Estee Lauder Gives Women Pretty Facebook Profile Pics


We all strive to put our “best face forward” on social networking sites. On Facebook, to add another cliché, the right profile picture is worth a thousand words. (Or, for the lucky, a thousand dates.)

This reality has inspired the latest branding initiative from Esteé Lauder:  “Your Beauty. Your Style. Your Profile.” The beauty company will be holding events across the country where ladies (and, I’m sure, men who want to look pretty) can meet with a professional makeup artist to design a makeover tailored to the website you’re aiming to join or have recently joined.

For instance, you could stick to a conservative color palette for LinkedIn, and then add a bit of pizzazz for OKCupid or Nerve.[more]

I would suggest that those with a Myspace profile should go for a smoky eye, because isn’t that what all the kids are doing these days? You can quit taking those camera phone-in-your-bathroom-mirror jobs, because a professional photographer will be on hand to take the pictures:

It’s totally free—and you get a ten-day supply of foundation as well, so, you know, should you actually end up meeting your cyber suitors or future co-workers in real life, you’ll look your best in person, too. Click here for more information and to find a participating counter near you.

The team will be at the Bloomingdale’s in New York on October 16th. Disclosure: There is no guarantee that you will come out of your appointment looking like campaign girl Elizabeth Hurley. (Sorry.)