auto motive (8)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-28 Lincoln Launches in China With Moody, Artistic Advertising Campaign 0
    2014-10-27 America's Import: Chrysler Takes on Foreign Rivals in New Ads 0
    2014-10-22 Auto Brands Scramble to Protect Owners from Faulty Takata Airbags 0
    2014-10-13 On Your Marchionne, Get Set, Go! Fiat Chrysler Automotive Makes NYSE Debut 0
    2014-10-10 Marchionne Begins Last Lap at Fiat Chrysler with NYSE Listing 0
    2014-10-10 Toyota Reigns in Global Auto Brands, But Audi, VW and Nissan Are Top Risers 0
    2014-10-10 What Was All D Buzz? Tesla Unveils All Wheel Drive, Self-Driving Features 0
    2014-10-09 GM CEO Barra Wears Mantle of Leadership In More Places, More Ways 0

    bc q&a (6)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 Engine 2 Driver: 5 Questions with Brand Chief Mike Schall 0
    2014-10-28 Backstage Manager: 5 Questions with Yahoo SVP Lisa Licht on the Art of Partnering 0
    2014-10-27 The Fun Nut in Chief: 5 Questions with Skippy Peanut Butter's Mike Guanella 0
    2014-10-22 The Interactive Explorer: 5 Questions With Blippar VP/GM Lisa Hu 0
    2014-10-20 Stirring the Cup: 5 Questions with Chobani CMO Peter McGuinness 0
    2014-10-16 Seeing the Impossible: 5 Questions with Canon USA's Michael Duffett 0

    best global brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-09 The Age of You: How the Best Global Brands Are Creating Mecosystems 0

    brand challenges (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-14 McDonald's Finally Throws Open Doors in US Food Transparency Campaign 0

    brand extensions (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 Cheetos Woos Soccer Fans and Hispanics with Los Cheetahs Futbol Team 0
    2014-10-14 Richard Branson Teases Delayed Virgin Hotels Launch 0
    2014-10-13 What's Up, Doc? Google Tests Virtual Medical Consultations 0
    2014-10-13 Warren Buffett Pushes Berkshire Hathaway's Humble Brand 0

    brand innovation (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-10 Marriott Opens Innovation with Content Studio, Co-Creation and MIT Partnership 0

    brand news (17)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-30 Brand News: Apple's Cook Comes Out, Microsoft Band and more 0
    2014-10-29 Brand News: Whistle Sports, Rent the Runway, Ferrari and more 0
    2014-10-28 Brand News: Lowe's Robot, Alibaba-Apple, Twitter and more 0
    2014-10-27 Brand News: Lincoln, Apple Pay, Chrysler and more 0
    2014-10-24 Brand News: The Queen Tweets, P&G to Cut Duracell and more 0
    2014-10-23 Brand News: P&G, Pandora, Chevrolet and more 0
    2014-10-22 Brand News: Lexus, Yahoo, Lumia and more 0
    2014-10-21 Brand News: IBM, McDonald's, Coca-Cola and more 0
    2014-10-20 Brand News: Apple Pay Day, IBM Chips Down, Microsoft Smartwatch and more 0
    2014-10-17 Brand News: Beckham's Whisky Ad, Jimmy Choo's Flat Debut and more 0
    2014-10-16 Brand News: It's New iPad Day, Fast Food Facebook Race and more 0
    2014-10-15 Brand News: Chanel, Costco, Time Warner and more 0
    2014-10-14 Brand News: Burberry, Google Express, Heineken and more 0
    2014-10-13 Brand News: Fiat Chrysler, JCPenney, McDonald's and more 0
    2014-10-10 Brand News: Apple, Gucci, Fiat Chrysler and more 0
    2014-10-09 Brand News: Apple Tops Interbrand's Best Global Brands and more 0
    2014-10-08 Brand News: Gap Inc., Fiat Chrysler, BBC and more 0

    brand partners (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-16 Heineken Picks Artisanal American Brands for #Heineken100 Products 0

    brand q&a (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-09 Activia's New Challenge: 5 Questions with US Brand Chief Jeffrey Rothman 0

    brand roadmaps (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-16 Lafley Updates Progress on Brand Rationalization to P&G Shareholders 0

    brand strategy (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 P&G CEO Lafley Means Business By Removing Duracell Brand from Stable 0

    brandcameo (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-27 OK Go Take Honda Robotic Unicycles for Spin in New Video 0

    branded content (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-17 Branded Content Watch: Chanel, GoPro, Canada Goose and more 0
    2014-10-10 Branded Content Watch: "Robert Redford is The Redwood" 0

    branded entertainment (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Branded Entertainment Watch: Air New Zealand and Virgin Airlines Take Off 0
    2014-10-24 Chevrolet and Spike Lee Pay Tribute to Mo'ne Davis and the Magic of Baseball 0
    2014-10-23 Lexus Puts a Velvet Rope on its Twitter Account for VIP Film Screening 0
    2014-10-20 Jordan Brand Taps Funny Side of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul for Late-Night TV 0

