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LeBron James: Heart of a Lion, Logo of a Lamb

Posted by Mark J. Miller on October 12, 2011 09:58 AM

LeBron James has become the NBA player that fans love to hate ever since he unceremoniously dumped his home state of Ohio and moved along to the Miami Heat last season to seemingly become part of some sort of freakishly unstoppable winning machine. Unfortunately for the Heat and its fans, the team was stoppable — even though it took until the NBA Finals to get the brakes to completely work. 

And now, everyone in the NBA has been stopped, due to the lockout that owners and agents and players and veterans and league execs and tons of lawyers, among others, are busy trying to get untangled in order for some actual NBA games to be played this season.

Do you think all that dislike and the lack of a season is stopping the James Marketing Juggernaut? Of course not. It’s time for it to go into overdrive. One of his sponsors, Nike, is releasing a line of James off-court apparel featuring a lion logo designed to honor LeBron’s “heart of a lion.”  

The generic-looking logo is “reminiscent of the coat of arms of medieval English monarchs such as King Richard the Lionheart,” according to USA Today.Continue reading...

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Super Bowl, Yankees and Tiger Woods Lead Forbes Top Sports Franchises

Posted by Barry Silverstein on October 6, 2011 06:00 PM

In the professional sports world, it's pretty easy to identify who's up and who's down by whether they win or lose. But when it comes to the actual value of a sports brand, winning has a different definition: It's based on the revenue a sports team or an individual athlete generates.

Forbes magazine has been analyzing the value of sports brands for three years now. The latest edition of the "Forbes Fab 40" values the top ten names in sports in four distinct categories: athletes, teams, events and businesses.

Leading the list of money-making athletes is the famous (and more recently infamous) Tiger Woods, whose brand is on the comeback trail with this week's major endorsement by Rolex.Continue reading...

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LeBron Won't Eat His Words, Will Eat McDonald's Fries (as a Monopoly Prize)

Posted by Dale Buss on September 30, 2011 11:43 AM

It was bound to happen. Several months after LeBron James took an intense amount of, um, heat because the Miami Heat failed to win the NBA Championship after all his braggadacio, the professional basketball superstar has begun to try to rehabilitate his reputation.

Humor is the medium he chose; that's not surprising either.

But it is interesting that his latest endorsement deal could go a long way to make up with certain fans: McDonald's campaign for its 18th annual co-branded Monopoly game promotion, which is impossible to avoid on Twitter today.Continue reading...

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Nike MAG eBay Auction: Back 4 the Future is Now in the Past. Next Up: Nike's LeBron 9

Posted by Michael Waltzer on September 23, 2011 12:58 PM

The Marty McFly-tastic Nike MAG eBay auction (dubbed "Back 4 the Future" given its Back to the Future tie-in) has ended, with impressive results as a fundraiser for Michael J. Fox's foundation.

During the 10 day period of the auction, all 1,500 pairs of shoes were sold, many to millionaires (check out Kanye West's B4TF kicks) to be sure, but all for a great cause.

Stupiddope.com reports that the final tally raised at auction was $5,695,190 and 53 cents — for which Sergey Bin, Co-Founder of Google, is matching dollar for dollar. That $11 million will now see its way to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

But don't fret all you sneaker fans out there, because although the shoe may have been out of reach for many, there is more memorabilia going around to hopefully satisfy that craving.Continue reading...

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Brand Bites: Starbucks, Gisele, Sofia and Global Campaigns You May Have Missed

Posted by Abe Sauer on September 23, 2011 11:45 AM

Ikea introduces a nursery… for men. Australian men. We're jealous.

Below, don't miss Tata's "car chase to end all car chases" spot (and more campaigns).Continue reading...

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Nike Sends LeBron James Gear to School as King James Brand Takes a Hit

Posted by Mark J. Miller on July 11, 2011 02:00 PM

Miami Heat superstar/anti-hero LeBron James may not have gone to college, but his Nike-branded gear is about to.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that James and Nike have signed a deal with the University of Miami, University of Kentucky, and Ohio State University that will have their men’s basketball teams wearing LeBron/Nike-branded uniforms this coming season.

The Sun-Sentinel points out that this is one way that James is emulating Michael Jordan, whose alma mater, the University of North Carolina, has a deal that suits its men’s basketball players in Jordan-branded duds. (Jordan may have fewer schools wearing his stuff, but he’s still got more championships to his name with six to LeBron’s zero.)

“James' sponsorship and support of the Hurricanes should generate interest in a program that has continually lacked fan support,” the newspaper notes.

This comes on the heels of the news that LeBron’s marketability scores, as tracked by Davie Brown, have taken a post-season (and post-loss) hit.Continue reading...

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Sorry, Angelina: Consumers Aren't Swayed by Celebrity Endorsements

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 14, 2011 10:00 AM

Angelina Jolie was paid as much as $10 million as the new face of Louis Vuitton, above. LeBron James signed a $90 million deal with Nike when he was still in high school. Rapper 50 Cent negotiated a executive office with Vitamin Water and raked in tens of millions of dollars upon endorsing it. Catherine Zeta-Jones got paid $20 million to endorse T-Mobile (and that was before her contract extension and raise).

Everywhere you turn people who play doctors on TV and every other celebrity you can name are telling us what to buy and where to buy it.

However, a new study from Adweek/Harris Interactive shows that consumers don’t give a rip if a celebrity is telling them to buy a product or not.Continue reading...

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Dirk Nobrandski: NBA Finals MVP Not Looking to Cash In

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 13, 2011 12:30 PM

Dirk Nowitzki has spent 13 seasons toiling for the Dallas Mavericks and has finally brought his team its first NBA championship. Time to cash in with some big-dollar endorsement deals, right?

Well, no. Nowitzki, who was voted the MVP of the Finals as his team snuffed out the supposedly unstoppable LeBron James and the Miami Heat, is one of the few players in the NBA to not have an agent or business manager, according to Bloomberg. Nowitzki has only done one endorsement deal in his career with Nike, and he's not looking to cash in now.Continue reading...

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