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Plink Adds Arby's to Growing Facebook Loyalty Roster

Posted by Sheila Shayon on March 27, 2012 11:18 AM

What do you get when the second largest quick-service sandwich chain in the U.S. goes Plink? The opportunity for customers at 3,500 Arby’s restaurants to earn 10 Facebook Credits for every $5 spent.

Plink, the online-to-offline social media-based loyalty program already counts Taco Bell, Outback Steakhouse, 7-Eleven, Red Robin, Quiznos, and Dunkin’ Donuts as affiliates. Now you can add the Atlanta-based Arby’s Restaurant Group, purveyor of the classic Roast Beef and Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches, Curly Fries and Jamocha Shakes, to the Plink roster.

“Facebook Credits is the missing ingredient that’s been needed to connect social media to offline sales,” stated Peter Vogel, co-founder of Plink, in January. “Now with the ‘glue’ of Facebook Credits our national restaurant and offline retailer partners have a way to tap into the nearly 800 million users on Facebook, motivate them to become loyal customers, and reward them.”Continue reading...

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Sam's Club Grabs Top Spot in Consumer Loyalty Survey

Posted by Barry Silverstein on March 22, 2012 10:01 AM

Customer loyalty is increasingly a marker for success, especially as brands compete for market share and look for ways to grow and maintain a loyal customer base. Given the influence of social media, engendering loyalty becomes all the more important for brands because they can be impacted by positive recommendations or negative comments shared among consumers.

That makes a new research report, the 2012 Temkin Loyalty Ratings, particularly interesting. Based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers in January 2012, the research examines consumer loyalty to 206 large companies across 18 industries.

The Loyalty Ratings survey took into account three components of loyalty:

- Likelihood of consumers to recommend companies

- Reluctance of consumers to switch business away from companies

- Willingness of consumers to purchase additional products and services from companies.

The top three industries in terms of loyalty were grocery chains, retailers, and fast food chains. Last in the ratings were TV service providers and Internet service providers. Banks and credit card issuers appear in six of the bottom nine spots in the ratings.Continue reading...

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India is Perking Up – Way Up: Buy Coffee and Earn Plane Tickets

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 20, 2012 09:58 AM

All you people drinking coffee in India should keep track of your cups. Drink enough of the stuff and you might earn yourself a free flight.

Indian Express reports that the country's top airline, Jet Airways, and #1 coffee chain, Barista Lavazza, have partnered up on a new loyalty program, JetPrivilege, that allows members to earn air miles from coffee purchase. For every 100 rupees spent, members earn five miles.

"Opportunities to engage with premium brands are of huge value to us,” said Jet chief commercial officer Sudheer Raghavan. “It means we can go above and beyond guest expectations, providing them with a number of value-added services. Given Jet's extensive route network and the high propensity of its guests to travel, it is a natural partner for a brand like Barista."

Barista has more than 160 cafes in India and also has locations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. "Partnering with Jet is part of the larger strategy that Barista wishes to follow with an aim to ensuring customer delight," Barista Lavazza chief operating officer Nilanjan Bhattacharya added. Now bring on the caffeine and start racking up miles!

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Deals Trump Brand Loyalty for Mobile Shoppers

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 15, 2012 04:12 PM

Everybody loves a deal, particularly in such tough economic times. Smartphone owners of the world have given themselves another channel toward savings as mobile deals are starting to pop up — and new research shows that consumers tend to follow those deals more when they come during a shopping expedition than they follow brand loyalty.

Not shockingly, the survey (from AisleBuyer) of more than 1,000 shoppers shows that the group that is most ready to throw brand loyalty to the side are between the ages of 25 and 34, the site notes. A whopping 82 percent of them would do it in a heartbeat if they get a good offer for a competing brand on their mobile device.Continue reading...

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Time to Pull Out a Trump Card?

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 15, 2012 01:01 PM

If there is one thing Donald Trump values (other than total self-promotion and a wicked combover), it is loyalty. And now his company is ready to give back to those that can’t get enough Trump.

Visitors to Trump Hotels can now pull out a Trump Card, “a guest privileges program that seeks to one-up the run-of-the-mill benefits offered by the majority of hotel loyalty programs.” How will the irrepressible Trump do that?Continue reading...


Tesco, Unilever Make Rainforest Pledges

Posted by Dale Buss on February 23, 2012 05:05 PM

Tesco is still committed to its Greener Living sustainability commitment — "helping our customers make greener choices" — despite having just scrapped its pledge to add carbon-footprint labels to thousands of its products and reduce its own carbon footprint. The retailer has announced a new green partnership to raise millions of pounds to protect vulnerable rainforests and associated communities around the world.

At the same time, Unilever enhanced its "ambitious" (as the Guardian puts it) long-term sustainability commitment with the news that it plans to make its Magnum brand the world's first ice cream to source 100 percent of its global cocoa supply from sustainable sources, by 2015.Continue reading...

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Groupon Adds Velvet Rope, Goes on a Shopping Spree

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 20, 2012 05:30 PM

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was bullish at the 2012 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference last week, where he commented, "We've cracked the code…at this point, when we think of the competitive landscape, we think that the biggest competitors are ourselves." 

It’s a bit of bravado midst a range of troubles besieging Groupon lately including 17 lawsuits brought against the company claiming they and other retailers violate federal and state consumer protection laws regarding voucher expiration dates and provisions about single transaction usage.

“Groupon effectively creates a sense of urgency among consumers to quickly purchase ‘groupon’ gift certificates by offering ‘daily deals’ for a short amount of time,” according to the first case filed last year, reported Bloomberg. “Consumers therefore feel pressured and are rushed into buying the gift certificates and unwittingly become subject to the onerous sales conditions.”

March 12th is the projected date for settlement of the class-action lawsuits. After raising $700 million in its IPO last November, Mason is committed to staying ahead of the competition, specifically, LivingSocial. "Our goal is six months from now, when you go to Groupon, it’s going to look and feel very different," Mason was quoted by Bloomberg. "It’s going to be a much more robust and refined service that immediately jumps off the page."Continue reading...

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Why Consumer Goods Brands Must Think More Like Retailers

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 17, 2012 11:07 AM

Consumer Goods companies need to think and act more their retail partners as their participation in social media and online storefronts increase.

An Economist Intelligence Unit report, New Directions: Consumer goods companies hone a cross-channel approach to consumer marketing, sponsored by Oracle, reveals that 41% of respondents surveyed plan to sell products directly to consumers in 2012, a 24% increase over those currently offering direct sales.Continue reading...

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