    branding together (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-13 P&G Boosts Tide Coldwater Eco-Benefits for Home and Professional Use 0
    2014-10-08 UPS Touts Importance of NCAA Final Four Role in New Video Campaign 0

    brands under fire (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-09 Lego Breaks Shell Partnership, Pushed by Greenpeace Video Campaign 0
    2014-10-08 NFL Meets on Domestic Violence as Sponsors Watch on the Sidelines [Updated] 0

    campaigns (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-20 RedRug: IKEA Remake of The Shining Halloween Ad is Not to be Missed 0
    2014-10-07 Canon USA Highlights Creative Collaboration With "See Impossible" 0

    car talk (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-22 Michelin Taps Teen YouTube Stars to Teach Kids About Safe Driving 0

    cause marketing (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-15 Shave the Date: Brands Help Celebrate Movember's 10th Anniversary 0

    celebrity brandmatch (7)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 LeBron James Homecoming is a Slam Dunkin' Donuts for Brand Partners 0
    2014-10-28 BlackBerry Finds Its Brand Champion in Kim Kardashian 0
    2014-10-27 Sprite and Kia Celebrate LeBron James Return With a Pickup Game and Ride 0
    2014-10-21 Viral Video Watch: Jeremy Lin Heads to Taiwan to Work (Undercover) for adidas 0
    2014-10-20 Beats by Dre Buffs Up LeBron's Legend with Short Film 0
    2014-10-17 Heidi Klum Expands Brand by Taking Over Elle Macpherson's Lingerie Gig 0
    2014-10-15 Diet Coke Reveals Cat-astic, Album-Plugging Taylor Swift TV Commercial 0

    chew on this (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 McDonald's Not Confirmin' Lovin' Beats Hatin' Tagline—or Any Super Bowl Ad 0
    2014-10-21 McDonald's Is Running Out of Loyal Customers, Brand Mojo—And Excuses 0
    2014-10-21 Chipotle Founder Disses Competition Even While His Own Stock Falls 0
    2014-10-17 Will Kids Take a Bite of Disney's Frozen and Spider-Man Branded Apples? 0
    2014-10-07 Beanitos Bean Snack Chips Are Taking Manhattan, and Lots Of Other Places 0

    corporate citizenship (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-14 Millennials and Citizenship: It’s a Brand New Day for Marketers 0

    creative snack (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-14 Live From MIPCOM: Thoughts on Brand Storytelling from LEGO, Disney and Netflix 0

    digital advertising (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-13 Google Brings BrandLab to New York with YouTube Space Studio Launch 0

    digital marketing (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Dos Equis Uses Oculus Rift for Most Interesting Halloween Masquerade 0
    2014-10-08 Lufthansa Heightens Brand Experience with New Augmented Reality App 0

    e-commerce (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-28 Tesla, Zara Join China Shopping Spree as 11.11 Singles Day Sale Goes Global 0
    2014-10-22 Japan's Rakuten E-Commerce Giant Launches in America With Fashion Site 0
    2014-10-09 eBay Invites Everyone to Shop the World This Holiday Season 0

    executive decision (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-23 Coca-Cola Names New CMO As It Looks to Reinvigorate Brands and Sales 0

    follow the money (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-15 Citi Scales Back Global Banking Footprint 0

    going mobile (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-23 Twitter Pitches Future as Broader Mobile Services Company 0
    2014-10-20 Foursquare Goes Out of Home in First Branding Campaign 0

    gut instinct (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-27 Viral Marketing: Some E-Marketers Cannot Resist Lure of Ebola 0

    logo-a-gogo (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-09 K-Swiss Takes Its Change of Direction Literally 0

    luxury watch (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Louis Vuitton Elevates its Art with Gehry-Designed Museum Opening 0
    2014-10-14 Grandmaster Flash: Patek Philippe Celebrates 175th with $2.6 Million Watch 0
    2014-10-10 Louis Vuitton: Punching Out Its Logo and Taking a Swing at its Brand 0

    media brands (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-16 The New Cosmo Makes Women's Brains an Erogenous Zone 0
    2014-10-15 HBO Cuts the Cord, Passes Go to Non-Cable Subscribers in Landmark Move 0

    mobile commerce (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-28 Apple Chides Retailers Blocking Apple Pay and Flocking to CurrentC 0
    2014-10-20 Apple Pay Launches Without Starbucks and Walmart 0
    2014-10-13 Twitter Tests Mobile Payments Ahead of Apple Pay Launch 0

    mobile marketing (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-29 GE Goes Loco for Yo App 0
    2014-10-17 Starbucks Wishes You a Digital Holiday and a Mobile New Year 0

    outdoor advertising (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-21 Out of Home But Not Out of Sight, CBS Outdoor Rebrands as Outfront Media 0

    place branding (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-14 With Made in Brooklyn, Borough's Brand Stewards Battle Boredom 0

    political brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-16 Political Branding 101: Millennials Crave Inspiration, Not Emoji Messaging 0

