Tasti D-Lite Knows Where You Are, Wants To Reward You


As brand-owners worldwide brainstorm to figure out how to leverage social media to their advantage, Tasti D-Lite thinks it has its answer: Put a bounty on brand-promoting Tweets.

The potential flaw in the brand’s scheme? It involves math. [more]

Just kidding. It does involve math but it’s easy. The MyTasti program allows consumers to tether their Tasti D-Lite loyalty cards to their Twitter and Foursquare accounts by signing up at the brand’s Mytasti.com site. Every time a consumer employs his or her loyalty card to make a delicious purchase, the Foursquare and Twitter accounts are automatically updated with specific geographic information. Each update earns points and 50 points earns a free Tasti D-Lite treat.

Tasti D-Lite is testing the campaign in 10 cities with plans to take it to the brand’s full 47 stores later in the year.

Tasti D-Lite’s director of information and social technologies laid out the basic upside of the campaign:

“Clearly you can see if someone has 1,000 followers and visits Tasti D-Lite once a week that message will get out there…They’re sharing their Tasti D-Lite experience and earning points for something they may be doing already.”

Tasti D-Lite is no stranger to leveraging geo-targeting campaigns using the Foursquare social network to build its brand. In New York, the brand has offered 99-cent servings to Foursquare users whose “check in” at a Tasti D-Lite location. This use of social media as currency, and geo-targeting real-time promotions, is the future. Tasti D-Lite appears to be one of the happy test monkeys.

The campaign’s only potential “flaw” does have to do with math. Foursquare, the mobile social network on which the updates rely, currently has fewer than 200,000 users. But that’s just a matter of scale, certain to change as GPS-enabled social networks become more popular. In the meantime, other brands should take note of Tasti D-Lite’s lead.





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