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Alex, What Is Jeopardy Product Placement For Met Opera?

Posted by Abe Sauer on April 19, 2011 02:00 PM

"Possible Safety Risks Put Met Opera Tour to Japan ‘in Jeopardy’"

That was a recent headline about how the Japan disasters were threatening the New York Metropolitan Opera's tour to the tsunami-reeling nation. But there was another Jeopardy in which the Met found itself.

On Monday, the long-running game show engaged in a unique form of product placement that made the Met Opera a category for the quiz, with all questions referencing (and ultimately promoting) the new Met Opera season.

In a series of videos, Jeopardy's "Clue Crew" reported each category quiz question on a feature of the Met Opera's season, from the famous director of one of the new operas to costumes. A behind the scenes promo was also posted on the "Clue Crew" Facebook page.

Reinforcing the placement, the game show's commercial breaks featured ads for the new Met Opera season and a call to action to buy tickets.

Demographically speaking, the Met Opera target audience is a good fit with the liberal-arts-heavy Jeopardy viewership, and brings the cultural institution's brand to middle America and beyond.

And for Jeopardy, this kind of cross-promotional product placement opens a whole new integration portal for revenue growth, without a need to change a thing about the show's format.

While not the same kind of integration as the Met Opera example, earlier this year, Jeopardy teamed with IBM for its "Watson" challenge, pitting IBM's now-famous artificial intelligence against a former Jeopardy champ.

Of course, as with all thing product placement, Apple blazed this trail a long time ago.

Way back in 2005, Jeopardy featured a category titled "Apple of my Eye" featuring clues to Apple-themed "answers" such as "This product shares its name with a place where aircraft take flight" (Apple's Airport device) and, for the Tiger OS, "An Asian feline that shares a name with the latest Mac OS X version."


Product Placement Spain says:


La agencia especializada Product Placement (www.productplacement.com.es), con sede en Madrid (España) y con más de 20 años como especialistas en esta técnica publicitaria, se presenta para hacer frente a la creciente pérdida de efectividad de los anuncios televisivos tradicionales debida a la saturación de spots y pausas comerciales, al zapping, a la  fragmentación de audiencias por la aparición y maneras de consumir los nuevos canales de televisión digital, a la caída de la inversión en publicidad convencional en televisión, al descenso de las ayudas estatales a medios de comunicación y como vía de financiación para producciones de obras audiovisuales, películas, series, animación y programas de entretenimiento para televisión y videojuegos.

El product placement llega a los consumidores de manera muy efectiva, no intrusiva, logra elevados índices de impactos, establece importantes conexiones emocionales con los consumidores y es más económica que la publicidad tradicional.  

El product placement será la técnica publicitaria, la herramienta de marketing y la comunicación comercial audiovisual de los próximos años.

Realizamos cursos de formación en especialistas en la técnica publicitaria del product placement. Consultoría, supervisión, evaluación, investigación y asesoramiento a canales de TV, productoras y agencias de medios en acciones de product placement.



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