Pepsi Sponsors Foursquare Leaderboard, Gives Back


It’s not unusual to see Pepsi’s name on the scoreboard at a sporting event, but now the brand is sponsoring a different kind of scoreboard: the Foursquare leaderboard.

Foursquare, the mobile social networking platform, city guide, gaming application, and friend finder has announced the start-ups first sponsorship, with Pepsi.

Foursquare is available as an application on the iPhone and Android operating system, with mobile web browsing and text messaging capabilities available on all phones. The service offers users the ability to “friend” other users, “check-in” to establishments while out on the town, and recommend restaurants and menu items.[more]

When users check-in to an establishment they are awarded points and badges based on the depth of their experiences. For example, if a user frequents a venue more than anyone else on the Foursquare system they are awarded the title of “Mayor.” Total points are tallied on the Foursquare leaderboard, where Pepsi’s logo appears.

The partnership with Pepsi also serves an altruistic goal, and for every check-in recorded this week Pepsi will donate $0.04 to CampInteractive, “an organization that helps empower inner-city youth through technology skills and mentoring.” With Foursquare’s record-breaking group check-in last night — 242 at one event — the charitable venture couldn’t come at a better time.

Pepsi has erred recently on mobile applications. Their sub-brand, Amp, caused controversy with the “Amp Up Before You Score” app, which stereotyped women and perpetuated a “bro” culture.

But this time Pepsi is steering clear of controversy. The partnership with Foursquare is a savvy example of mobile advertising and provides Pepsi the opportunity to show their charitable side.


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