Serena Helps Tampax “Outsmart Mother Nature”


There’s nothing Serena Williams hates more than line judges calling her foot fouls, except for when that time of the month catches her unexpectedly.

Tampax is launching an ad campaign featuring the tennis superstar battling Mother Nature on and off the tennis court, with Williams ultimately “Outsmarting Mother Nature.” [more]

A preview of the campaign features a cowering Mother Nature opposite Williams on a tennis court, about to be slammed with a brutal shot. Perhaps not the best association to make so soon after Williams was ousted from the US Open, when a code violation led Williams to threaten to shove a tennis ball down the throat of a line judge.

Tampax defends their spokesperson: “Clearly she admitted she made a mistake; she apologized. We support her apology.” The print campaign will run in teen, beauty, health and women’s lifestyle magazines, with videos offered online at and