Barbie Dons Floral Design By Comme Des Garçons


After being declared an “It Girl” on the fashion circuit by the New York Times, Barbie has been busy with collaborations, particularly its recent partnership with shoe-master Christian Louboutin.

Louboutin fitted the famous doll with miniature red-soled shoes, despite her fat ankles. But what about the rest of Barbie? There is certainly more to this iconic brand than just her feet. Enter Rei Kawakubo.[more]

For the first time ever Barbie is being dressed by the best: Rei Kawakubo, part of the label Comme des Garçons, has designed a dress to perfectly fit the plastic princess. It is part of Kawakubo’s Jingle Flowers collection, themed around the winter holiday season. Kawakubo has kept herself occupied extending her line with last year’s capsule collection for H&M as well as producing a new line of bags dedicated to The Beatles.

This limited edition Barbie constitutes part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label Collection. The doll, complete with new packaging, features the Jingle Flowers photo-style floral graphic on a sleeveless silk-lined dress that flares out into a full asymmetric-cut skirt.

Barbie by Comme des Garçons sold out in Tokyo last week, but is being stocked in all other Comme des Garçons stores including London’s Dover Street Market, with a price tag of around $368.

The floral pattern will continue to be branded onto limited-edition products, including wallets, tees, perfume, Artek chairs, and even snow globes.