Top Ten Comments

The 2002 Readers' Choice survey has an option to write in a brand and a comment. Naturally we received many comments ranging from the enthusiastic to the belligerent. The brands below may not have scored the highest, but they registered some of the best comments and covered a range of emotions.

Excellent focused brand, long-term thinking, yet absolutely modern and youthful. Exemplary use of sponsoring.

Arsenal Football Club
Fabulous brand exposure and hype, shame about the deliverables.

The coffee chain that started a fire in India and is now going offshore.

One of the most recognizable brands in the world is not even on your list. Whatís up with that?

Boots the Chemist
For not being fearful, and entering new arenas. Trying to stretch boundaries.

Beyond Enthusiasm:
They are f**** awesome.

Pot noodle
Their recent uk ads, "Itís the slag of all snacks," perfectly portrayed their product, their customers, and their market image; no pretensions, no false aspirations whatsoever, they know what they are and are proud of it. Shame they had to drop the slag bit.

Even [though] I have no use for their services, Clarity ads this year have been memorable and entertaining. I know the brand even though I am unclear as to what they are selling.

Coca Cola & PepsiCo
Oh come on guys, surely it has to be Coca Cola and PepsiCo for that great campaign based on defacing the ancient rocks all along the Manali-Rohtang Highway? Certainly made a lot of the Indian people sit up and take notice.

Political Resignation:
War on terrorism
A bunch of hot air with a logo on it -- the ultimate global brand!