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With Cartwheel Beta, Target Tag-Teams with Facebook on Shared Deals

Posted by Sheila Shayon on May 8, 2013 06:23 PM

With mobile a big focus for Target CMO Jeff Jones, the retailer recently announced a mobile incubator to come up with apps to reinvent shopping. Fast-forward to today, with the release of Cartwheel in public beta merging social networking and discounts in the retailer’s latest move to lure traffic to its physical stores and away from online rivals.

As brick and mortar retailers struggle for relevance, fighting the growing trend of “showrooming,” they’re turning to social media to attact consumers with unique deals. Target has been working with Facebook for about a year on Cartwheel—tagline: "A whole new spin on saving"—in order to let its customers on Facebook choose from hundreds of deal items such as Target's own Threshold private label home goods as well as brand goodies like M&M's candy and Coca-Cola soft drinks.

The Cartwheel launch includes 700 new offers, and claiming any one generates automatic News Feed posts on Facebook unless the user turns them off.Continue reading...

social commerce

How TOMS Inspired a Generation of Socially-Conscious, Booming Businesses

Posted by Barry Silverstein on April 24, 2013 01:41 PM

Sometimes a brand blazes a trail, only to find itself outrun by the competition. 

Back in 2006, entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie, who made his name and a small fortune as a contestant on reality TV show, The Amazing Race, came up with a unique proposition for a new brand, TOMS Shoes. The business model: TOMS would donate a pair of shoes to a child who lived in poverty for every pair of shoes sold. The philanthropic concept quickly became a sensation that catapulted the company's brand awareness to superstar status.

Not surprisingly, other companies started to knock off the idea. The most egregious copycat has been a line of shoes called "BOBS" that Skechers introduced in 2010. BOBS not only look exactly like TOMS signature shoe, right down to the logo stitched on a visible exterior label, but Skechers also shamelessly followed TOMS' "one-for-one" model of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair sold.Continue reading...

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American Express at 163: Having Its Cake and Tweeting It, Too

Posted by Sheila Shayon on March 18, 2013 04:38 PM

It’s hard to believe that American Express is celebrating its 163rd birthday today, as the iconic brand continues a spry and active presence, pushing boundaries in social media while as fresh and enduring as those half its age. Case in point: its #163candles hashtag on Twitter today.

Just last month, the blue chip brand teamed with that whippersnapper on a social commerce experience that turns Twitter hashtags into purchases. The sync and tweet with #hashtags lets users buy $25 American Express Gift Cards and products from Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox 360.

"Based on the initial success of Amex Sync for offers, we know there is significant power in combining our assets with Twitter's platform to bring value to Cardmembers and merchants," said Leslie Berland, SVP Digital Partnerships and Development. "Now, we're leveraging our unique technology and closed-loop network to introduce a seamless solution that redefines what's possible in the world of social commerce."Continue reading...

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Facebook Drives More Traffic to Retail, But Pinterest Users Spend More - Study

Posted by Sheila Shayon on September 25, 2012 10:03 AM

While Facebook dominates in socially-driven shopping, Pinterest is driving the highest average spending per online shopping session.

RichRelevance, a specialist in dynamic e-commerce personalization for the world’s largest retailers, analyzed nearly 700 million shopping sessions to benchmark the performance of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as drivers of traffic to retail sites.

“Every social network promises a new way of connecting consumers with retailers and brands,” stated Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance, of the firm's latest Shopping Insights report. “However, the big take-away from our research is that not all channels in the social space are created equal.” 

Key findings include:Continue reading...

going mobile

Walmart and Apple Test Mobile Self-Checkouts

Posted by Mark J. Miller on September 5, 2012 11:58 AM

Smartphones can do plenty of things. Now retailers are going to put them to work for them. Don’t feel like waiting in line at Walmart? Get yourself an iPhone.

The retail and technology giants have partnered up to create an app that is now being tested, one that will allow consumers to scan goods onto their iPhones and pay for them in a self checkout line, Reuters reports.

Walmart already offers a mobile app (at right) that can scan barcodes and check prices, along with a shopping list and basket, so self-checkouts are a natural extension as the mobile wallet business takes off, along with its @WalmartLabs R&D team exploring social and mobile commerce products and digital innovations such as semantic search.

The retailer promised earlier this year that it would put in more self checkout lanes into its stores as well as Sam’s Clubs, the wire service notes. If the test works out, the test will likely expand beyond Apple devices to Android and other mobile platforms. Apple's former retail chief is also bringing mobile self-checkouts to his new employer, JCPenney.Continue reading...

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Fancy That: Pinterest Rival The Fancy Passes 1M Design-Savvy Influencers

Posted by Sheila Shayon on July 10, 2012 11:53 AM

As Pinterest starts to overtake Twitter and other websites for referral traffic, it's a tough act to follow. But The Fancy is ready to give it a try.

Geared at fans of great design who already love to suggest new brands and products to their social networks, Mark Zuckerberg and Kanye West are fans of The Fancy, and backers include Ashton Kutcher and PPR head François-Henri Pinault.

But unlike Pinterest, it's not so much about visual scrapbooking as is about generating sales of recommended products, turning users into affiliates. And unlike Klout, no credit is received for influence, only for actual purchase, rewarding users for their taste and influence. It's powering more than $10,000 in sales per day. Modest, but it's a start for a brand that describes itself as “part store, blog, magazine, and wishlist.”Continue reading...

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Why Social Media Ads Need a New Playbook

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 28, 2012 04:52 PM

It’s a given that social media is de rigueur, but companies can still be better listeners and communicators according to the latest A.T. Kearney Social Media Study.

Parsing the top 50 of Interbrand's list of 100 Best Global Brands, Kearney analysts found that 48 of the top 50 have a Facebook presence, reluctance to include social media as a core factor in customer outreach persists and levels of participation vary widely. Concomitantly, consumer use of online messaging has reached “a staggering quantity,” and the study posits that no FB presence may be preferable to a spotty or irrelevant one.

"The majority of companies we looked at are not moving toward a more interactive use of social media, even as their customers are becoming clearer about their expectation to interact with their brands,” stated Jim Singer, study sponsor and partner in A.T. Kearney's Consumer and Retail Industries practice.

The study focused on four distinct types of posts: personal, consisting of a question or statement not specifically promoting a product; promotional, maybe including a coupon; informative, with product-relevant information; external, referencing off-Facebook content with a link.Continue reading...

social commerce

Target Tests Group Buying App on Facebook with ShopIgniter

Posted by Sheila Shayon on February 27, 2012 11:29 AM

Visitors to Target's Facebook page will notice a Seussified version of the brand's iconic bullseye logo, tied to the retailer's cross-promotional marketing for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie, which opens on Friday. Look a little closer, and they'll also notice a tab that promotes group gift-giving.

The pitch for the just-launched FB app, called Give With Friends: "Going in on a group gift? It’s easy peasy with Target’s “Give with Friends”. Just choose an eGiftCard, invite people to pitch in, and surprise someone with something fun from the whole gang. Best part: You never even have to leave Facebook!"

The app is powered by ShopIgniter, a social commerce developer, which aims to create social buying experiences. Kevin Tate, ShopIgniter's CMO, told brandchannel the goal is “bringing ‘commerce’ to the conversation and content that brands have spent the last few years developing on the Social Web. We see Commerce as a key vehicle for these brands to monetize the (significant) investments they've made in their social presence."Continue reading...

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