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W Hotel Shoots For Love, London Style

Posted by Ana Terzi on December 8, 2010 04:15 PM

To celebrate the debut of the new W Hotel opening in London on Valentine's Day next year, W Hotels commissioned Away We Stay — a short romantic film portraying love and life choices which starring Helena Christensen, David Gandy and the brand, of course.Continue reading...

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The High-Low Genius of Karl Lagerfeld Comes to Macy's

Posted by Ana Terzi on December 2, 2010 02:30 PM

He's got a "contract for life" at Chanel, but that hasn't stopped haute designer Karl Lagerfeld from extending his personal brand to Orrefors crystal, not to mention his image to become a videogame character and a silhouette on Coca-Cola bottles. A talented photographer, he also just shot the latest (risque) calendar for Pirelli.

And he's so well-established beyond fashion, a fake Twitter account of supposed Kaiser Karl musings boasts more than 300,000 followers.

Now the designer is going truly "masstige" with his latest venture: designing a capsule collection for Macy’s.Continue reading...

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Join the Club: Up and Coming Brands Woo Fans with Monthly Surprises

Posted by Ana Terzi on November 15, 2010 10:30 AM

Sometimes, the waiting is the sweetest part.

A few up-and-coming fashion and beauty companies have realized there is brand value to be had in delaying gratification. Products and services that come with a dose of anticipation and a certain element of surprise. These brands creatively mastered a differential advantage by simply playing-up the subscription model as their most attractive and valuable attribute.Continue reading...

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Sweet Smell of Excess: Hilfiger Gets LOUD On Air

Posted by Ana Terzi on November 10, 2010 04:40 PM

American designer Tommy Hilfiger has launched LOUD – a digital radio station with a singular purpose: promoting Hilfiger’s new fragrance master-brand, LOUD for her and LOUD for him. And the brand sees no better way of promoting the youth-oriented brand than blasting the soundtracks of a generation.

Although tying a radio station to a brand, and vice versa, is terrain originally trodden by sneaker and apparel giant Converse, this is the first time a lifestyle fragrance brand has taken to the airwaves to broadcast its message and convey its brand commitment to staying vibrant and young.

LOUD is on 24/7, and it’s run by a team of professional programmers, DJs and on-air personalities from the Goom Radio studios, the same studio behind The Converse Radio initiative.Continue reading...

Desigual shares the love, flash mob-style

Posted by Ana Terzi on November 9, 2010 01:30 PM

Desigual is urging its fans to share the love. ”Happy Hunters,” a new marketing initiative from the Spanish clothing brand, calls itself a web-based flash mob, and adapts the tactics of a flash mob event to the blogosphere. The Happy Hunters – Desigual fans who sign up and participate – are eligible to receive Desigual clothes as a reward for leaving positive comments on selected blog posts.

Who’s selecting? Desigual, natch. But it’s still a cool campaign with a three-way tie for win (the bloggers get more comments and eyeballs, Desigual gets mob marketing cred, and the Happy Hunters stand to add some sweet rags to their closets.

Here’s how it works: You simply sign-up on the “Happy Hunters” link on the brand’s website and choose one of the stylish items from the Desigual line as your desired reward. Meanwhile Desigual chooses posts from a carefully selected number of popular blogs, then in effect assigns a particular post to you, the Happy Hunter. You get an alert, and Desigual directs you to a particular blog where you will post your enthusiastic comments and rave about the brand — note that these sites are strategically selected across the web and are not Desigual's own blogs.Continue reading...

Smells like Celeb Spirit

Posted by Ana Terzi on October 29, 2010 11:30 AM

To keep a spooky momentum going on, how appropriate and timely it is to discuss brands capitalizing on the latest celebrity trend: Reincarnation by perfume.
The #11-ranked celeb in the Forbes 2010 Top Earning Dead Celebrities list has just released "his" first fragrance: Steve McQueen Eau de Parfum, a tribute to the American actor who passed away 30 years ago. McQueen’s brand equity is valued at $6 million, and his handsome mug already endorses watches, clothes, cars and motorbikes.

“Dead celebrities can do pretty much everything that they did when they were alive, with the technology we have today, except make a personal appearance,” explains Matt Delzell, a marketing account director with Davie Brown Talent, who specializes in pairing brands with celebrity spokespeople. “In the advertising world, these people are still very much alive. Brands are interested in dead celebrities because there is a more iconic feeling after someone passes away.”Continue reading...

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Should Zippo Make Scents or Sensibility?

Posted by Ana Terzi on October 27, 2010 02:00 PM

We have to admit to being fascinated with Zippo's brand extension into fragrances — beyond the Zippo-style flip-top opening (and iconic click) to its men's fragrance bottles.

Founded in 1932, the American lighter brand (just named #31 on Time magazine's All-TIME 100 Gadgets list) has stretched its equity to cross over categories and insert itself into the highly competitive category of scents.

The hope, of course, is that the four million collectors of Zippo lighters just in the U.S. will transfer that avid passion for the brand to start using Zippo's cologne, and related "men's essentials" (body and hair wash, plus deodorant).Continue reading...

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Taking the Stage: Coach Expands in Europe

Posted by Ana Terzi on October 26, 2010 03:50 PM

Forget Autumn in New York — “Fall In Love With New York” was the theme for the party that welcomed American accessories brand to the French market this month.

Although brand awareness of Coach is said to be still “relatively low” in Europe, the brand’s New York heritage, fashion orientation and accessible luxury positioning justify — and somewhat validate — the attempt and risk to conquer the European consumer.

It's a calculated risk, to be sure, as Coach is partnering with the Printemps chain of department stores in France for in-store boutiques, starting with Paris, Rouen and Deauville.Continue reading...

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