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McDonald's Appeals to Aussie Pride With Macca's Rebrand in Australia

Posted by Mark J. Miller on January 8, 2013 11:55 AM

Mickey D’s, the Golden Arches, McD's, McDonaldos, Macca's. McDonald’s has plenty of nicknames worldwide, but you’ll never roll up to a franchise of the 72-year-old brand and find any of them on the restaurant’s official sign.

After all, the company has entered into plenty of trademark suits in attempts to protect its name. It lost a fight against Malaysia’s McCurry in 2009, but won its battle against the Philippines’ MacJoy. In the ’90s, thanks to the work of the McDonald’s legal team, San Francisco coffee shop owner Kathleen McCaughey had to change the name McCoffee even though it had existed with that name for 17 years. But McDonald’s is still thwarted in the Cayman Islands, thanks to a local entrepreneur's MacDonald's Family Restaurant there.

Even while its lawyers are busy protecting the brand name and trademarks, the corporation is letting its Australian team have a bit of fun with the name. The brand is affectionately called Macca’s Down Under, and the company has decided to adopt the nickname officially on signs at 13 outlets, on social media and in its advertising for a limited promotion that kicks off today and runs through Feb. 4th.Continue reading...

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As CES and AVN Masses Arrive, a Regular Joe Tourism Campaign for Las Vegas

Posted by Mark J. Miller on January 7, 2013 05:21 PM

Las Vegas has plenty of regulars. You’ve got your gambling grandmas, your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your Elvis impersonators, your big-hatted and loudmouthed high rollers, and plenty of just regular folks coming in to try and make a few bucks off the backs of gambling’s titans. 

In 2012, about 40 million folks came into town to enjoy the lights, noise, and shows of Vegas, but the insatiable tourism board wants a whole lot more. After all, there are nearly 125,000 hotel rooms and 365 nights to fill. Cue a new tourism and place branding campaign, one that touts the city's official digital hub at its busiest time of year.Continue reading...


China Panda Ambassadors (and a Little Gangnam) Put Chengdu on the Map

Posted by Abe Sauer on November 29, 2012 12:14 PM

Looking to boost its profile globally, one city deep in China's interior turned to its most famous resident: The Panda.

Earlier this year, the “Pambassador” campaign was born, a project aimed at reinventing Chengdu as an economically sustainable, friendly city open to the world. Pambassador stunts have managed to spoof the royal family (upsetting a few Brits in the process), dance Gangnam in London, and "go wild" in Hong Kong while racking up over 404,000 fans on Facebook, hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and 60,000 commitments  worldwide from people looking to live in Chengdu.Continue reading...

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Canada Uses the Crowd to Bring In the Crowd

Posted by Mark J. Miller on November 20, 2012 02:12 PM

The Canadian Tourism Commission must be sick of selling the same old images — charming as they are — of the cobblestone streets of Quebec City, Toronto’s CN Tower, Montreal’s cathedrals, Vancouver’s Lookout, people playing hockey or skiing, Mounties on horseback, and random creatures (moose! geese!) in the wild.

The CTC knew there was a lot more out there to sell but they didn’t have the resources to dig them all up and sift through every last thing so they got with the times and crowdsourced their efforts. And when Canada crowdsources, it doesn’t go halfway.

The CTC’s 35 Million Directors project last summer asked all of its residents to take pictures and video of the things they love about where they live and send them in. A wealth of new material, more than 8,000 entries, poured into the CTC’s offices and now the organization has debuted its first ad in the campaign, using material from its contributors.Continue reading...

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Maryland Takes Historic Marriage Equality Victory to Digital

Posted by Sheila Shayon on November 8, 2012 12:54 PM

In an historic victory, Maryland upheld the legalization of same-sex marriage yesterday and the city of Baltimore has jumped on board with a dedicated microsite for same-sex couples eager to get hitched, just as New York State reached out to LGBT couples looking to get married last year.

All the details are in one place, such as how to obtain a marriage license, wedding venues and vendors, and information on TAG-approved accommodations. "We encourage the LGBT community to visit Baltimore to celebrate their commitments to one another," said Tom Noonan, president and CEO of Visit Baltimore. "As a city, we have long been proud to support the rights and equality of our visitors, and the legalization of same-sex marriage is another important step forward." 

The Maryland referendum (Question 6) asked voters in the state's general election on November 6 to vote "For" or "Against" the Civil Marriage Protection Act, passed by the Maryland General Assembly in February 2012 and signed on March 1, 2012, by Governor Martin O'Malley permitting same-sex couples to marry beginning January 1, 2013.Continue reading...


Turkey, Lebanon and Fargo Branded By Hollywood Product Placement

Posted by Abe Sauer on October 29, 2012 05:04 PM

Hawaii's St. Regis Princeville Resort (The Descendants), Bruges, Belgium (In Bruges), Forks, Washington (Twilight) and New York's Museum of natural History (Night at the Museum) would all attest to the power of location-based product placement. The marketing potential that appearing in a Hollywood picture can bring to a particular location. But that swings the other way.

Some in Lebanon are upset about how it was depicted in the Showtime terrorism-themed drama Homeland; so upset they're pondering a lawsuit against the producers. Then, tourism officials a world away in Fargo, North Dakota are nervously anticipate the launch of a new series based on the cult favorite film Fargo, a movie many in the city have just started warming up to. But neither have a complaint as large as Turkey, maybe the most smeared location in Hollywood history.

Now, in 2012, Turkey is onscreen in two huge new films. One has already proven not to Turkey's liking. Will the new James Bond film finally reverse 34 years of Hollywood history for Turnkey?Continue reading...

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Interview: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Discusses State Branding Campaign

Posted by Dale Buss on October 16, 2012 06:47 PM

If you're a Republican politician in the Upper Midwest, you may appreciate what Wisconsin's Republican governor, Scott Walker, has done to advance the cause of GOP politics, balanced state budgets, restraints on taxes and anti-unionism with his efforts to roll back the costs and power of public-sector unions. But for some of the same reasons, you probably aren't eager to see an aggressive "Brand Wisconsin" trying to get the companies in your state to expand or relocate in the Badger State.

Nevertheless, Walker himself is spearheading "In Wisconsin," a state branding and advertising campaign that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is promoting to try to lure more companies and jobs toward the Cheesehead State. The WEDC will spend $2 million this year on the campaign featuring well-known Wisconsin-based brands such as Organic Valley, Schneider National, Rockwell Automation, and Trek Bicycles, including web-only videos and print ads running in Illinois and the Twin Cities as well as Wisconsin. The new platform features an image of the state with the word "in" highlighted.

"We can offer a great deal to many companies that are looking to grow," Walker told brandchannel. "The pitch isn't just that we've got great [relocation] incentives but that our long-term bonds are strong, our budget is balanced, and our taxes are going down."Continue reading...

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Mulberry Fosters National Pride With "Brilliant Britain"

Posted by Mark J. Miller on October 11, 2012 05:25 PM

Remember the UK's swinging Cool Britannia nation branding effort under Prime Minister Tony Blair? Now Mulberry is looking to revive pride in all things British with its just-launched Brilliant Britain Guide

Sub-titled "a guide to a truly great nation," it's a branded content marketing move to continue the celebratory year that 2012 represents for the United Kingdom, from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to a successful Olympics and Paralympics (despite Mitt Romney’s concerns). Could there be a better year to be a Brit?Continue reading...

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