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Food Companies Put the Squeeze On Adults

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 1, 2013 03:37 PM

Toddlers and kids love their squeezable food and marketers have taken note. What better way to serve up products to America’s on-the-go adults? Mr. Whipple may have wanted to keep you from squeezing the Charmin but that’s all these companies want you to do with their products. Welcome to Squeezable Nation.

You’ve got your squeezable hummus, your squeezable sour cream, your squeezable condensed milk, salsa, cheese, pizza sauce and squeezable Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper. In other words, you’ve got pretty much whatever you want in squeezable form and you shouldn’t be surprised when all-squeezable restaurants start popping up.

OK, maybe not a full-on squeezable restaurant, but at least—as Saveur points out—a much more exciting condiment tray in your fridge: squeezable sun-dried tomato pesto and garlicky tzatziki from Canada’s Maison Le Grand get a shout-out from the publication.

This growing American market may be why Squeez Bacon is finally(!) making its way to the USA from Sweden, where it’s been on the market since a few years after World War II ended. According to ThinkGeek.com, the band ABBA first met while eating Squeez Bacon sandwiches and IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad likes to travel with a case of the stuff. Mamma Mia! (What is it with the Swedes and the acronyms, by the way?)

After all, Americans are working way more for not much more payout than they were decades ago, according to a new report. That’s time that was once spent actually cooking. Now, all you've got to do is squeeze—but as TheCityCook.com points out, do you really want to go out for food-tube pizza?


Rick McGrath United States says:


You do know that Squeez Bacon is an April Fools joke from several years ago, don't you?

March 4, 2013 02:53 PM #

top travel sites United States says:

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March 6, 2013 01:08 PM #

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