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Korea Aims to Build Brand at G20 Summit

Posted by Shirley Brady on November 5, 2010 03:00 PM

The fifth annual G20 Summit, taking place next week in Seoul, will aim to impress the Group of 20 world leaders and delegate with the country's high-tech advances — ultra-fast communication, portable broadband, Web-connected mobile television and other futuristic technologies — "that have become rather humdrum for Koreans," in one assessment.

KT, the nation's biggest broadband provider and telecommunications giant, will be handling the high-tech during the Nov. 11-12 G20 Seoul Summit and the corresponding global conference of global business leaders. Hyundai, meanwhile, is providing the official cars for delegates, including its luxury Equus brand and BlueOn electric vehicle, above.

It's also, naturally, an opportunity for nation-branding (more than half of Koreans expect the G20 spotlight to boost Korea's brand) and city branding, particularly in terms of the host city's arts and culture offerings. “The G20 summit will be a chance of a lifetime for Seoul to show off its global competitiveness,” the city's mayor, Oh Se-hoon, told reporters.

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World Cup Boosts Marketers, Not Africa

Posted by Barry Silverstein on May 25, 2010 12:05 PM

The upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is a showcase for both international soccer (or football) stars and brands. As we've reported, such brands as Adidas and Nike will be competing head-to-head for brand bragging rights. 

But there is another aspect of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that often goes under-reported from a branding perspective: the continent selected for this year's tournament.

When it announced the World Cup slogan back in November 2007, FIFA said, "Africa is a continent with a rich reservoir of resources, but the continent's biggest asset by far is the warmth, friendliness, humility and humanity of its people. This was the inspiration for the Official Slogan of the 2010 FIFA World Cup: 'Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa's Humanity.' "

South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki, added at the time, "We want, on behalf of our continent, to stage an event that will send ripples of confidence from the Cape to Cairo -- an event that will create social and economic opportunities throughout Africa."

Sounds good, yet one has to wonder: what will the 2010 FIFA World Cup really do for Africa?Continue reading...

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Georgia Has Khachapuri on its Mind

Posted by Barry Silverstein on April 21, 2010 12:37 PM

Georgia, an independent democratic country south of Russia, wants to be a global economic powerhouse—and it's hoping a classic dish may help brand the nation.

The country is running an ad campaign on American and European television sponsored by the Georgian National Investment Agency. The campaign, called "The winner is Georgia," is focused on attracting worldwide investors.

Now Georgia wants to trademark its national dish, khachapuri, a cheese-filled pastry that looks like a thinner, bigger version of the Italian calzone. That's right: it's staking its national reputation on a cheese pie.Continue reading...

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Budweiser Brings Fans Together Via The Internet For FIFA's World Cup

Posted by Sara Zucker on March 2, 2010 01:21 PM

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is approaching, and to celebrate – and capitalize on – the occasion, Budweiser is recruiting soccer enthusiasts for a new online reality show. “Bud House,” will enlist one person from each of the 32 countries participating in the sporting event to live in “luxurious accommodations” in the Cape Town, South Africa – the location of this year's World Cup.

The Feed Company, a viral promotions agency, is helping Budweiser spread the word to fans, both male and female, everywhere. The games begin on June 11, but excitement for the show is already growing rapidly. “Bud House” will act as a unique way for international fans to interact and react to the goings-on at the 2010 World Cup while Budweiser and computer users sit back and enjoy the show.Continue reading...

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British Brands Invade Boston Shopping District

Posted by Barry Silverstein on November 5, 2009 03:35 PM

Paul Revere's ride warning that "the British are coming" is taking on a whole new meaning in Beantown. In just the last several weeks, three British brands have appeared on Newbury Street, Boston's fashionable shopping district.

Newbury Street is a charming, narrow street with a European feel in Boston's downtown. It is littered with quaint restaurants and elegant boutiques. But like many urban retail districts, it has been hard hit recently. In the last year, there has been a mass exodus of retailers. "In one four-block stretch, there are now at least 16 vacancies," the Boston Globe reports.Continue reading...

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Taiwan Needs Stronger Brands To Win Over Next Gen

Posted by Abe Sauer on October 29, 2009 11:32 AM

"Made in Taiwan." Those three words represent everything from America's decline as a manufacturing powerhouse, to Asia's economic rise, to the explosion of cheap consumer culture, to China's new pride seen in "Made by Chinese" movements, to China and Taiwan's long-running war, now fought via "Made in..." proxy.

So just what does "Made in Taiwan" mean today?

Manufacturing for export took Taiwan from one of the world's poorest places to one of the wealthiest. But now Taiwan has been identified as one economy that is suffering most from the global recession. The nation's exports, accounting for around 70 percent of the economy, fell 41% last December and 44% the month after that.

One irony is the circle of manufacturing life. Taiwan is losing its work to cheaper, less regulated in the region. Hakuna Mattata, Taiwan.

Another irony is that much of what Taiwan makes is finished in China resulting in a "Made in China" tag. Not that the "Made in China" brand hasn't taken a severe beating in the last few years. But this new relationship might also be helping normalize relations between the long-opposed "Made in..." nations.Continue reading...

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Obama's Nobel Shows America's Brand Rebound

Posted by Barry Silverstein on October 12, 2009 06:03 PM

Even as the United States was still smarting from Chicago's rejection in the first round of voting for the location of the 2016 Summer Olympics, which went to Rio de Janeiro, a new drama was unfolding. On Friday, the world was stunned by the news that Barack Obama had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, only the third sitting US president to receive such an honor.

Reaction came fast and furious from both U.S. and global pundits. Predictably, Obama boosters were delighted and Barack bashers were scornful. But the decision of the five-person Norwegian Nobel committee was unanimous. Geir Lundestad told the Financial Times: "We definitely feel that Obama has changed the international climate and contributed far more than any other candidate to fraternity among nations."Continue reading...

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Oktoberfest Gives Brands Reason To Party

Posted by Abe Sauer on September 25, 2009 12:19 PM

Oktoberfest may sound like fun, but for brands it is serious business. As the 16-day celebration of das bier and gaudinockerln grows in popularity worldwide, brands are using it as an important promotional springboard.

Germany is the center of gravity for Oktoberfest. At the Munich extravaganza, German breweries abound, with tents seating thousands sponsored by brands ranging from Paulaner to Augustiner Bräu. 

But Oktoberfest is a great national branding opportunity for Germany on a national and global level. While the main event in Munich is the focus, more Oktoberfest events are popping up in places from Toronto to Brazil and are increasingly popular. Continue reading...

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