Oprah Plays It Safe With “Live Your Best Life” Promotion


Oprah Winfrey’s namesake publication, O, is currently holding a contest to promote the 10th anniversary of its “Live Your Best Life” three-day-long event in May. The ten readers who find a winning code in their February issues, will win free airfare and accommodations for the event.

The “Live Your Best Life” event, sponsored by L’Oréal Paris for the third year in a row, has proven particularly effective at spreading Oprah’s brand mission. This year’s 10th anniversary event will take place in Manhattan and feature workshops with O columnists, a performance from Oprah at Radio City Music Hall, and a Walk for a Cause with Oprah.[more]

This is the first time that Oprah is giving her readers an opportunity to win attendance to the “Live Your Best Life” weekend—a move that may have as much to do with the 10th anniversary as struggling ad page sales, which have fallen an estimated 25 percent in the last year. And unlike Oprah’s disastrous KFC coupon promotion embarrassment, this promotion plays it safe: O is a brand she has control over and that her audience already trusts.


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