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Korea Aims to Build Brand at G20 Summit

Posted by Shirley Brady on November 5, 2010 03:00 PM

The fifth annual G20 Summit, taking place next week in Seoul, will aim to impress the Group of 20 world leaders and delegate with the country's high-tech advances — ultra-fast communication, portable broadband, Web-connected mobile television and other futuristic technologies — "that have become rather humdrum for Koreans," in one assessment.

KT, the nation's biggest broadband provider and telecommunications giant, will be handling the high-tech during the Nov. 11-12 G20 Seoul Summit and the corresponding global conference of global business leaders. Hyundai, meanwhile, is providing the official cars for delegates, including its luxury Equus brand and BlueOn electric vehicle, above.

It's also, naturally, an opportunity for nation-branding (more than half of Koreans expect the G20 spotlight to boost Korea's brand) and city branding, particularly in terms of the host city's arts and culture offerings. “The G20 summit will be a chance of a lifetime for Seoul to show off its global competitiveness,” the city's mayor, Oh Se-hoon, told reporters.


chae s. sone United States says:


Thursday, 11, 5, 2010

•  Kimchi (김치) is a Korean traditional dish fermented Korean vegetables with varied seasonings. Every Korean seems to have genetically addicted to it and has to eat it at every meal time.
Without a kimchi at meals, Koreans feel flabby. Remember, Korea is the only nation outside Russia and the United States allowed providing Korean native food to its astronaut, Ko San's space travel.

Thus, Korean astronaut Ko San, a 30-year-old computer scientist, flew with it to the International Space Station on a Russian Soyuz rocket
in April 2008.
He carried not only a Kimch in his space travel but also included the Korean instant noodle called ramyeon, hot pepper paste, fermented soybean soup and sticky rice.
Thus, Kimch became one of the 157 certified space foods.

Recently an American had been to the meeting of G20 finance ministers and Central Bank Chiefs in Korea in the last June. According to her, the most regrettable incident for her at this time was missed chance to taste some of her motherland’s dishes as she was confined in the hotel – most of all her regrettable were the missed chance
to taste a “Kimchi" dish although she was able to taste it while during the IMF crisis in Korea.

She had very proud happy feelings in honor as served the United States of America
with a Korean heritage, attending at the meetings at The Blue House or Cheongwadae  during the crisis.

In the occasion of the coming G 20 meeting, some visitors from other G 20 nations, with Korean heritage, might have a similar regrettable experience if missed a Kimch tasting during the conference.

It is a wishful thinking if the Korean reception at the G20 would pay attention to introduce Korean dishes to the international dignitaries at the meal times, especially “space Kimchi.”

The Korean astronaut Ko San traveled with a Kimchi in the Russian space rocket Soyuz. Thus, the space Kimch definitely symbolizes the friendship between Koreans and Russians in the space travel.

How about if Koreans as G20 sponsors can treat the international dignitaries in friendship with the space kimchi during the G20 conference at this time?  Let them have chance to taste the Korean space Kimch in “The Land of Morning Calm” at this time for the glory of the G20 international friendship.

Also it is a golden opportunity for President Lee Myung-Bak to demonstrate proudly how his Kimchi smart people did transform itself from a war-ravaged society to the vibrant economy and stable democracy in cyber phase with the UN rescue and the international cooperation and how to be a Kimchi smart as Koreans for the coming days in the cyber age in the international friendship – needless to day all Koreans appreciate the members of the United Nations Army who sacrificed for Korea. Some day we could rescue the suffering North Koreans and Kim Jong Il from the hungry workers’ paradise

November 5, 2010 09:09 PM #

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