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Social Notworking: Read Interbrand's New Report on the Corporate Digital Divide

Posted by Shirley Brady on March 21, 2012 12:56 PM

The organizers of the Digital Media Summit today in Toronto tweeted the following question: "Are you guilty of 'social notworking'?"

Some new research spearheaded by Jeff Mancini, Interbrand's New York-based senior director of digital strategy, who's also a participant at the conference, reveals how companies are guilty of 'social notworking' — and what they can do about it.

Interbrand's just-released survey of 672 companies across 10 sectors — in a new report titled "From Digital Strategy to Brand Mastery" — takes the pulse of corporate social marketing efforts with some telling results:

• 16% of the companies that responded classified their social marketing efforts as non-existent, or "digitally inactive."

• 68% of respondents believe they are ahead of the competition (but are they? Read on...)

• More than half (56%) of digitally active companies reported that they do not have a social media policy.

• Half of the companies (49%) surveyed said they do not have a dedicated social media group or committee.

• A full 36% of all respondents felt that their company's investment in employee education on their corporate digital strategy is inadequate — indicating a missed opportunity for internal brand engagement.

• Only 13% of all respondents claim they audit competitors continuously.

• More than a quarter said they don't solicit customer feedback to inform their digital efforts, while 46% are not mining social data for insights. Only 53% are monitoring for defamation of their brand. 

• Some 42% said they have developed their digital strategy within the past two years, so it's evolving. Even so, 74% of respondents think the objectives of their digital strategy are clear — while one-third believe their brand experience to be inconsistent across digital touchpoints.

On average, digitally active companies engage in few than half (7 out of 15) of the "fundamental" digital activities necessary to establish a comprehensive presence.

For more on what those 15 digital fundamentals are, what's working (and not working) and what companies and brands need to prioritize in order to move from digital strategy to digital mastery by downloading the free report.


shankar Saudi Arabia says:

the wide gap between the real experience and the digital experience opened up for many marketers and some are just filling up the space or bridging this gap with a structure that does not really do the job the real question is how can the real and the digital work blend and work seamlessly for the brand..? there was a time when we thought a big idea is only big if it had legs and could stride all forms of communication vehicles -its no longer true !
on a separate note the service industry tends to do better in the digital world as they depend on the brands intangible aspects to build a relationship - what will always be missing in the digital world is the " touch and feel sensory aspects which engages the consumers and makes the brand come alive
marketers are caught in the fad cycle of the digital world
- we have to think differently for this medium there are plenty of self proclaimed experts who have sprung up to show the way beware ...

March 25, 2012 03:21 AM #

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