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In the News: Zynga, Lululemon, Monsanto and more

Posted by Dale Buss on June 4, 2013 09:20 AM

In the News

Zynga cuts staff to pre-IPO level.

Lululemon brings back yoga pants.

Monsanto plans to quit lobbying on GMO issues in Europe.

Apple is accused by prosecutors of helping drive up e-book prices.

Birchbox rebrands its beauty and lifestyle subscription service. 

Cadillac posts biggest sales surge since 1976.

Chipotle expands ShopHouse Asian concept.

Dunkin' Donuts to roll out glazed-doughnut sandwich nationwide.

eBay forms partnership with India's Snapdeal.

FedEx parks jets sooner to cut costs as economy slows.Continue reading...

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Coke Squashes Another Round of Secret Recipe Rumors

Posted by Mark J. Miller on May 17, 2013 02:49 PM

It’s tough to keep a secret in today’s digital world. Coca-Cola, of course, has been holding tight a secret recipe since the company got its start in 1886—and it has billions of dollars in revenue riding on it. 

Over the years, plenty have claimed they had the secret recipe, and now two more claim they've got the Real Things's recipe. 

Cliff Kluge, an antiques dealer from Georgia, publicized that he found a 1943 variation of the recipe (so the cocaine had been removed already) in a box of letters he purchased from an estate sale. Kluge put it up on eBay and asked for a starting auction bid of $5 million, with a "Buy it now" price of $15 million, but Kluge didn't get a single bid.Continue reading...


eBay Looks to Online Community to Help Fight Sales Tax Legislation

Posted by Sheila Shayon on April 22, 2013 03:41 PM

Back in 1994, when Amazon was just a book seller, online sales tax was a thought as far away as standard same-day delivery. But today, the biggest online retailer and its constituents—eBay, Etsy, Walmart—are keeping states from collecting billions of dollars in tax revenue, and they aren't too happy about it. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 45 states lose a combined estimated $24 billion annually from unreported internet purchases. In turn, the Marketplace Fairness Act—legislation that would force online merchants to collect sales tax for America's approximately 9,600 state and local taxing authorities—was recently approved by the US Senate. While e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart support the bill, others like eBay, which have large communities of sellers, are fighting back against the mandate. 

eBay CEO John Donahoe is reportedly sending emails to the site's 40 million users asking them to email Congress and let them know that the Marketplace Fairness Act is actually unfair to online small business owners, and places an inordinate amount of burden on sellers, who should be exempt.Continue reading...

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In the News: Apple, Twitter Music, Burberry and more

Posted by Dale Buss on April 18, 2013 09:08 AM

In the News

Apple loses throne to Exxon as world's biggest company as its slowdown threatens a $30-billion global supplier web.

Twitter launches music app for iOs devices today.

Burberry sales rise as China growth recovers.

BlackBerry says Alicia Keyes delivers its PowerPoint presentations.

CNN deals with aftermath of erroneous reporting in Boston Marathon investigation.

Carnival plans to spend up to $700 million to upgrade fleet.

Chevrolet says its new Cruze diesel outdoes Volkswagen Jetta diesel in mileage.Continue reading...

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In the News: Subway, Google, Amazon and more

Posted by Dale Buss on March 29, 2013 09:15 AM

In the News

Subway named top QSR brand in new study. 

Google tests same-day delivery business.

Amazon plans to acquire Goodreads book site.

AOL teams up with coach Phil Jackson to punk Twitter.

Apple faces heightened oversight in China.

Audi aims at Mercedes-Benz CLA with new A3 sedan.

Deutsche Telekom runs into opposition over proposed merger of T-Mobile with MetroPCS.

eBay says it is "now playing offense."

FX pitches new FXX channel at Millennials.Continue reading...

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eBay Sells it Forward with Mobile Giving Push and Global Commerce Goals

Posted by Sheila Shayon on March 28, 2013 07:14 PM

eBay's latest initiative, Sell it Forward, adds a touch of philanthropy to its recent push to make the service more brand-centric and expand PayPal’s usage.

Sell it Forward lets users sell their new or lightly-used clothes, shoes, handbags and other wares and share the proceeds with Goodwill. If an item is deemed saleable and sells within two weeks, eBay customers receive 50 percent of the proceeds and the other 50 percent helps fund Goodwill's operations and charitable efforts. (If an item is not sold in 14 days, it becomes a straight donation to Goodwill, and customers receive a tax-deductable donation form.)Continue reading...

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The Future of Retail: Blending the In-Store and Online Experience

Posted by Barry Silverstein on March 27, 2013 03:31 PM

In many respects, the future of retail is a moving target that continues to shift in response to consumer demand. Retailers are now using mobile payments to help them succeed in a market that is increasingly mobile even as they scramble to reinvent and preserve the in-store experience

When you bring these two trends together, they represent a not-so-subtle blending of distinctly different worlds: the physical store and the online store. It is here that battle lines are being drawn to determine who really owns the future of retail. That war is most evident when you examine some of the recent strategic moves by the top players.Continue reading...


Google Challenges Amazon with Same-Day Delivery "Shopping Express"

Posted by Sheila Shayon on March 5, 2013 01:33 PM

The same-day delivery battle just turned towards all-out war as Amazon, eBay and now Google enter the fray. Google is preparing to take on Amazon Prime, eBay Now and Postmates’ “Get It Now” with its own “Google Shopping Express.” 

“In our competitive retail space, retailers that transform the shopping experience to hit on convenience, economics, exclusivity, and overall experience, will win over nearly every type of consumer—one exclusive product, deal, or delivery at a time.”

Google Shopping Express, which has yet to be launched, will be offered for a rumored $10 or $15 cheaper ($69 or $64 a year) than Amazon's Prime, with same-day delivery from brick-and-mortar stores including Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway. Continue reading...

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