Clorox “Mad Men” Ads Miss The Target


Clorox wants to be loved by moms. The company’s website promises tips on how “to create a clean and sanitary environment for their little new one,” keep those first-day-of-school clothes looking fresh, and help freshmen college students with laundry.

But according to a mystifying Clorox ad that seems to pop up every time I watch Mad Men, while mom’s doing the laundry, her husband is off smooching his secretary.

The Clorox ad features a man’s white, lipstick-stained dress shirt, and reads: “Clorox. Getting ad guys out of hot water for generations.”[more]

How are stay-at-home moms – the apparent target of all Clorox’s other branding efforts – supposed to respond to this? “I’ll go get my husband some Clorox to help him cover up his numerous affairs”?

As Don Draper puts it, “advertising is about happiness. And you know what happiness is? It’s freedom from fear.”  But enabling philandering husbands might not be the thing to make mom all that happy while trying to keep those first-day-of-school clothes looking fresh!


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