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Chuck E. Cheese Relaunches From Goofy Cartoon Mascot Into Hip Rocker

Posted by Shirley Brady on July 4, 2012 10:54 AM

Chuck E. Cheese, the namesake mascot (mousecot?) of the pizza restaurant/kids arcade chain that was founded by the founder of Atari, is getting a makeover.

Following a teaser campaign on Facebook, the cartoon-like kid-appealing critter is getting hipper and adding some rock star 'tude (which keeping the purple and green t-shirt) via a national ad campaign in the U.S. that will break on July 5th. The new voice of Chuck also brings rock star cred to the character: Jaret Reddick, the lead singer of Bowling for Soup.

According to comments by CEC Entertainment CMO Scott McDaniel to Screen, the goal of the mascot refresh is to 

"contemporize Chuck E. Cheese in a very respectful and engaging fashion. Chuck E. is the hero at the heart of our restaurants. For the first time in years, we’re changing the way we communicate with our key patrons – kids.” The “Chuck E. Rocks” campaign comprises television, digital and in-store components. Four TV spots, “Belonging,” “Fun,” “Power” and “Birthdays,” each named for something a child experiences at Chuck E. Cheese’s, showcase kids doing what they do best at Chuck E. Cheese’s – having fun."Continue reading...

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Meet Kellogg's New Cereal Thriller: The Crunchy Nut

Posted by Shirley Brady on June 14, 2012 12:29 PM

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal introduced a new brand mascot, the tongue-in-cheek masked superhero "The Crunchy Nut," with a cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night — watch it below.Continue reading...

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Quaker Oats Mascot Larry Slims Down

Posted by Dale Buss on March 30, 2012 05:04 PM

Larry the Cable Guy is more culturally relevant than Larry the Quaker guy. And that's a problem for Quaker Oats.

Now, the PepsiCo unit has given its old-fashioned mascot, internally nicknamed "Larry," a graphic makeover. Larry hasn't undergone as much transformation as other human mascots over the years — the increasingly hip Betty Crocker comes to mind — so the 130-year-old Quaker Oats figured it was time. Turns out, eating oatmeal is good for the middle-aged figure.Continue reading...

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Mascots Make a Comeback Thanks to Social Media

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 26, 2012 04:02 PM

When M&M’s Ms. Brown appeared on TV screen during the Super Bowl, she represented a whole new resurgence for brand mascots. They may seem retro, but branded characters and icons are making a comeback because, as the Wall Street Journal reporter Suzanne Vranica points out above, who wants to talk to a logo?

While mascots took off in the 1950s, the use of icons had fallen out of favor in recent years ... but that was before Twitter and Facebook. Mr. Clean, for instance, has 277,000 fans via his Facebook page. The latest example: a new ad campaign by StubHub, which is using a talking tree as its mascot.Continue reading...

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Spam Celebrates 75th Birthday With New Mascot: Sir Can-A-Lot

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 2, 2012 01:26 PM

FDR was president, the Hindenburg crashed, the Golden Gate Bridge opened, and Spam was born. In 1937, the pork-centric meat dish sold in the trademark can hit store shelves.

So to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its birth, Hormel Foods, the owner of the Spam brand, are “launching a loveable character to rescue the world from routine meals,” according to the company's press release.

The 2½-inch mascot is a cartoon knight named (what else?) Sir Can-A-Lot and he’ll appear in Spam marketing across the board. In one new commercial, he pops out from an egg carton to remind the cook to include Spam in her recipe.Continue reading...

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British Charity Mascots Rev Up Olympic Spirit

Posted by Mark J. Miller on February 7, 2012 11:14 AM

While the world’s best sprinters, hurdlers, and hammer throwers are fine-tuning themselves for this summer’s Olympic Games in London, there is a small army of big fluffy beasts that are doing the same.

But it’s for a totally different 100-meter race than the one that will find the world’s speediest man and woman wearing gold medals. This one is for charity mascots.Continue reading...

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Fans Hammer West Ham United's New Mascot

Posted by Mark J. Miller on December 22, 2011 03:01 PM

English football isn’t always known for its family friendliness but the West Ham United Football Club (known as the Hammers) in East London took a step in that direction Saturday by adding another mascot to sports pantheon of cute and fuzzy mascots.

The Hammers' new mascot, Hammerhead (at right), isn’t a shark but, yes, it is a hammer. A dancing, showboating hammer. Hammerhead had something to strut about Saturday as his team topped Barnsley F.C. Tykes 1-0. (And it’s not really nice to pick on tykes, is it?)

The team’s fans, though, weren’t sure what to make of Hammerhead, according to On one fan forum, the site notes, one commenter stated, “Rarely have I been so embarrassed at Upton Park” while another wrote, “I personally thought it was much more entertaining than the game.”Continue reading...

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NBA’s Sixers Asks Fans for Help with New Mascot

Posted by Mark J. Miller on December 6, 2011 02:02 PM

The Philadelphia 76ers last visited the NBA Finals in 2000 and won the whole thing in 1983, but there hasn’t been a lot of Brotherly Love for the Sixers in recent years as the team has either not made the playoffs at all or lost in the first round since 2003.

But now the team has new ownership, a new hope as the season is getting set to begin on Dec. 25, and a new mascot that will debut early in the year. That last one, actually, hasn’t been decided on just yet — so the team is asking fans to help determine the next face of the franchise will be, according to CSNPhilly. After all, whether it is Big Ben, B. Franklin Dogg, or Phil E. Moose, it will likely be around long after everybody on the current roster is gone.

The last mascot the Sixers had, a rabbit named Hip Hop, spent most of its time strutting around and doing crazy dunks off of trampolines. Last month, he was bounced out after fans told the new ownership that he had to go. So now the team is trying to figure out whether it wants a mascot in the form of Benjamin Franklin, a dog, or, oddly, a moose.Continue reading...

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