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Honda Brand Takes Flight

Posted by Shirley Brady on December 22, 2010 11:30 AM

Honda's brand extension into the advanced light business jet category took its first FAA-certified flight this week, with a 51 minute test flight in North Carolina. The first customer aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in 2012.

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The High-Low Genius of Karl Lagerfeld Comes to Macy's

Posted by Ana Terzi on December 2, 2010 02:30 PM

He's got a "contract for life" at Chanel, but that hasn't stopped haute designer Karl Lagerfeld from extending his personal brand to Orrefors crystal, not to mention his image to become a videogame character and a silhouette on Coca-Cola bottles. A talented photographer, he also just shot the latest (risque) calendar for Pirelli.

And he's so well-established beyond fashion, a fake Twitter account of supposed Kaiser Karl musings boasts more than 300,000 followers.

Now the designer is going truly "masstige" with his latest venture: designing a capsule collection for Macy’s.Continue reading...

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Should Zippo Make Scents or Sensibility?

Posted by Ana Terzi on October 27, 2010 02:00 PM

We have to admit to being fascinated with Zippo's brand extension into fragrances — beyond the Zippo-style flip-top opening (and iconic click) to its men's fragrance bottles.

Founded in 1932, the American lighter brand (just named #31 on Time magazine's All-TIME 100 Gadgets list) has stretched its equity to cross over categories and insert itself into the highly competitive category of scents.

The hope, of course, is that the four million collectors of Zippo lighters just in the U.S. will transfer that avid passion for the brand to start using Zippo's cologne, and related "men's essentials" (body and hair wash, plus deodorant).Continue reading...

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Jeep Runs Risk of Special Edition Fatigue

Posted by Abe Sauer on October 21, 2010 12:00 PM

Apparently, sitting on the couch and pretending to be skilled or brave enough to go into combat is not enough for some people. Now, those same video gamers who love the first person shooter franchise Call of Duty can drive around town to get more Doritos while pretending to be part of some important "black op."

Or, at least, that's what the Jeep brand (and its parent company) are hoping. Next month, Chrysler releases a special edition of the Jeep Wrangler model — behold, the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition, above. It's a fierce-looking beast, but will Jeep fans and fans of the video game bite?Continue reading...

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Burn Down Your House, Stay Warm After With Zippo

Posted by Abe Sauer on October 7, 2010 03:30 PM

While we were joking about brand extensions for Glenn Beck and Playboy, Promethean brand Zippo was expanding its offerings from the iconic metal flip lighter. From a Zippo Hand Warmer to "writing instruments," Zippo has a lot more to offer the human race than fire. In fact, new plans show that Zippo plans to warm us with more than fire. Continue reading...

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Tesco Readies U.K. Mortgages, U.S. Expansion

Posted by Barry Silverstein on October 6, 2010 02:00 PM

It seems that Tesco, its profits up in the first half of the year, wants to be everything to everybody. Or, Virgin-style, the one-brand-fits-all-businesses king of grocers.

The giant UK supermarket chain doesn't even rely on traditional groceries to grow sales anymore. It has diversified into everything from original films to planned communities, pet insurance, and telecoms. Tesco has no shortage of other novel ideas: it is also testing "Tesco Extra" in the UK, a store concept offering drive-thru pick-up of grocery orders placed online.

Oh, and did we mention Tesco is expanding into banking, offering such products as savings, home insurance, and travel insurance? And now Tesco has announced that it expects to further expand in financial services by offering mortgages in the first half of 2011.Continue reading...

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Claritin: Really Committed to a Good Night's Sleep

Posted by Barry Silverstein on September 14, 2010 11:00 AM

Brand marketers know the power of a strong brand name. That's why they often don't hesitate to extend the brand by applying that name to a line of related products.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it's common for a well-known brand name to be extended into other similar branded products. Tylenol, for instance, is now available in a growing variety of products, including regular strength, extra strength, Tylenol 8 Hour, Tylenol Arthritis, Tylenol Sinus Congestion, Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom, Tylenol PM, and Children's Tylenol.

But extending a drug brand to a non-drug item is unusual and might even be risky if the association isn't clear in the consumer's mind. So it will be interesting to gauge consumer reaction to a new line of "allergen barrier fabric products" being launched by London Luxury in an exclusive licensing agreement with Merck Consumer Care, makers of Claritin, the leading non-drowsy, over-the-counter allergy brand in the US.Continue reading...

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Under Armour Targets Female Jocks With "Team Girl" Campaign

Posted by Barry Silverstein on September 1, 2010 12:00 PM

Fourteen years ago, former college football player Kevin Plan founded the Under Armour sports apparel brand. Since that time, its primary appeal has been to men under 30. Now the company is trying to break out of its mold by making a pitch to women athletes, especially what the company calls the "team girl."Continue reading...

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