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Pepsi Japan Adds to Black, Dry, Pink, White and Salty Watermelon Cola Flavors

Posted by Dale Buss on July 6, 2012 04:01 PM

Japan may be considered a "Western" country, but its tastes, not to mention culture, often strain comparisons with the rest of the West. But nowadays Pepsi is making some moves with new products in Japan that look like they're right out of its playbook for the rest of the world.

Pepsi Extra, for instance, is an addition to Pepsi's Nex range in Japan that is packed in 200ml cans and reformulated to feature added caffeine and increased sweetness, according to Beverage Daily. Packaged in a smaller and slimmer can than regular Pepsi, Extra is a clear play for energy-drink positioning.

It's promoted as being "perfect for waking up the sleepy" and for "going the extra mile when you want more."

Pepsi Japan also says it's creating a "new genre" for Japanese adults with last month's release of Pepsi Black. It has 50 percent less sugar compared with regular Pepsi, an "enhanced aftertaste" and added lemon flavor. Pepsi Dry, released a year ago, was launched as a non-sweet "straight" cola beverage.

While those products seem within the western mainstream, however, Pepsi also has been launching a number of Japan-only products designed to delight local taste buds. They have included new "fun" flavors packaged in shrink sleeves including Salty Watermelon, White Pepsi & Yogurt and Pink Strawberry & Milk varieties.

Come to think of it, with 100-degree-plus heat indexes across America, that Salty Watermelon flavor might be one product that — in addition to Toyotas and Sonys — worth importing from Japan these days.


Harrison United States says:

Pepsi should let people outside Japan purchase these drinks -- at a premium, of course. I would pay $25 to sample Salty Watermelon Cola; I'm sure there are others who'd pay much more.

July 9, 2012 12:31 AM #

Sullos Australia says:

Good call Harrison, keep the countries range exclusive, yet offer it at a price, some kind of creative consumer engagement - perhaps an FMCG guru could offer some insight here on why/why not?

For one, when you travel and bump into exotic lines from global brands it keeps things interesting. Gotta love Japan!

July 9, 2012 02:22 AM #

Dr Brian Monger Australia says:

"Japan may be considered a "Western" country,"  What foolishness is that?

Other folk - check out your local Japanese grocery in a month or so.

July 9, 2012 03:03 AM #

Kyndra Wilson United States says:

Indeed! "The rest of the west?" Let's not mistake "developed" for "western" and compound our existing problems of being perceived entirely self-absorbed. There are lots of stories of brands who have been able to creatively extend their range by tapping into local tastes. I don't personally love the idea of a yogurt Pepsi product, but I'm not their market.

July 10, 2012 10:26 AM #

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