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Amazon is Tops in Consumer Experience, While Facebook Hits a New Low

Posted by Sheila Shayon on December 6, 2013 06:03 PM

Amazon remains on top of ForeSee's Experience Index, which forms a comprehensive picture of customer experience across the 100 best global brands across seven industries, as ranked by Interbrand.  in four key consumer categories, Satisfaction, Retention, Upsell and Recommend, 

Amazon, which ranked highest in Satisfaction, Retention, Upsell and Recommend, leads its biggest competitor, Walmart, by 15 points. 

Predictive of business success, the report features data for American Express, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Facebook, Gillette, Honda, Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Oracle and more. 

Top findings include:Continue reading...

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Simplicity is at the Heart of Great Customer Experience, Survey Shows

Posted by Mark J. Miller on October 23, 2013 02:37 PM

In a world that can be a bit complicated and overwhelming, consumers generally love when a brand delivers simplicity. According to the US portion of a new global "simplicity" study from New York-based branding firm Siegel+Gale, Amazon is the simplest brand for US consumers to engage with, followed by Netflix.

"You think about our lives today and all the experiences people are having with multiple screens and multiple interactions,'' Kathleen Kindle, a Siegel+Gale strategy director for brand development, told USA Today. "Brands that offer a respite from all of that, a transparent and easy experience to their customers'' can have an advantage. "We could all use a little less complexity in our daily lives.''

The simplest US travel brand, according to the study, is Southwest Airlines, which ranked at No. 9 worldwide according to the 1,500 respondents to the survey, which was conducted in May and June. JetBlue came in second in the US, but was ranked at No. 44 globally.

“The perception that Southwest offers fair prices that don't dramatically spike because of a host of extra fees being tacked on is key to customers feeling the airline is easy to deal with," Brian Rafferty, director of global research for the firm, told USA Today.Continue reading...

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Jeep, Hershey, Coke Rank as Most Patriotic Brands in US

Posted by Dale Buss on July 4, 2013 10:15 AM

Flag waving will come naturally this Fourth of July week for many Americans—and even for some American brands. Jeep and Hershey topped the list of "most patriotic brands" in the US in a new survey covering 197 famous brand names in 35 categories.

Brand Keys surveyed 4,500 consumers about the topic. "As marketers traditionally operate on the Independence Day theory that a patriotic, flag-waving call-to-emotion will motivate consumers to behave more positively toward their brands, we wanted to see which brands actually led when it came to that particular value," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, in a statement.

Jeep made a natural No. 1, with its founding association with helping American forces win World War II, its progress as the original lifestyle-SUV brand in the Eighties and its ability to survive all sorts of changes in corporate ownership to remain a vital marque today.Continue reading...

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Ford Brand Dinged in Consumer Reports Reliability Ranking

Posted by Dale Buss on October 31, 2012 05:13 PM

Ford's fall from grace with Consumer Reports has been breathtaking. The brand finished in second-to-last place, 27th of 28, in the magazine's closely watched, newly released automotive-reliability ratings — just three years after the bible of product quality praised Ford as the only domestic automaker with "world-class reliabilty."

Stunningly, Ford still apparently hasn't corrected its huge problems — real and perceived — with its MyFord Touch system, which continues to confuse some customers even a year and a half after Ford publicly acknowledged the usability problems with what is essentially Sync 2.0.

"They've put out some updates to try to address some of those problems for both the transmissions and the infotainment controls, but it doesn't seem to be enough," Jake Fisher, director of testing for Consumer Reports, commented on the most and least reliable rankings to the Detroit Free Press.Continue reading...

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Brand Decision 2012: Dems Are From Starbucks, Republicans Are From Dunkin'

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 14, 2012 02:02 PM

America is settling in for a long summer of campaigning between the Democratic candidate President Obama and the Grand Old Party’s Mitt Romney. News of minor flubs by candidates and those who work for them will come up at bars, barbecues, and ice-cream joints across the land (or be completely avoided, for everyone’s safety).

Americans will likely hear a constant media drumbeat about red states vs. blue states that will be so loud, it will seem that the country is about to burst into a Civil War.

Just in time for this comes a new study from Buyology that members of the two political parties don’t just disagree on their candidates. They also mostly disagree on the brands they love, though there are three that help bring them together. Next time a president wants to have a bipartisan summit of some sort, he or she might want to involve Coke, Apple, and Visa. Those three names were named by both parties as brands they love.Continue reading...

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Harris Survey Highlights 15 Top Brands With Staying Power

Posted by Barry Silverstein on March 29, 2012 12:07 PM

For the past eight years, fifteen brands have ranked at the top of their category in the Harris Poll EquiTrend Study, a survey of over 1,500 brands across more than 127 product categories.

"These 15 top brands have consistently found a way to remain relevant and valuable to the consumer," said Aron Galonsky, SVP for Harris Interactive's Brand and Communication Consulting group. "It's not surprising why these perennial leaders continue to stay on top. They continually deliver a consistent and balanced brand experience, year after year, that really resonates with the consumer."

Check them out below, along with more from Harris about why they made the 2012 list.Continue reading...

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Apple, Audi Ride High in Customer Surveys

Posted by Abe Sauer on July 6, 2011 12:00 PM

One of the first things marketers learn (or should learn) in business school is that it's far cheaper to keep a customer than gain a new customer — just ask AT&T, Verizon or any cable/satellite operator about their subscriber acquisition costs and retention marketing strategies for an earful on that topic.

That's why recent results of separate surveys have two of branding's rockstars pleased as pie. 

They're sleek. They're iconically brushed matte silver. And they both begin with the letter "A" — the grade they're getting from some very satisfied customers.Continue reading...

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The 2012 Presidential Race Heats Up on Facebook

Posted by Sheila Shayon on June 20, 2011 02:00 PM

Facebook, not surprisingly, is a hotbed for political brand advertising — particularly as the 2012 race heats up.

SocialCode, a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, just completed a Republican political message study on Facebook (between May 23 and June 4) in which random users in Iowa and New Hampshire were asked to show their support by clicking “Like” in response to randomly displayed image combinations of seven declared or prospective candidates (or the GOP's iconic elephant) with five common Republican messages.

So how do Facebookers fare for GOPDA?Continue reading...

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