Fewer Ad Dollars Lead To Negative Campaigns, Experimentation In 2010


In advertising, where there is currently no money and none expected anytime soon, the great ad depression of 2009 is expected to last well into 2010. With limited ad dollars, expect more harsh marketing strategies designed to tear down competing brands instead of building up their own.

Verizon is the latest, and most prevalent, negative marketing campaign to dominate media. But other examples abound. Chrysler, for instance, has been rattling off the failings of its competitors, including Ford and Honda, in its recent commercials.[more]

According to experts rounded up by the Washington Post, the main trend for advertising in 2010 will be experimentation. Embracing social networking platforms is in, but pricey traditional channel media venues — such as the Super Bowl — are out. Also out? Celebrity endorsements. In? Branding campaigns that showcase actual employees.

Brands are taking on less risk, and trying to be more human. Accessibility and sensibility will rule 2010. As cautious consumers wade into a murky economy, brands will wait for signals that marketplace confidence is rebounding and act accordingly. Some experts speculate substantial growth won’t happen until 2012.

That’s not too long, providing your brand isn’t the target of a negative ad campaign.


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