Rough Luxe Boutique: The New Hotel Chic


Rough Luxe, a unique London hotel designed by award-winning interior designer Rabih Hage, offers guests an ambiance of contrasts. It’s all part of a meticulous approach to architectural heritage, high-end amenities, and modern-day economic realities.

“Luxury should be pure and about rarity, not duplication,” explains Mr. Hage in our recent brandchannel profile. The rooms at Rough Luxe offer original artwork and elegant bed linens, but also 25-year-old televisions and original walls with peeling paint and wallpaper. And it’s all by design – an aesthetic philosophy of juxtaposition that extends far beyond the walls of the quirky hotel. Rough Luxe – rough luxury – is a brand of its own, an “experience,” that includes hotels and lodges, restaurants and bars, shops and luxury goods, and seminars and excursions.[more]

Rooms at the Rough Luxe hotel start at under $200 (£125 in British pounds), quite a bargain for lodging in London. The Rough Luxe hotel is in a good position to challenge other boutique hotels for consumer loyalty, and by focusing on affordability and the quality of experience, it caters to a contemporary sensibility that desires chic without bling and comfort without guilt. The rooms have character and the frills have class. And the hotel is 100% original.

“There will be other businesses that are part of the Rough Luxe Experience Network,” says Mr. Hage, “but Rough Luxe will not be a duplicated branded hotel chain.” Hage insists on originality derived from the existing infrastructure and surrounding local culture. For Rough Luxe guests seeking a unique travel experience, their adventure begins when they check in.


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