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Brand News: Beats, BP, Vodafone and more

Posted by Shirley Brady on June 6, 2014 09:15 AM


Apple’s iPhone tops America’s most profitable products as iWatch rumored for October and brand woos Chinese developers.

Beats gets kudos for global World Cup campaign, above.

BP, still under fire for Gulf of Mexico oil spill, launches UK charm offensive.

GM “switch from hell” saga detailed by the Washington Post.

Vodafone admits global phone tapping and surveillance.


Beastie Boys awarded $1.7 million in copyright case vs. Monster Energy.

CVS aims to kick tobacco habit by October.

Dove sketches campaign wins Grand Effie.

Facebook explains why organic reach is dropping; faces tighter EU privacy with peers.

Google passes Microsoft in US browser market share; releases 3D mobile tablet prototype.Continue reading...

World Cup Daily

In Marketing Race to the World Cup, Brands Turn Focus on Culture

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 5, 2014 04:11 PM

The World Cup starts next week, but the amount of advertising related to it is already overwhelming. Marketers have piled on to this World Cup more than any World Cup in the past, the New York Times reports, thanks to the expanding Hispanic population in the US, the ability to reach more consumers with social media and better technology, and the growing love for event TV that viewers actually watch as it happens rather than later, when they can skip through the ads.  

“World Cup soccer has the power to be the most talked about subject in social media, ever,” commented Gail Horwood, VP for worldwide digital strategy at Listerine’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, to the Times. “We’re going to tell the story of the matches through the mouths of the fans using two 24-hour newsrooms, in New York and London, with support on the ground in Brazil.”

Another sign that this World Cup has entered into a new realm for marketers, the Times notes, is how, like at the Olympics or Super Bowl, official sponsors are being "dogged by rivals also seeking to ride the World Cup’s coattails" as so-called ambush marketing gets more sophisticated (and digital). So more than ever this World Cup, FIFA partners such as Coke and adidas are seeing a lot of marketing pushback from rivals Pepsi and Nike.Continue reading...

World Cup Daily

Nike Leads Brand Marketers Kicking Up World Cup Fever on the Web

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 4, 2014 02:44 PM

The vast majority of football fans around the globe will be watching World Cup games on TV, whether that's in a pub, in a city square with thousands of others, or alone at home where no one else can see you worry through each excruciating minute. However, all those fans will also be heading online to search for highlights, commentary, and a place to share their extremely knowledgeable opinions. Marketers are placing their bets that this World Cup will shape up to be a major online event.

After all, Google reports that "searches related to the tournament over the past four years have outnumbered those for the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the Tour de France combined," according to Bloomberg. That kind of data has led every brand and its brother to launch World Cup-related online content. Sports Illustrated is hosting a standalone Planet Futbol site to cover the Cup and draw as many eyeballs as possible, as Adweek notes.

One of Nike's World Cup ads, the "Winner Stays" spot (above) featuring top footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, had 78 million views online (on YouTube and beyond) in April before it even debuted four days later on TV, partially due to Ronaldo, the world's most popular athlete on Twitter, tweeting it out to his ardent followers, Bloomberg adds. Still, Nike didn't feel compelled to release it on different platforms concurrently. Online ruled the day.Continue reading...

brands we love

Google, YouTube Kick Off Gay Pride (and World Cup) Month with LGBT Athletes

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 3, 2014 06:15 PM

It's getting easier to be gay in America. Same-sex marriages are now legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia; hotel chains and airlines are marketing to LGBT travelers; the NBA has seen its first openly gay player; and the NFL has drafted its first openly gay player. Now Google and YouTube, two of the top three websites visited in the world, are using their power to spread equality globally as part of Gay Pride Month.

The pair are kicking off their #ProudToPlay campaign, which is centered around athletes and equality in sports. Just ahead of the start of the World Cup in Brazil, the brands have drafted a group of athletic influencers, including Jason Collins, Tom Daley and Robbie Rogers to speak up for LGBT rights in the sports world any beyond. 

"Sports bring together people from all backgrounds and experiences through a shared passion, and YouTube shares that spirit of connecting diverse communities to make a difference," said YouTube Marketing manager, Raymond Braun, according to OutSports.com.Continue reading...

