Wendy’s Promotes Its Burgers Via Text Message


McDonald’s, one of the world’s most venerable brands, is cranking up the heat on its competitors by offering a new, bullet-proof burger. Wendy’s, however, is fighting back.

Wendy’s recently launched a line of commercials that entice consumers with a $75 million marketing ploy of “never-frozen burgers and new freshly cooked bacon.” The “You know when it’s real” series touts real meat and real ingredients in the chain’s fast food. Despite the effort, same-store sales for company-owned stores slipped by 4% in October.

To mitigate the slide, the restaurant chain hopes to appeal to customers by teaming up with Options Media Group Holdings on a new mobile coupon campaign.[more]

Northeast diners can sign up to receive coupons and ads via mobile devices in exchange for discounts at select Wendy’s locations. According to the service provider’s CEO:

“We found from past campaigns that text messaging-based incentives work very well. Consumers tend to look at text messages quicker than e-mail, so it’s an instant result for [the brand],” said Frohman. “And it’s something that’s very beneficial to the consumer.”

7-Eleven launched a similar marketing scheme in December 2009 and received positive feedback from consumers. Similar to Wendy’s, store visitors must show a UPC bar code text message at cash registers in order to redeem the coupon.

Such applications have proven successful for many brands, and Wendy’s is hoping that marketing via mobile devices will bring hungry customers into its stores… and away from McDonald’s.


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