gut instinct (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-27 Viral Marketing: Some E-Marketers Cannot Resist Lure of Ebola 0

    health matters (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-13 A League of Your Own: Kobo Founder's Health App Syncs Wearable Tech Data 0

    ho-ho-holidays (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-06 Penguin Love: It's That Time of the Year for John Lewis, the Store and the Man 0

    holidaze (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-03 Gap Goes For Awkward, Remains Monosyllabic in Holiday Campaign 0
    2014-10-30 Boo Who? 27 Halloween Commercials You May Have Missed 0

    in the spotlight (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-19 Lanmarq Highlights Present—and Future—of Branding in Latin America and Iberia 0
    2014-11-18 Corning Welcomes a New Day With The Glass Age—and Gorilla Glass 4 0

    masters of their domains (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-03 Discovery Soars on Tightrope Walker Nik Wallenda's Sky-High Chicago Feats 0

    media brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-17 Vice Grows Up by Hiring a Sheryl Sandberg of its Own 0

    mobile commerce (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-28 Apple Chides Retailers Blocking Apple Pay and Flocking to CurrentC 0

    mobile marketing (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 GE Goes Loco for Yo App 0

    movers and shakers (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-17 Music-Loving PTTOW! Brings More Brands to the Millennial Marketing Party 0

    news you can booze (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-03 Trading Up: Diageo Picks up Premium Tequila by Bumping a Whiskey 0

    retail (12)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Gap Inc-oming CEO Art Peck Starts to Put His Stamp on Company 0
    2014-11-20 Nike Opens First Store for Women as Lululemon Readies First Men's Store 0
    2014-11-20 Amazon's Black Friday Blitz: Robots, Snapchat and Early Flash Sales 0
    2014-11-18 IBM Global Study Shows What Matters to Millennial Shoppers 0
    2014-11-12 Macy's, Neiman Marcus Woo Holiday Shoppers With Mobile Visual Search 0
    2014-11-12 11/11 Singles Day Proves It's Jack Ma's World, We Just Live In It 0
    2014-11-12 Eddie Bauer Scales Manhattan With Pop-Up Shop, Twitter Vending Machine 0
    2014-11-11 Alibaba Smashes 11/11 Singles Day Record with $9.3 Billion in Sales 0
    2014-11-07 Brands Anticipate 11/11 Singles Day Bonanza Thanks to Alibaba 0
    2014-11-06 Frenzy for Alexander Wang Proves H&M's Mastery of Co-Branding 0
    2014-11-04 Digital-First J.Hilburn Taps Uber—and Charm—for New York Pop-Up 0
    2014-10-27 Sony Makes a Splash with World's First Underwater Electronics Store 0

    sip on this (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-31 Starbucks Plans to Change a Morning Tradition by Testing Delivery 0

    social media (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Brands On Facebook and Twitter, Take Note—Your Reach is Waning 0
    2014-11-18 Dave & Buster's Not the Only No Juan Ever Tweet Offender 0

    social media watch (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-20 Victoria's Secret PINK Partners with Frankly Chat for Guilt-Free Gossip 0
    2014-11-14 From Cradle to Grave, Social Media Changes the Circle of Life 0
    2014-11-03 Struggles Continue for Once-Mighty "Chinese Twitter" Platform Weibo 0

    sporting brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-04 FIFA is Feeling the Heat From Brand Partners Over Qatar World Cup 0

    sports in the spotlight (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-14 FIFA Faces Skepticism Over World Cup Ethics Report 0

    sustainability (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Greenpeace's Latest Big Win: Getting IKEA to Commit to Sustainable Palm Oil 0
    2014-11-04 Sustainable Brands: The Greening of Apple Under Lisa Jackson 0
    2014-10-30 Eco-Chic: Lexus, Kering Encourage Young Designers to Think Sustainably 0
    2014-10-28 The North Face: This Land is Your Land, America, So Explore and Preserve It 0
    2014-10-27 Brands Find Sustainability Moving to the Top of Major CSR Initiatives 0

    tech in the spotlight (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-18 Nokia Seeks Brand Comeback With N1 Tablet 0

    tech innovation (6)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-13 Banding With Pebble, Domino's Wants a Slice of Wearable Tech Action 0
    2014-11-13 GE and Quirky's Sly Wink: 1 Robot Butler, 7 Smart Home Products 0
    2014-11-13 IBM Watson Brings Big Brain to DNA-Based Health App for Consumers 0
    2014-11-12 Viva Viv: Son of Siri Aims to Connect Everyone With Everything 0
    2014-11-06 Echo Chamber: Amazon Makes Smart Move With Siri-Like Voice Recognition 0
    2014-10-30 Strike Up the Band: Microsoft Wearable "As Open as You Can Get" 0

    tech style (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-17 Fashion Tech: Intel, Opening Ceremony and CFDA Unveil MICA Wearable 0
    2014-11-12 eBay Brings Digital Chic, Bespoke Big Data to Rebecca Minkoff's New Stores 0

    that's entertainment (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-04 Disney, Apple and Google 'Play Nice' With Disney Movies Anywhere Deal 0

    trademark wars (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Trademark Watch: Wrigley, Jaguar, Burger King and more 0
    2014-11-07 Trademark Watch: Crayola, Burt's Bees, Jack Daniel's and more 0
    2014-10-31 Trademark Watch: Dunkin' Donuts, GM, Mike Gundy and more 0
    2014-10-27 The Cronut Contenders: Dunkin' Donuts, Crumbs Bake Shop and #NotaCronut 0

    traveling brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-18 Airbnb’s Pineapple Magazine: A Prickly Proposition or "Next Logical Step"? 0

    viral buzz (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-05 #AlexFromTarget Uproar Raises Questions and Eyebrows 0

    week in review (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-21 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Uber, Corning, 50 Shades of Audi and more 0
    2014-11-14 Top 10 Stories of the Week: McDonald's, 11/11 Single's Day, NHL and more 0
    2014-11-07 Top 10 Stories of the Week: #AlexFromTarget, Starbucks and more 0
    2014-10-31 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Wearable Tech, Dos Equis VR, GE Yo and more 0

    what girls want (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-11-10 Hello, Dolly: GoldieBlox Founder Explains Anti-Barbie Brand Extension 0


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