World Cup Daily

World Cup Marketing Sees Big Wins and Losses as Event Nears

Posted by Mark J. Miller on June 2, 2014 03:51 PM

With just 10 more days until fans and brands alike can let their soccer spirit run wild, marketers are putting final touches on their efforts to get in front of the hundreds of millions of global fans that will be turning out and tuning in to the month-long tournament. But much like the qualifying rounds on the field that led up to the Cup, some of the efforts that have been unveiled have been good, bad and ugly.    

The Good:

Banco de Chile tugs at fans' heartstrings with its new ad that features the 33 Chilean miners that were stuck underground for 69 days in 2010. The group delivers a rousing pep talk to the country's team to help them get through one of the Cup's toughest first-round groups, the so-called "Group of Death." "We are not scared of the Group of Death," one miner says, "We don't care about death! Because we have beaten death before!"

Britain's Grant's Whisky has gotten into the act as well, launching a series of short films (produced by the saucily named BigBalls Films) that feature aging football greats sharing their memories and tips with today's players under the #StandTogether hashtag being used to support Team England. The films are the first installments on Grant's new YouTube channel.Continue reading...

World Cup Daily

World Cup 2014: Welcome to the Non-Sponsor Main Event

Posted by Mark J. Miller on May 29, 2014 02:19 PM

Nike and Samsung may not be official sponsors of this summer's World Cup in Brazil, but that's not stopping them from taking full advantage of the event. The pair top a new list from Unruly Media of the most-shared football/footie/futbol-related videos. In fact, non-sponsors are responsible for 54 percent of total shares.

FIFA's official brand partners that made it into the top 11 ranking include Castrol and its "Footkhana" video; Coca-Cola, which has turned out a slew of soccer-related campaigns; Emirates Airlines; and Visa. Non-sponsor Pepsi, attempting to give its rival a run, was ranked at No. 14. Sponsors that didn't make it into the top 10 include Budweiser (16), Sony (18), McDonald’s (20), Johnson & Johnson (24), and Kia (26).

Part of the opportunity and challenge of being a World Cup official sponsor is the event's global appeal. According to Ad Age, 175 of Coca-Cola's 207 markets have adapted Coke's central campaign (see more below) for the 2014 World Cup. In comparison, only 100 markets bought into the brand's London 2012 campaign. The higher buy-in this year is partially due to making the campaign creative relevant locally with a customizable logo.Continue reading...

brand news

Brand News: Apple/Beats, Pepsi Max, Samsung Wearables and more

Posted by Shirley Brady on May 29, 2014 08:29 AM


Apple execs explain Beats acquisition as HP remains a Beats partner through end of the year.

Samsung announces prototype Simband personal health tech monitor with open cloud service.

BMW sees China as biggest electric car market, as Mercedes-Benz gives Chinese officials unprecedented access.

Pepsi Max unveils Idris Elba-directed short film (above) as part of #FutbolNow campaign.

Fender names U2's Bono and the Edge to its board.


Amazon tells customers to shop elsewhere in Hachette spat.

AriZona iced tea brand founders fight over brand value in court.

BlackBerry CEO defends strategy.

Bridgestone set to become Olympics sponsor.

Cadbury grapples with brand jihad in wake of pork discovery.Continue reading...

World Cup Daily

At the World Cup, the Biggest Match Will Be Between Marketers

Posted by Mark J. Miller on May 28, 2014 04:08 PM

With 15 days until the kickoff of the World Cup, brands are scrambling to lay claim to any piece of the action, but with only a limited number of official sponsorships available, many are turning to social media in hopes of capturing some real-time engagement. 

According to Marketing Week, big brands such as adidas, Budweiser, Johnson and Johnson and Volkswagen are pouring cash and energy into preparations to use social media and data as much as possible during the Cup's month-logn run in order to capture the attention of second-screen viewers—of which there will be a lot. According to Comigo, game highlights and full match replays will be watched by 63 percent of viewers on their computers, and around a quarter of viewers will watch highlights on their tablets and smartphones. 

”Facebook and Twitter are going to play a big role in how we activate around the World Cup," Jennifer Anton, marketing manager at World Cup sponsor Budweiser UK, told Marketing Week. "That’s not to say they weren’t in 2010 [during the last tournament] but we’re going to be using all the insights we have learnt during this time to connect with consumers around what we feel is going to be the biggest social media conversation ever.”Continue reading...

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