Will Starbucks Find Itself In 2010?


An identity complex is never fun – especially if you are a brand. The past year was a particularly difficult time for Starbucks. It very publically explored its own soul, its past, its future, and in the process launched an instant coffee and a nostalgic blend of beans. After some intense psychotherapy, Starbucks came to this conclusion: It’s my parent’s fault.

Indeed, the once invincible brand determined that the best way to reinvigorate its image was to begin anew by rebelling against the past that gave birth to it.[more]

The Seattle-based company eschewed its iconic chain store identity and aimed to disappear by blending into local neighborhoods. Essentially, in 2010 Starbucks hopes to attract customers by tricking them into thinking they aren’t buying coffee at a Starbucks. What a compelling development to one of America’s most notable business success stories.

For branding industry professionals, the Starbucks brand is like a living fossil. It tells us so much about how brands act, where they come from, how they change, and how they either continue to flourish or go extinct.

Any predictions for Starbucks in 2010?


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