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  Closing the Gap Between Compliance and Accelerated Performance  
  By Interbrand  
  A review of the CSR reports of leading Canadian companies reveals that many organizations simply go through the motions of reporting regulatory compliance or recasting standard business practices through a politically-expedient lens. In both instances, these organizations are squandering the opportunity to increase their impact on society, enhance the long-term viability of their business, and to share a more compelling and differentiating story with the marketplace. In shifting their focus from compliance to creating shared value, these companies strengthen both their business performance and brand.   
  August 2014  
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  Financial applications for brand valuation
  By Interbrand
  With an ever-increasing emphasis on brands driving significant premiums in mergers and acquisitions, accounting standards requiring balance sheet valuation of brands, and a host of other financial applications, Interbrand's Global Director of Brand Valuation details the critical financial role of brand valuation.    
  April 2014    
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  MRM Year In Review: Mobile Advertising Bright Spots in 2012
  Unilever, SlimFast, Audi, and are among a growing number of brands embracing Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM). All four are turning rich media engagement and relevant content into connected experiences that go from web to mobile. This white paper includes case studies on how these leading brands have met the needs and expectations of their mobile customers. The paper also includes insights into mobile advertising consumption and consumer attitudes towards these new mobile channels of interaction.    
  February 2013    
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  Global Competitive [Ad]vantage: Analyzing Website Advertising Strategies of TechCrunch & Mashable
  By GeoEdge
  Did you know that 36% of AOL’s revenues come from online display ads served on their sites? This represents more than one-­‐third of all AOL revenues and sheds light on the fact that ads are a viable revenue stream for website publishers that will not disappear anytime soon. It’s time to face the facts that online ads drive a majority of revenue for website publishers both large and small. Publishers need a way to easily monitor and track the performance of online ads across all ad networks that appear on their site in order to apply compliance rules on content. GeoEdge Analytics is a tool that gives advertisers and site publishers a full visibility into exactly how an ad appears in any country, on any page through displaying an actual screenshot of how a particular ad appears on a website. This business intelligence also give website publishers insight into how their advertisers are performing . . . and how their competitors websites are performing. This report compares the website publisher advertising strategies of 2 of the most popular news sites in the world: TechCrunch and Mashable.    
  August 2012    
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  DKI Email & Website Engagement Report
  By DKI
  Relationship marketing (RM) programs are a powerful educational tool that empowers patients to make educated decisions about their treatment. Programs are usually driven by an email component that either contains informative material or drives them to a personal space where they can review content.    
  August 2012    
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  Learning Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study
  By IBM
  CEOs have a new strategy in the unending war for talent. They are creating more open and collaborative cultures—encouraging employees to connect, learn from each other and thrive in a world of rapid change. Collaboration is the number-one trait CEOs are seeking in their employees, with 75 percent of CEOs calling it critical.    
  May 2012    
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  The Millennial Consumer: Debunking Stereotypes
  By The Boston Consulting Group
  Little has been written about U.S. Millennials as consumers. With this generation's peak spending years fast approaching, forward-looking companies need to create effective strategies for winning its business.    
  April 2012    
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  The Global, Socially-Conscious Consumer
  By Nielsen
  New findings from a Nielsen survey of more than 28,000 online respondents from 56 countries around the world provide fresh insights to help arketers better understand the right audience for cause marketing activities, which programs resonate most strongly with this audience, and what marketing methods may be most effective in reaching these consumers.    
  March 2012    
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  Today’s Reality for Hospitals: Brand is the New Must Have
  By InterbrandHealth
  ow brand can be leveraged to add value and differentiate individual assets in an increasingly complex and competitive hospital marketplace.    
  March 2012    
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