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Mantyhose, Guylons, Brosiery: Men, Ready to Don Tights?

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 6, 2012 03:14 PM

Fellas who have been bumming out for the past eon about not having any pantyhose made expressly for them can now rest easy. There’s a new trend in town and Women’s Wear Daily is calling it mantyhose. is trying on a few other names for the new product — Brosiery, Guylons, He-tard, Beau-hose — and asking consumers to vote. At this writing, Brosiery was smothering the rest of the competition.

As WWD points out, men having seen this much hose for guys since NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath donned a pair for a Hanes BeautyMist commercial and Burt Reynolds showed off his nylon-clad gams in a Cosmopolitan pictorial.

Italian fashion designer Emilio Cavallini is leading the charge, looking to expand the 4 million pairs of tights that he sells annually to a new audience: men.

Cavallini's website is  offering at least six different designs of the unisex tights including white or gray side bands, skulls, stars, checks, and horizontal stripes. He has also designed camouflage mantyhose, which may appeal to officers and gentlemen.

Below, check out Cavallini's haute legwear at last month's New York Fashion Week in a provocative runway show for his fall/winter womens' legewear collection that paid tribute with a short film, titled Risque Business, to seamed stockings icon Bettie Page.


Sam Australia says:

I recon its about time guys fashion made a bit of a move from been boring. Always see the same old stuff just different colour. Guys wear tights for sports, all this is doing is adding it to normal every day wear. I recon its a great move forward.

March 6, 2012 11:44 PM #

The Dude United States says:

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

March 7, 2012 12:01 AM #

Mark United States says:

It is happening. Tights are becoming more and more popular. Just be on the look out in your own town. If there are runners and joggers, there are tights. NBA had to ban them as the tights were giving an unfair advantage to the wearer. their legs held up stronger for longer periods of time as compared to those who didn't wear them. I wear then not for sports, but for support after I had leg vein operations. To bad I didn't wear them but the operations... but it's never too late for those who have a heavyness or achy legs after a long day on the old legs.

March 7, 2012 12:35 AM #

Jerry United States says:

Nope for three reasons:
1. That's another layer to negotiate when I want to do the standy up thing. Even if they're Y-front, it's not gonna be comfortable. And all that poking about in the fly trying to find the seam.
2. They're gonna crease up my lovely boxers. Now that's not sexy.
3. Hairy legs never look good (or feel good) in sheer tights. Trust me on this. So what, men have to shave their legs now, too?

March 7, 2012 03:24 AM #

Paul Duane United States says:

I wear pantyhose all the time. It's my own look - it's not for everyone, but that's ok. Everyone respects it, and a lot of people give me compliments when I go out on the town dressed like this:

March 7, 2012 06:32 AM #

Mark Reinhardt United States says:

I think they would be good in the north. Need a manly name. Instead of long johns. How about Johnsons.

March 7, 2012 09:49 AM #

Mike United States says:

Please tell me this is joke?!

March 7, 2012 10:24 AM #

Steve N. United States says:

The men's legwear trend isn't really all that new.  ActivSkin has been making/selling pantyhose designed especially for men since 2000, and Emilio Cavallini released the tights pictured here back in 2009.  There are probably more than a dozen companies now selling tights/mantyhose for men now.  A couple new ones start up--or add a men's line to their women's--just about every year lately.  

Read more about it if you care to at The Nylon Gene (

March 7, 2012 11:45 PM #

Mike W Canada says:

Over the last day or so, there have been many 'news' stories on this topic.  I couldn't help but read some of the reader comments posted after some of these articles.  The comments range from negative to downright hateful.  Now I have been openly wearing hose (with shorts) for many years, both here in Canada, as well as when I lived in the US.  Given that I've never received a slanderous remark from anyone, I was surprised when I read so many  negative and derogatory comments.  Based on the lack of negative comments I've received over the years, I wasn't expecting that level of disdain towards this topic.  What concerns me though, is that the negative comments expressed in this type of forum may embolden someone (who's maybe less enlightened to begin with) to express this negativity on the first guy he/she sees dressed in this manner.  

March 8, 2012 04:34 PM #

Paul Duane United States says:

Mike, I have also been very shocked at how vitriolic a lot of the responses have been. It's a pair of socks. Get a grip, guys. I have a theory about human nature: when we find something that we want, but cannot have, we will often mutate our love for it into hate, and will attempt to destroy it.  You see this all the time with right wing politicians and public figures that are vehemently outspoken about things like homosexuality... almost without exception, these same people are closeted homosexuals themselves.   Like you, Mike, I wear pantyhose out quite a bit, and I have never received any negativity for it. People either ignore me, or compliment me.  It's not for everyone, but then again... what is?  

March 8, 2012 04:48 PM #

ken United States says:

Great article. I guess people fear what they don't understand so thy negatively berate something or someone to get their point across which is a healthy thing to do.

March 8, 2012 10:51 PM #

ken United States says:

to reiterate the last few words i meant it isn't a healthy thing to do based on the fact they are ignorant about the subject plus the lack of knowledge behind it.

March 8, 2012 10:54 PM #

Kathy United Kingdom says:

I'm not surprised by the negative comments and I'm delighted with the positive ones. It seems to me to all come down to either a lack of self-awareness, self-approval and self-confidence ('The Dude', Jerry & Mike) or a total independence of spirit and self-confidence (Sam, Mark, Paul, Steve & Ken) . Only you can make the choice and I'm delighted this is actually happening - long may it continue!  

March 13, 2012 05:27 AM #

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