    retail therapy (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-21 Whole Foods Values Matter: A New Campaign Tells A Familiar Story 0

    retail watch (11)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-27 Sony Makes a Splash with World's First Underwater Electronics Store 0
    2014-10-23 Macy's Boosts Holiday Shoppers' Mobile Savvy with Google and Apple 0
    2014-10-21 Toys"R"Us Backs Down on Breaking Bad Toy Line [Updated] 0
    2014-10-20 Let Target Be Target: CMO Vows to Learn From Customers, Stay True to Brand 0
    2014-10-17 Black Friday Creep and the Thanksgiving Day Grinch: 2014 Edition 0
    2014-10-17 Walmart Plans to Shore Up Stores, E-Commerce—and Take Action on Wages 0
    2014-10-13 JCPenney Taps Home Depot Exec to Fix Its Brand 0
    2014-10-09 Amazon is Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Store in New York City 0
    2014-10-08 Gap Inc. CEO Glenn Murphy to Hand Reins to Global Head of Digital 0
    2014-10-08 Will Santa or the Grinch Reign this Holiday Season? Forecasts Disagree 0
    2014-10-07 Walmart Pitches Healthcare to Customers While Trimming Benefits for Employees 0

    see you in court (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-15 Chuck Amok: Nike’s Converse Sues Big Brands Over All Star Knock-Offs 0

    sip on this (3)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-21 That Sinking Feeling: Coca-Cola Aims to Get More Entrepreneurial to Spark Sales 0
    2014-10-14 POM Wonderful Returns to TV with Free Radical Fighting Characters 0
    2014-10-10 Soup's On: Plum Organics Developing Soup Line with Campbell's Help 0

    social media (5)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Facebook Rival Ello Raises $5.5 Million and Locks in Ad-Free Status 0
    2014-10-20 Snapchat Tests Opt-In Advertising 0
    2014-10-15 Storytelling in Fast-Forward: Why Brands Should ♥ Instagram’s Hyperlapse 0
    2014-10-09 Myspace Doubles Down on Music and Video 0
    2014-10-07 Facebook Launches Mobile Audience Network and an Anonymous App 0

    social media watch (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-17 Brands Can Now Pay for Product Placements in Selfies Using Bitcoins 0
    2014-10-13 MassMutual Refines Social Media Strategy 0

    sporting brands (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-20 ESPN Replaces NBA RV With Hipsterish Hand-Lettered Campaign for New Season 0
    2014-10-20 Reebok Draws $2.2 Billion Bid to Owner adidas as Both Brands Seek Fresh Start 0
    2014-10-14 Your Logo Here: Advertising “Imminent” on NBA Jerseys 0
    2014-10-13 Nike Sues CrossFit Gym for Jumpman-Like Logo 0

    sports in the spotlight (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Huawei Announces First US Sports Team Sponsorship: The Washington Redskins 0

    super bowl (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-15 Popchips Not Ready for Its Super Bowl Close-Up, Despite Boss Katy Perry 0

    sustainability (4)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-30 Eco-Chic: Lexus, Kering Encourage Young Designers to Think Sustainably 0
    2014-10-28 The North Face: This Land is Your Land, America, So Explore and Preserve It 0
    2014-10-27 Brands Find Sustainability Moving to the Top of Major CSR Initiatives 0
    2014-10-23 MINI Turns Biggest U.S. Campaign Into Lasting Memento for Car-Buyers 0

    tech in the spotlight (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-16 Apple Reveals World's Thinnest Tablet, Confirms Apple Pay Launch on Monday 0

    tech innovation (8)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-30 Strike Up the Band: Microsoft Wearable "As Open as You Can Get" 0
    2014-10-21 Microsoft Looks to the Cloud for Innovation and Growth 0
    2014-10-17 Quirky Relaunches as GE Relationship Evolves in Connected Home Race 0
    2014-10-16 With i.amPULS Smart Band, Joins Wearable Tech Craze, Fashionably 0
    2014-10-13 Samsung Breaks Speed Barrier in 5G Wi-Fi Breakthrough 0
    2014-10-10 IBM's Iwata: "Watson is an IBMer" 0
    2014-10-08 IBM Opens Global New York HQ to Expand Watson's Business Partners 0
    2014-10-07 Marriott, Wells Fargo Test Oculus Rift for Virtual Brand Experiences 0

    tech style (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Athos, Ralph Lauren Up the Ante on Wearable Technology 0

    trademark wars (2)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-27 The Cronut Contenders: Dunkin' Donuts, Crumbs Bake Shop and #NotaCronut 0
    2014-10-16 In Gilt v. Gilt Trademark Spat, There's Guilt Enough for Both Sides 0

    traveling brands (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-22 Uber Expands Globally (and Physically), with a Few Teething Pains Along the Way 0

    week in review (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-24 Top 10 Stories of the Week: Chobani, Apple Pay and more 0

    what girls want (1)

    Date Title Comments
    2014-10-10 UN's International Day of the Girl Gets a Boost With Malala's Nobel Peace Prize 0


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