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Singapore Airlines Shifts Focus Away from Iconic Singapore Girl, but She Hasn't Gone Far

Posted by Adeline Chong on September 2, 2013 01:08 PM

Singapore Airlines' new brand campaign is set to roll out globally today with a fresh new look, one that will see the airline's iconic Singapore Girl take a back seat.

The campaign, "The Lengths We Go To", aims to showcase the above and beyond efforts that the airline makes to create a comfortable experience for passengers. But the focus is not on the luxurious new seats and the bigger and better in-flight entertainment system, or its young fleet of airplanes which will welcome up to 50 Airbus and 30 Boeing planes over the coming years.

In the past, as in the 2011 campaign, the airline's Singapore Girl, its depiction of its stewardess, focuses primarily on caring for passengers, hyperattentive to their needs and concerns. The campaign certainly helped build the airline's reputation for superior service. But its new campaign instead turns the focus away from Singapore Girl's role in service, to the processes that the airline (and Singapore Girl) goes through to provide such a superior experience.Continue reading...


Coca-Cola Gets Cute with Latest Anti-Obesity Installment

Posted by Alicia Ciccone on August 20, 2013 07:39 PM

Coca-Cola's latest installment in its controversial anti-obesity campaign is an animated short film from director Johnny Kelly of Chipotle fame

The video, titled "Happiness is Movement," follows the quick-moving life of an animated puppet, from birth through marriage and so on, all the while in constant motion. Kelly points out that the video was made to demonstrate that "movement was key to his happiest moments,"—a point that Coke has been trying to drive home to consumers since it launched its health-conscious campaign early this year.Continue reading...


It Can Wait Campaign Recruits Werner Herzog for Hard-Hitting Documentary

Posted by Sheila Shayon on August 12, 2013 06:15 PM

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint have put aside their competitive campaigns for the joint "It Can Wait" initiative against texting and driving. Now, the companies have recruited renowned director Werner Herzog to create a 35-minute documentary that pinpoints a life-changing moment for four individuals. 

Titled From One Second to the Next, the short film has already garnered over 1.1 million views. “When you get a message while driving, it’s hard not to pick up your phone,” Herzog said in a statement. “With this film, we want to help make people more aware of the potential consequences of that action…The consequences are catastrophic, and the statistics are appalling. This campaign certainly comes at the right time. It had to be done. Everything else is of secondary importance.”Continue reading...


HTC Launches $1 Billion Marketing Campaign Headlined by Downey Jr.

Posted by Mark J. Miller on August 12, 2013 05:35 PM

Despite excellent reviews for the HTC One, the mobile phone maker lags behind Apple and Samsung, and is bleeding revenue. In the second quarter, it saw an 83 percent decline in profit from a year earlier, but HTC may not be able to place all the blame on the competition. Some say the big problem is that HTC doesn't market itself well enough. Well, that's all about to change. 

The company has recruited Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man, to star in its $1 billion marketing push

“Here’s to Change,” which will be the company's largest marketing campaign ever, will feature Downey for two years. The first full ad will debut on August 15.Continue reading...


Honda Bets that Nick Cannon's Got the Talent to Key New Campaign for Civic

Posted by Dale Buss on August 9, 2013 10:50 AM

Nick Cannon and the Honda Civic are both having very good years. So why not put them together and see what they can accomplish in a new marketing campaign for Honda Civic that is aimed at both the African-American and general markets? Thus the launch this week of the "Best Yourself" effort starring Cannon for Civic.

The affable host of NBC's America's Got Talent is enjoying a good run on the show, using his charm, calm, comedic chops and athletic ability to become a main player on the show, even with strong personalities from judges Howard Stern and Heidi Klum. Cannon certainly is enjoying a better time on his reality show than wife Mariah Carey had on American Idol, where her performance as judge was pegged as one reason the Fox stalwart's ratings tanked last season.

Meanwhile, a "midcycle" new version of Civic—replacing the one that flopped about two years ago—is finally achieving what Honda set out for one of its most important nameplates: maintain and build the brand's strong position in the emerging small-car sweet spot of the US market. Civic broke a 13-year-old July sales record last month with a 30 percent year-on-year increase.Continue reading...


Domino's Feeds Tech and Innovation with 'Powered By Pizza' Campaign

Posted by Dale Buss on August 7, 2013 10:23 AM

You can dispute the exact fuel, but there's no argument that fast food and late-night gnoshing can power the most successful entrepreneurial dreams. Domino's Pizza is tapping into that reality with a new promotion called "Powered by Pizza" that expands the brand's digital chops while also identifying it with business-building ambitions.

Domino's said in a press release that it "wants to inspire groups—often brainstorming over pizza—with the proper food for thought." So America's No. 2 pizza brand is going to offer gift cards to individuals on the fundraising site Indiegogo who pledge support toward select projects reflecting great and innovative ideas. And in a "Pizzavestments" aspect of the program, Domino's is awarding $500 gift cards to about 30 startup companies throughout the country.

"The reason this campaign works is that people already fundamentally get that it's true: Innovators and creative people and students and everyone around the world use pizza to kind of fuel their late-night productive sessions," Domino's CEO J. Patrick Doyle told brandchannel. "We're going to give pizza away to people who are generating those new ideas and funding those new ideas." In fact, Doyle himself will sign a letter and cerftificate accompanying the prizes.Continue reading...


New General Electric Appliance Campaign Plays Up US Housing Boom

Posted by Dale Buss on August 5, 2013 01:44 PM

If pickup trucks can ride the wave created by the developing recovery in the US housing market, why can't household appliances? It turns out that they are, and General Electric is launching an aggressive new ad campaign for its kitchen appliances to capitalize on the moment.

Not surprisingly, kitchen appliance sales were in the dumps during the Great Recession when the US housing bubble burst, and only recently have begun recovering nicely. Whirlpool already has been plunking down more outlays for marketing its Whirlpool and Maytag brands as Americans have been moving on up and out lately in greater numbers.

And now GE is jumping in with the campaign themed "Reimagining Home." It includes TV ads and a social media effort that appears to be unprecedented in scope for an appliance brand. Continue reading...


Duracell Launches Quantum Line as Crucial Battery Buddy to First Responders

Posted by Dale Buss on July 31, 2013 06:26 PM

With major natural disasters prominent in the US lately, P&G's Duracell battery brand has been handed a major—if unfortunate for the victims—branding opportunity. Duracell's new Quantum high-power battery line is tailor-made to harness the brand's long association with the front-line "first responders" who arrive on the scene ahead of everyone else, often depending on battery-powered devices.

Duracell, owned by P&G since it bought Gillette in 2005, is introducing Quantum as its most powerfrul line of batteries, carrying a 20 to 30 percent price premium over regular Duracell units. The new line—which will replace the existing Ultra premium line—is red instead of black underneath the "copper-top" coloring of each Duracell battery.

And while disposable-battery sales in general have flattened out over the last few years as rechargable batteries have become commonplace for digital devices, brands such as Duracell and Eveready have been able to make up some of the financial shortfall by emphasizing longer-powered, higher-priced, higher-margin product lines.Continue reading...

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